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Posted in: 'Not crazy to be optimistic' on climate tech, Gates tells investors See in context

The problem with getting billionaire to fund these things it that since it's their money they want to implement things with their ideals. And since these billionaires view the middle class in the same manner that most people view beggars in front of the shopping mall, the billionaires never do anything for our benefit us - they only ever serve their own interests.

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Posted in: Flatulent cows and pigs will face carbon tax in Denmark, a world first See in context

LagunaToday 09:30 am JST

However, it is a reminder to consumers of the massive environmental costs of eating meat, particularly beef.

A famous quote comes to mind "You WILL eat ze bugs"

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon set to create non-binary option for runners See in context

I wonder if Tokyo marathon is going to set up 'non-binary' toilets and change rooms so actual women won't have men in the women's toilet and change rooms...

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Posted in: New report warns of heat danger at Paris Olympics; could be worse than Tokyo See in context

Any country that holds the Olympics generates even more national debt while parasite corporations profit greatly. Olympics should be cancelled for now and ever.

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Posted in: Nintendo surprises fans by announcing new 'Zelda' game See in context

Still gonna use cell-shading??? A bit tired of that graphics style, myself

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

As long as he does the price increase after i visit in 3 weeks time lol

Selfish me!!

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Posted in: Barrier at viral Mount Fuji photo spot to be replaced after holes found See in context

WeiWeiToday 06:56 am JST

It’s not on the roof as it would have to be many times the size of the Lawson to hide Mt Fuji from 30m away. It’s set up across the road next to the photo spot so 2.5x20m is enough.

Well, considering japanese building companies cover entire high rise construction sites in privacy/safety screens - i imagine they could easy put ton on top of lawson...

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

Is there a new golf driving range being built nearby that has ordered all the available netting?? lol

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