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Posted in: Sex counselor seeks explanations for waning co-ed promiscuity See in context

Since when did "having sex, like young people are supposed to do" equal "promiscuity"?

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Posted in: Japan's seniors work on into retirement See in context

“I’ve never really considered if my work is fun or not,” said Seichiro Fukui,...." I intend to work until I drop".

So it would appear the concept of fun has never occurred to Mr. Fukui. How very sad.

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Posted in: Anyone for pork? See in context

I think it's sheer genius to have the phrase "Anyone for Pork" just an inch away from a photo of Ishihara and Hashimoto forming their little Anschluss.

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Posted in: Ishihara, Hashimoto announce 'third force' in Japanese politics See in context

I would like to congratulate the JT Copy Editor who managed to place the Pic of the Day "Anyone for Pork?" next to the photo of these two shamelessly corrupt martinets.

God help Japan if either of these two get their sticky fingers into the national till. The entire national tax revenue will become Shin Ginko Tokyo II. Ooooops, where did all the money go?

This place is astonishing. Overnight the concept of a second stint of cackypants Abe doesn't seem like the worst possible option. Unless he ends up having to enter into a coalition with the two crooks above, and ends up giving them the steering wheel.

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Posted in: Noda warns against jingoism as parties draw election battle lines See in context

In recent days Abe has called on the central bank to print “unlimited yen” and set interest rates at zero or below zero to boost the economy

Hmmm - remind me, how did that work out for Weimar Germany?

It is incredible to me that the senior citizens of this country are going to elect a man who - by his own admission - can't even control his own bowels, to the job he ran away from after a year of unelected incompetence half a decade ago.

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Posted in: Romney breaks silence to accuse Obama of bestowing gifts for ballots See in context

Serrano - why is it "Porkulus" to help working-class families attend school to give themselves a better chance at the Pursuit of Happiness, or to get a child with leukemia the treatment she needs without costing her parents their house, but it's fine to give billions from the same pot of resources - federal revenue - to Exxon Mobil and Monsanto?

When people looking for a tiny fraction of the help given to corporate socialists, it's always the ones asking for pennies who receive derision, while the ones who glut themselves off the corporate teat get to stash the cash offshore and call themselves "job creators" - without, of course creating any jobs.

Socialism = Bad.

Corporate Socialism = The American Way.

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Posted in: Romney breaks silence to accuse Obama of bestowing gifts for ballots See in context

"With taxpayers' money, lol."

Otherwise known as using the budget to help citizens, not just those corporate welfare parasites who suck up billions from the federal teat, pay it to themselves and then stash it in the Caymans.

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Posted in: Romney breaks silence to accuse Obama of bestowing gifts for ballots See in context

What? Obama cheated in the election by offering to make life better for them? How dare he?

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Posted in: Some convenience stores may remove adult magazines from shelves See in context

I often wonder why anyone would ever look at mucky mags any more, with the magnificent profusion of free, much more accessible fodder online.

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Posted in: I swear I will do everything in my power to change the situation in Tibet, where human rights are being suppressed. See in context

"everything in my power", says Abe.

Translation: "Absolutely nothing at all".

This is a man who by his own admission, cannot control his own colon. China is laughing at us.

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