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Wait a second. I'm sorry... my heart hurts for those who lost this little one but... the mother admitted "taking her eyes off of" a 1-year old. 10 minutes or 2 seconds... doesn't matter... a 1 year old on any road with cars belongs in her arms, in a stroller, or at the very least walking next to an adult on the inside away from the road and the hand being held.. tightly... if they must be walking.

There's the life of a 23 year old ruined by not only these asinine charges but the guilt he will forever feel for the misplaced blame of killing a 1 year old child.

Either the parents need to be right beside him for involuntary manslaughter (or voluntary stupidity resulting in manslaughter SMH) or the charges against that kid need to be dropped. I hope he has a good lawyer.

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