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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

@ akkk1 "Luckily for Japan, news about perverts and baby killers is never picked up by the western media, preserving the noble and pristine perception of the Japanese." I often wondered why it isn't also....perhaps the strong yen? or media control...

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing 5 bicycles onto train tracks in Tokyo See in context

@ smithinjapan "I see someone's going through the threads and hitting the 'bad' button again. I agree!!!!!

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Posted in: Man dies following assault in Tokyo apartment See in context

@ BlueWitchNov. "many of these old geezers are nut-crazy nowaday" I noticed that too ......

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Posted in: Man dies following assault in Tokyo apartment See in context

@ Disillusioned "What is it with the senior citizens in Japan? Are they all nuts?" its sometimes hilarious how they can explode resulting in death and they know the keystones will usually come AFTERWARDS....

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context

@ratpackNov. "When are they going to learn? By the way the goose who thumbed down everyone should get a sense of humor." EXACTLY as well as the clippers and clampers...

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context

@DisillusionedNov. "Isn't that part of his training?" excellent point!

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context

@Samantha Zoe Aso "What is it with cops and this type of crime!" ....thanks for the comment ...oh and watch out for the clippers and clampers....

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context

@psssht! Here's a secret!

They have a new unit of cops, specialising in chasing all the perverts roaming through Japan. All for the safety of schoolgirls (and adult women) here. Since it takes one to know one, all these young recruits have to go through these steps. They must become perverts as part of their training.

The theft of pants is on the same track. Study the enemy's object of desire. Study the enemy. Divide and conquer. Well, maybe they got it wrong and divided the pants from the girls instead of the pervert from the pants. Beginner's mistakes. Next time, ganbatte.....I agree even the off/on duty and sergeants....

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Posted in: Taxi company exec arrested over gambling ring See in context

@ Elbuda MexicanoNov. "OMG!! Not the Mahjong Lovers Group! Run! Run for the hills!! Maybe only the tip of the Japanese iceberg??" I agree...this occurs very very often.....Last time I think it was in GINZA....continual repeat of this history....

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

Hello cleo,

"Rubbish. A child knows you don't stop someone crying by covering their airways - unless you intend to stop them crying permanently."

I agree with you all the way to Egypt and heaven ....many thanks!

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Posted in: 79-year-old woman arrested for 24th time for pickpocketing See in context

"Kamiyama was quoted by police as saying that shoppers are looking at the items, and don’t pay close attention to their bags and purses" but if a gaigin is around they may scurry and hold on to bags for dear life...thanks to the j-media

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Posted in: Deputy police chief questioned over suspected shoplifting in Hiroshima See in context

@BlueWitch "keystone with no name? strange.... huh. Imagine all the measures they take to protect this 雑魚!" yeah they cover their own a--es dont they! as well as censorship.......

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Posted in: Deputy police chief questioned over suspected shoplifting in Hiroshima See in context

@ WilliB "This just such an archtypical Japanese thing. I mean, I read about corrupt cops in other places, but these outright weird behaviour of police... where do they find their recruits?" From the Keystone learning center....brought to you by the makers of Hiroshima...Enola...

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Posted in: 89-year-old man stabbed to death in Shimane See in context

@ southsakai "Don't go running to the cops, i tell you now they are no help really. They will want to know more about you, who are you and what are you doing here in Japan - rather than your actual problem. Unfair i know but that's just the way it goes over here." thanks for the tips......now I truly see why everyone calls them KEYSTONES! well the next step is to let the Bro's in the world know..so this can be dealt with!

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I'm in my forties retired mil...a gaigin in Toshima -ku Tokyo...and the other night as I was walking down the street I saw two Japanese young men sitting on the guard rail in front of a restaurant as I approached by them they started mean mugging me like they were going to do something. ( this has happened before) I said to my self I hope these two don't trip, cause I will put them in them in ghostland. But then I thought if I do that ...the keystones would put me in the mix. What's a gaigin to do? I've reported similar incidences to the keystones, and the US embassy and Base intel and was told that unless they actually hit you, you cant do nothing, and if they attack you, you are suppose to call your area police. wait a minute! I'm not going to let such perps put their hand on me or otherwise! Especially if I'm minding my own business. Once I went to a koban and got the run around , they told me that I did not live in their jurisdiction, and referred me to another koban who told me the same, finally i went to the keystone station near my residence to find the right koban..that's BS! Please Advise!

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, son with pickaxe See in context

"You think the inability to pay your debts are a problem"

ESPECIALLY if they were gambling debts, soapland runs, love hotel runs, outcall services, health massages, karaoke, drinking bars, clubs, izakaiyas etc- and forbid if he was one of the squeezed to foot the bills by the ruling party of his socially chattelized group

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, son with pickaxe See in context

thanks bonword!...

more info on the case:


"Shinomoto, 53, attacked his 49-year-old wife, 20-year-old daughter and son, 18, early today as they slept, police said" (http://m.news.com.au/WorldBreakingNews/fi906430.htm).

notice the "MO (Modus Operandi) – An offender’s method of carrying out an offense." MO= "as they slept"

ref: http://m.news.com.au/WorldBreakingNews/fi906430.htm

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, son with pickaxe See in context

" Domestic violence is not a result of stress or unhappiness"

"Power Assertive Behavior – Using aggression to restore an offender’s self-confidence, authority, and control."

