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Posted in: Baseball manager Senichi Hoshino dies at 70 See in context

Very sorry to hear of Mr Hoshino's passing. Deepest sympathies to his loved ones and colleagues in Japanese baseball. Sad day.

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Posted in: Businesses look to attract more foreign tourists to rural Japan See in context

Well good luck with that…

After seeing the antics of one local in Okinawa this morning on the TOKUDANE morning show I think many in the land of Wa still strongly dislike having foreign tourists literally on their shores…

This guy was charging foreigners and more specifically Chinese beachgoers ¥20000 for daily beach umbrella rental from his beach hut.

The locals are charged only ¥2000 for a day's beach umbrella rental.

His rudimentary sign specifically said Chugokujin ¥20000.

His reason for the markup?

"Foreigners are bad mannered"

ie;Laughing and happy when having a good time.

But good on TOKUDANE for exposing the guy and the sign was removed…

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Posted in: Teens arrested for using credit card info of friend’s mother to stay at luxury hotels See in context

Slow news day?

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Posted in: Inada leaves Defense Ministry with no apology over coverup scandal See in context

No apology

No inquiry

Forget about it, nothing to see here.

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Posted in: 'Golden horde' of Chinese shoppers descend on Japan See in context

I met a lovely young family from China here on holidays around the Imperial Palace gardens last weekend. All four were pretty good at English despite never living abroad and the couple's son and daughter were well on their way to speaking Japanese despite their ages of 12 & 9.

We talked about our mutual interest in things Japanese and its many wonderful cultural and scenic attractions for about 20-30 minutes while I helped them out with some photos and a little local information.

They said that they had been in Tokyo for three days and had two more to go. I had been the first person to make any form of conversation with them. I'm not from Japan.

When I related this enjoyable experience to my Monday morning Japanese housewives English class the only response was from two students that said they hate Chinese people.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd files complaint against police to protect Cove Guardian volunteers See in context

Good luck with that!

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Posted in: Cockroach fears prompt frozen fried noodles recall See in context

Cue guys in suits with barcode hairstyles Apologize for being troublesome/causing any confusion (tears optional) Announce 50 member in house panel "Cockroach watch" to be formed to discuss the issue. Bow

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to 7-year-old girl See in context

Agree with igloobuyer. It's a Freakshow.

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Posted in: 'Shudanteki jieiken,' 'Dameyo, Dame Dame' voted top buzzwords for 2014 See in context

I think it should have been "usotsuki" (liar) due to the continuous role call of liars in the Japanese news. Eg: Obokata, Tomita, Nonomura, Beethoven of Japan, etc.

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

I am still feeling disturbed and saddened by this terrible news. My family's hearts and thoughts are with Mirei and her family. We all need to watch out for children more in this world no matter where or when. I am strongly of the view though however that given the number of child abductions recently a six year old girl should not be walking the streets alone.

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Posted in: Tokyo assemblywoman heckled on why she isn't married or having children See in context

This is is disgusting but really nothing new here. Most Japanese men wouldn't be irked by these comments.

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Posted in: Scoreless draw keeps Japan and Greece alive See in context

The Japanese lads must carry a lot of hair tone coloring in their kits!

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Posted in: School principal in Gunma arrested for taking photos in women's toilet See in context

Say you were stressed or drunk, bow for causing others trouble, take a 10% pay cut for six months and carry on.

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Posted in: Abe's reform plan leaves tough questions unanswered See in context

There is no third arrow. Abe is a nationalist not an economist. Always was, always is and always will be.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor unveils plan to lure foreign business talent See in context

Another thought bubble. A bit like PM Abe's 3rd arrow. Mr Masuzoe will be a one term governor if he runs with this.

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Posted in: 'Hysterical' man removed from hotel in restraints; dies later See in context


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Posted in: Train services disrupted in Saitama after woman climbs power pole on tracks See in context

Gotta love Saitama!

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Posted in: Olympus sued by 6 banks over false financial statements See in context

Make an apology, bow, forget, move on, nothing to see here

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Posted in: 60-year-old man arrested for trying to steal girl's underwear in Chiba See in context

250 pairs in 40 years? This guy is small fry.

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Posted in: Taxi drivers complain about entertainers See in context

This story makes me glad that I gave a local obachan picking up garbage in the neighborhood at 7am a big arigato and otsukaresamadesu!

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Posted in: Obama invites G7 leaders for meeting on Ukraine See in context

I'll never forget how Obama laughed off Mitt Romney's belief during the pre election debates that Russia would pose big problems for the west in the near future.

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Posted in: 5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people See in context

SenseNotSoCommon Spot on

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Posted in: J-League orders Urawa to play next game in empty stadium over discriminatory banner See in context

Idiotic. So punish the players, the opposing team, 99.99% of good fans, sponsors, people with part time jobs at the stadium, caterers etc...? I'm dumbfounded. Surely the perpetrators are the ones who should be solely punished and a warning placed out and inside the stadium.

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Posted in: Construction crunch slows Tohoku rebuilding See in context

Well the rest of Japan told the region to ganbatte, so ganbatte ne.

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Posted in: 'Japanese only' banner scandal hits J-League See in context

This wasn't on NHK news today or last night.

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Posted in: Japanese economic growth slows as sales tax hike looms See in context

Beginning of the end for Abe. His so called third arrow is a pipe dream but he made the LDPs business pals rich and his nationalists happy.

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Posted in: Japan says it has no plan to revise wartime sex-slave apology See in context

Only due to foreign pressure.

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Posted in: Patience running out among Japan's disaster refugees See in context

New building contracts will not go ahead in this business climate because construction companies fear if they take on big projects with lots of temporary and contracted workers they will have to lay them off and abandon the work when the economy tanks (and is beginning to tank again).

It's only the yakuza and their homeless recruits who are getting any of the real cleanup done around Fukushima.

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Posted in: Thousands protest in Tokyo ahead of Fukushima anniversary See in context

They need a mascot if they want to be taken seriously.

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Posted in: Interesting things will happen for consumers at midnight March 31 See in context

Knowing Japan there will be nothing on the shelves at 11:59pm on March 31st anyway

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