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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force issues rare apology over sexual harassment case See in context

Comparisons with what happens on another continent are irrelevant.

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Posted in: 'Raincoat Man' arrested for stealing 360 women’s raincoats; says it's 'as exciting as lingerie' See in context

"While this might at first seem to be connected to the dubious folk wisdom in Japan that the color of a woman’s umbrella matches the color of her underwear"

An aspect of Japanese culture I wasn't taught about at university.

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Posted in: Abe's controversial state funeral may backfire on Kishida See in context

However this moment will pass despite any perception of opposition and anger. Japan has no appetite or ambition for change in its political system.

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Posted in: Former pro baseball pitcher Murata released after assaulting security inspector at Haneda airport See in context

If the security officer had been a Japanese male he wouldn't have caused a problem.

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Posted in: Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral See in context

"International Olympic President (IOC) President Thomas Bach will also attend"

Tomasu-san should take up permanent residency in Japan.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

Abe’s state funeral has drawn ample comparisons to the recent state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in Britain.

Totally absurd and false claim.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

"We are a nation that has flourished through the free flow of people, goods and capital," Kishida said on Thursday.

Face palm

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

This no hoper re-offending drug fiend must be sentenced for some hard time in prison.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Better news but still need to see the details. Certain countries?

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Posted in: Japan to ask foreign guests to wear face masks at Abe state funeral See in context

The Japanese attendees should be kept well away from the visiting guests from abroad due to the pandemic and the high coronavirus infection numbers continuing in Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka pulls out of Pan Pacific Open with stomach pain See in context

Poor Naomi-chan. She really is having a horrid year. If she recovers quickly she might have time to enjoy some treats here at home. The Japanese public would love to see their tennis idol out and about.

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Posted in: International tourists return to Japan; spend big at top tourist spots in Tokyo See in context

They're not in Kyoto. I spent yesterday afternoon around the station area and only spotted a few foreign business people and students.

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Posted in: Higher restaurant prices add to pressure on consumers in Japan See in context

A local bento shop I go to whacked another 100 yen increase on to all of its bentos this week.

Just a standard karage-ben has gone from 480 yen pre pandemic to 680 yen today.

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Posted in: Struggling Osaka aiming to break slump as Pan Pacific Open returns See in context

Welcome home Naomi!

But why the headphones? Are they for language translation?

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Posted in: Evacuation warnings after typhoon pounds southern Japan See in context

An elderly man climbed up onto the roof of his two storey home to secure his tv antenna during the high winds in Kansai this afternoon. He was getting blown around quite a bit but got back down okay.

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Posted in: Emperor pays respects See in context

Must be a relief to finally not have to wear a mask!

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Posted in: Emperor, empress leave for Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

Wishing the imperial couple a safe journey.

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Posted in: Abductee's mom calls for Japan to act 20 years after Pyongyang summit See in context

Just my opinion but it's a bit tacky to refer to elderly Mrs Yokota as "abductee's mom" in the headline. "Mother" is more appropriate.

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Posted in: Japanese government shutting down its COVID contract-tracing app COCOA See in context

I didn't even know of it!

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Posted in: Happy wrestler See in context

And she's only 19! Congratulations Nonoka.

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Posted in: Japan aims to remove daily arrival cap in October to spur tourism See in context

Bit of a stretch to say "Japan has faced criticism at home" regarding the inbound tourism. The Japanese at large have supported closed borders. PM Kishida even took it as a continued policy in the July elections and voters gave him their blessing.

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Posted in: 'Passengers who don’t want to be groped, please use the rear train cars' announcement angers many See in context

I used to teach English to a Japanese man who told me his teenage daughter had been groped by the same Japanese salaryman a few times on the way to school. He and his daughter were able to track down the bastard from where he got on and off the train and where he worked. One day the father came to my English class and said he had done something "very bad" to the sukebe and it involved a baseball bat!

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Posted in: Eye on the ball See in context

Shingo is shooting for his ninth US title and has over 50 majors to his name.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 See in context

Rest in peace your majesty. A monarch to many but also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother within her family.

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Posted in: Halloween season kicks off See in context

Looks great! It's amazing how Halloween has become the most popular and celebrated festival in Japan. And it goes for 8 weeks! A lot of shops are decorated and selling Halloween items already and the kids at the local kindergarten have begun Halloween activities and games. I still remember the days when Japanese commuters would abuse foreigners in costumes riding the trains and subways.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

Truly hopeless and reprehensible situation.

My brother and his family wanted to visit us in December here in Japan but there's no way they'll be let into the country. He planned to stay 14 days at hotels in four cities but now it looks like my family and his family will meet in Thailand for 2 weeks and spend all of our holiday money there amongst less discriminatory people and policies.

A lose lose situation for Japan.

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Posted in: Yen tumbles to lower 144 range against U.S. dollar See in context

144.99 just a little earlier.

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Posted in: Digital minister Kono asks gov't to stop using floppy disks See in context

Not to mention the paperchase you get every time you visit city hall!

Btw this article is based on overseas reports too.


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Posted in: No dolphin hunt See in context

Stop interfering with Japanese culture!

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

Japan is still effectively closed for individual/independent travel. If they lifted the cap to 100 million it wouldn't make a difference.

Kyoto was absolutely dead today.

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