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America didn't need to drop an atomic bomb on Nagasaki at all. America wanted to conduct an experiment on human bodies by a new different type (plutonium) from Hiroshima type (uranium type). America had only two atomic bombs (plutonium type and plutonium type) then.

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I was born and brought up in Nagasaki city. In the 1970s, I would often go for sea bathing to the coast where we could see Hashima island (= so-called “Battleship Island”) very closely.  I have never heard that Korean people were forced to work in the island during World War II. I suppose that most of the Nagasaki citizens don’t know the story of this movie.

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I will tell you about a certain Chinese man. A 50s Chinese man who graduated from Beijing (Peking) University and lived in university dormitory for 4 years in 1980s testified as follows, “It is the middle of 1980s that I heard about the Nanjing Massacre for the first time. I have never once heard such a historical incident before then. I asked some dormitory roommates and classmates who came from Nanjing. All of them answered that they didn’t know The Nanjing Massacre. Nobody knew then. Why? If it happened in 1937 actually, their parents and grandparents who must have lived in Nanjing, then and could have seen and heard that the Massacre happened. But their parents and grandparents didn’t tell the story of Nanjing Massacre to their children and grandchildren. Don’t you think it's strange?

I was born in 1960s' Nagasaki and was brought up there. My house was located 0.5km from the ground zero of the Atomic Bomb. I had repeatedly heard about people’s different actual experiences of Atomic Bomb since my infancy. When I was in school, or when I played in the park, or when I was at home, I often heard many and varieties of Atomic Bomb survivors’ actual experiences. I was so scared these stories. I had entirely been traumatized. I became unable to go to the toilet alone at night.

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This new "Yosakoi" is completely far from Japanese traditional culture. It is not interesting. I don't recommend it.

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Who is she? Her kimono is so bad taste. Her fashion sense is so poor!

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Most people believe in the story that America dropped two different type atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the purpose of putting an end to the war. This is an out-and-out lie.

The truth is that America dropped atomic bombs in a hurry because America thought it was coming to the end of the war. America didn't want to lose a golden opportunity to conduct experiments on living human bodies.

America harried to conduct the nuclear weapons test on July 16, 1945. This test is called "Trinity test". The plutonium type atomic bomb (which was dropped over Nagasaki on August 9, 1945) was tested actually. Interestingly, the Uranium type (which was dropped over Nagasaki on August 6, 1945) was not tested. America dropped the Uranium type atomic bomb over Hiroshima without rehearsal. This was the Uranium type atomic bomb itself. Hiroshima was the test place of Uranium type atomic bomb.

Japan had been asking USSR to be an intermediary's position for cease‐fire negotiation since June, 1945. Atomic bombing were utterly unnecessary to end the war. America wanted to measure the effectiveness of atomic bombs by using Japanese children' living bodies.

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I want to ask you, "Which day of the week did America's B29 drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?" The answer is Monday. August 6 1945 was day.

We should focus attention on the day and time when America dropped the atomic bomb. 8:15 am. and Monday morning… Why did the Enola Gay carry out the world’s first atomic bombing at 8:15 a.m.? Why did the Enola Gay drop the atomic bomb on Monday morning? American Army knew Japanese schools held morning meetings on Monday morning. 8:15 on Monday was the time that schools started morning meetings. American Army knew school children would round up in schoolyards for morning meetings at 8:15 am. Therefore, American Army set the time of dropping the world’s first atomic bomb at 8:15 am, on Monday, August 6th. For what? To kill Japanese school children efficiently and to crush all hope in Japan’s future. As a result of America’s atomic bombing, 140,000 people out of 350,000 citizens of then Hiroshima died. Most of 140,000 people were children, women and elderly people. They suffered and suffered, and died in great agony.

It is obvious that America carried out genocide against the Japanese people on the pretext of ending the war.

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Most people think that America dropped two different types’ atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the purpose of putting an end to the war. This is a bouncing lie.

The truth is that America dropped atomic bombs in a hurry because it was coming to the end of the war. America didn't want to lose a golden opportunity to conduct experiments on living human bodies.

If you don't believe that, please find when America set atomic bombs' target cities (Hiroshima, Kyoto, Yokohama, Kokura...etc.). You will get to know that the date of target setting was May 9, 1945, the next day when Nazi Germany surrendered officially on May. 8.

