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I find the writing beautiful. So I disagree with Nadege above. I have no problem disagreeing about the experience of reading, or even about the quality of a piece of writing. What disturbs me about Nadege's comment is that he conflates having an "inhuman" soul (or mechanical or disgusting) soul with being depressed, and vice versa. As though the quality of your soul is compromised due to a chemical imbalance in your brain or to a series of traumatic incidents. What a crock. Personally, I find depressed people to often have beautiful souls (whatever souls are) and big hearts. I also find that depressed people are often very honest in their thinking about themselves and the world around them, and they often write very emotionally evocative prose, although I'm not entirely sure why that is. And I definitely don't feel as though I am a worse person for having read any of his novels. I have no idea whether Murakami suffers from depression, but I like his writing. I'm sure one thing has little to do with the other.

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