"Personality Disorder"

"Blitz Attack – The delivery of overpowering force, usually performed in a manner of surprise so as to incapacitate a victim or deliver a death blow."

ref: http://www.family-services.org/get_help/domestic_violence/


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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, son with pickaxe See in context

straight out of a horror movie......

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for pachinko parlor arson-murders See in context


"Is the death penalty for the deaths that came from the arson, or for torching the pachinko parlors themselves? Japan loves its pachinko cash cows" you know whats up!...Perhaps the yaks paid investment consulting to the judges.

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Posted in: Brazilian held over fatal hit-and-run in Nagoya See in context

@ minello7 "Why do the japanese media identify foreigners by country when reporting incidents of this nature. Couldn't the headline and article just said, "male arrested in hit and run fatality". The phobia regarding the foreign devils will never die,with this sort of journalism."

....that is just the tip of the iceberg...you should compare JN judicial outcomes for non Japanese of similar crimes.

"In 2005, a United Nations special rapporteur on racism and xenophobia expressed concerns about "deep and profound" racism in Japan and insufficient government recognition of the problem"

ref: http://factsanddetails.com/japan.php?itemid=632&catid=18

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Posted in: Man confesses to strangling wife with electrical cord See in context

"According to police, the suspect—identified as Takahiro Shimizu—allegedly strangled his wife to death with an electrical cord in their second floor apartment early Saturday morning."

Takahiro Shimizu: identified suspect of the murder investigation

"Shimizu went to his parents’ house and told them his wife had gone. When his father asked him what he meant, he reportedly said he had strangled her."

MO (Modus Operandi) – An offender’s method of carrying out an offense.

"electrical cord"- suspected murder instrument

Psycho defined by unsocialized criminal behavior

refs: DSM-IV http://www.criminalmindsfanwiki.com/page/Criminal+Minds+Glossary

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Posted in: Olympus says it did nothing illegal in controversial deals See in context

@ hoserfella...I agree....you know what's up......thanks for telling the truth!

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Posted in: Radiation hotspot in Chiba linked to Fukushima: officials See in context


"Radioactive rain? Yeah, we all read the warnings about it. But, rain falls over a very wide area, which would leave one to believe there is a lot more radiation in that area and many other areas too. One of my friends took readings at his place in Ibaraki and got extremely high readings in the street gutters and, the roof of his house and certain areas of his garden where rainwater collects. He and his family now live back in Oz. Obviously, the spread of radiation is much greater than the news is reporting and I dare say these 'hot spots' are gonna start popping up more often as more members of the public buy there own radiation detectors" I agree 100% looks like the pushing of the "Jim Jones" process....

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Posted in: Arsonist suspected of torching 40 cars, motorcycles See in context

Say it LOUD: "The jokers are active on JT, too. Voting down everyone who has an opinion, valid or not, on any subject. Is the Higashimurayama pyromaniac among us?" 100 agree...and btw I tried to vote for Elbuda Mexicano and found his voting option locked.

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Posted in: Fire chief arrested for alleged assault See in context

@ 100million n U won?

"Regrettable that one of your top do-nothings got busted punching out a "John" in his ho's apartment?"

break it down! right on point!

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Posted in: Japan pledges support for Libya's nation building See in context

Japan needs to re-pledge to help the people of the Tohoku area of its country...I cant believe anything the J-govt does, but word out in the street is the J-govt will move to Osaka if necessary to avoid Fukushima fallout.... but always wants to window dress with other countries....what a twilight zone.

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can See in context

@ smithinjapan

"You never hear much from the anti baby-hatch people on this kind of post, not that the woman would have necessarily given the infant up in one." aint that the truth!

"Glad they found her, and I only PRAY that if/when they find the mother they have no intention of trying to return the baby to her. Give the child to a family that deserves and will love her, and there are PLENTY who cannot have their own who are waiting." GO HEAD! tell it like it is!

her and her sex partner's result correlates with many of those who want pleasure with no responsibility.............but wind up in need of a "baby-hatch" and in this case the covert opportunity of a public restroom......I guess she cut the cord herself too.....ugh!

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Posted in: Tochigi man busted for stealing school girls' uniforms, underwear in 3 prefectures See in context


I agree.another sneaky weird sex fetishist caught again-long list since 1993......since I've read their news..

"Another loser stealing girls' panties... and 1500 pieces for that matter! I'm with goingoingone on this one: it's sick that people defend people who commit crimes like these and even sicker when they defend worse. It's no wonder so many continue to commit these crimes when they have a swath of society as apologists and who even blame the victim." MAN you hit the nail right on the head...this is the core mentality problem here...and the hatred for any kind of criticism...especially accurate criticism......and that why decline is increasing-ignore that!

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Posted in: 19-year-old man stabs 44-year-old lover in 'mercy killing' See in context

@ Disillusioned

"What a load of hogwash! A Mercy killing? And the flops bought into this? Unbelievable!" .....I AGREE!!!!.....well as one JN hiphop cultured acquaintance told me after reading this report: "its slowly getting like Compton and Inglewood Los Angeles of the 80's...but the drive by's haven't started yet.....

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