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Posted in: Koizumi backs different surnames for married couples after heckling incident See in context

I totally hands up n support his idea married couple with different names.. The country where I come from is in this way. Where almost 90% married couple with different name. I don't see that as a problem n shameless different name with my husband. The world is changing n women is becoming more n more independent than man.

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Posted in: 15-year-girl, boyfriend, 21, found dead in suspected murder-suicide See in context

Is strange that the girl's mother allow her 15 year daughter to have relationship n living under one roof with the man ??? Don't she know her daughter is a minor under law ..

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Posted in: Man tells girlfriend to sell her organs to pay him Y1.5 mil See in context

After reading this article. This man really have no balls and childish! The girl made the right move to file a police report.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend arrested for abusing her two young children See in context

I love children and Im a mother of 3.. I hope the child protection welfare keep there mother away for long long time.. Please please please Don't fail this time to protect this two innocent child.

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Posted in: 10 simple ways to ruin a Japanese wife’s day See in context

while over here is the other way round. 10 simple ways to ruin a japanese husband's day. Simple enough because Im not a japanese.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for burning daughter with lighter See in context

Why would a 5 years old child burn herself! This mother is crap full of lies. I believe she is getting sick to look after her own child. Hope child counseling centre keep this child away from the mother. N keep tight check on her mother if child return home. Pray for this child...

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Posted in: Mother gets 30 years for letting 2 kids starve to death See in context

Im glad the mother is been put behind bars for long time. Little angle RIP.

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Posted in: Woman tries to kill son while husband, 3 kids sleep in same room See in context

Please keep her children safe and away from her till she is mentally stable. Hope the child welfare protection keep close check on her family...

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Posted in: 41-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 5-year-old son See in context

What's wrong with this mother!!!! Very soon her son is going to treat her like this too when she grows old. What come around and what goes around. And mind her, children have good memory.

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Posted in: Bus nap See in context

Nice shot! Very naturally taken.

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Posted in: Baby dead 'for a day' as mother chats on Internet forums See in context

This mother is sick and not well. She shouldn't get pregnant again n over again. Since she finds looking after child is hassle. I totally agree with papasmurfinjapan. Ligation is good for her.

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Posted in: Assistant police inspector arrested for drunk driving at 8 a.m. See in context


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Posted in: Woman threatens to jump from roof of building in Tokyo's Roppongi See in context

Foolish act!

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Posted in: Truck driver, common-law wife arrested for abusing woman's 2-year-old daughter See in context

Im getting sick to see this kind of news over n over again. But is good to know what is happening around us at the same time. It makes me rage with this mother. Feel like slapping her face!

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Posted in: Man arrested over knife attack at Shibuya subway station See in context

KANADE I totally agree with your point of view.

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Posted in: University student arrested after choking AKB48 fan to steal photos See in context

Brainless act after so much education he had. WHAT A STUPID UNIVERSITY STUDENT!

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls from 3rd-floor apartment during eclipse See in context

Kidding me! 2 years old boy maybe watching eclipse. Do he really know what is eclipse? I believe this boy is left alone in the room with the window wide open.

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Posted in: 3-yr-old boy, left home alone, falls to death from 11th-floor balcony See in context

What a stupid mother! Shopping is more important than looking after own child.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context


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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested over death of 72-year-old mother See in context

How can that be no motive? Im sure he have the intention and motive to kill her mum.

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Posted in: 2-month-old baby boy drowns in Nagano river See in context

I don't believe a 2 month old baby knows how to flip over nor crawling yet.. He is still an infant crying for milk and sleeping 16 hour a day.. How could it be?

I strongly believe is another tragic, a mother kill its own baby. RIP!

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend's 4-year-old son See in context

is totally child abuse! Not disciplining at all.

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Posted in: Woman dumped child in baby hatch so she could study abroad; another used it for babysitting See in context

I totally agree with gogogo. is better to read strange reason than another little beautiful angle death. IT SAVE LIFES.

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Posted in: Kagoshima woman held over murder of her 3 children See in context

It so sad to see this happening over n over again. Most japanese mother is suffering from post natal depression and manic depression. And most case there are spouse is not aware about the sign of depression.

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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed mother, child while he was a minor See in context

He is a normal 18 yrs old man. Which able to tell what is black and white. And 18 years old should be treated like an adult and not under juvenile and minor. The crime he had done and death penalty is a good justice. Hope the decease family no longer live in agony and move on life, and the decease R.I.P

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Posted in: Kagoshima woman arrested for abusing 11-month-old baby boy See in context

Im glad all her children are now under protective custody. And hope the mother gets punishment by the law.

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Posted in: Police at first turned away surrendering Aum fugitive See in context

Is j- police are train to be police officer?

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Posted in: Cop arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two junior high school girls See in context

WHAT THE hell! Japan have hooker available for him to relieve frustration. Why have to prey on young innocent girl walking on street.

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Posted in: Woman held for feeding baby daughter jelly laced with sleeping pills See in context

Hope the authority take this child away from this monster before death happen.

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context


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