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After the yesterday’s press conference of Tomita Naoya's explanation, many people who watched his explanation became to believe that Tomita Naoya didn't steal a Korean journalist's camera. Many people became to know he was intentionally accused of stealing by South Korean Police. Because Tomita Naoya's explanation was very clear and very detailed, so many people think his explanation was enough to be worthy of belief.

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Japan is an independent sovereign nation. Japan has the legitimate right to choose whether or not to worship at Yasukuni Shrine. Yasukuni issue is a domestic issue. The Japanese government should reject China's or America's interference in Japan's domestic affairs.

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Please don’t forget this fact that America and Russia keep whale hunting every year. America and Russia are killing 414 whales in total for one year. Each of these two countries has whale hunting quotas of 67 Bowhead Whales and 140 Gray Whales every year. (134 Bowhead Whales and 280 Gray Whales in total) However, the number of surviving Bowhead Whales (=Greenland Whale) is just only 9,000 in total on the earth at present. Bowhead Whales have already become extinction due to excessive hunting in North Atlantic Ocean. Bowhead Whale has been designated as an endangered species at Washington Convention. The reproductive power of Bowhead Whales is weaker than other types of whales. While the pregnancy period of Minke Whale being subjected to Japanese research whaling is 10 months, the pregnancy period of Bowhead Whale is 13 – 14 months. A Bowhead Whale’s female gives birth once in 3-4 years. America and Russia should stop hunting Bowhead Whales immediately, or Bowhead Whales will become extinct pretty soon if nothing is done.

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I don't like wrestling. Additionally, I have an antipathy to baseball.

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They will not be able to detect radioactivity. Because North Korea didn't carry out nuclear test. It is very interesting that North Korea never shows the video footage of nuclear test, even though North Korea very often shows the video footage of missile-launching.

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Which government do you trust, Japan or China? Which people do you trust, Japanese or Han-Chinese?

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The serious human-rights violations of the so-called "Comfort Women" issue is NOT against ex-comfort women BUT against all of the Japanese people living in the present.

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TPP that America imposes on Japan is a kind of America's colonial rules.

Look back over the modern Japanese history; in 10 years before the Meiji Restoration happened in 1868, Japan was forced to establish the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and America in 1858. This treaty is called an unequal treaty because Japan's tariff autonomy (the right to decide riff rate) was deprived and was forced to approve America’s extraterritorial rights in Japan. This treaty was signed by Ii Naosuke, the tairo of the Tokugawa Shogunate without the Emperor's permission. Many Samurais got angry with Tokugawa Shogunate’s weak-kneed diplomacy. This unequal treaty triggered the end of Tokugawa Shogunate and Meiji Restoration.

The Meiji Government which took over the unfair treaty accelerated and dedicated Japan’s modernization to make America revise the unequal treaty. Japan had Japanese-Sino War (1894-95) and Japanese-Russo War (1904-05) in modernization process. In 1911 that 53 years passed since the signing of this unequal treaty, Japan reclaimed Japan's own tariff autonomy at last. Ironically, 2011 is the 100th anniversary of the tariff autonomy restoration. Japan's tariff autonomy and jurisdiction are threatened by America again. History repeats itself.

We Japanese have to defend our own tariff autonomy and jurisdiction over foreigners. Because they are rights which our forefathers hard-obtained.

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I think TPP does Japan no good and much harm. The catch-phrase of TPP is basically "abolition of all tariffs without exceptions". But Japan's tariff rate is not so higher than America's one. America wants to eliminate non-tariff barrier rooted in Japanese history and culture. This is America's real aim. Moreover, America is pushing Japan to lower Japan's food-safety standards in order to export beef. We Japanese consumerrs know that TPP will threat Japan's food-safety.

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Someone says, "Don't kill dolphins because they have high IQ." Well, but I have a question. Why do dolphins come back to the sea of Taiji at the same time each year even though they know they will be killed? Dolphins don't have learning ability?

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More than 95 of 100 people who had watched 'Super Size me' stopped eating McDonald's.

Moderator: Stay on topic please. The documentary "Super Size Me" is not relevant to this discussion.

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They usually describe this photo as 'kimoi' in Japan.

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