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There is no disinfectant alcohol at the train stations for the passengers in Osaka at all. Mr Abe please make put disinfectant alcohol all the train and subway stations and warn the people to use it before entering and leaving the stations..At the stations i everyday hear many times 'Alcohol Shidoku, Alcohol Shodoku' but there is no alcohol at the stores at all.

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Alcohol for disinfection is soldout at drugstores people can not buy it even they want to. Many Japanese use trains and subways everyday but there is no alcohol for disinfaction at the train or subway stations. It is cheap and effective i guess. I don't understand why governement still don't makw replaced alcohol at the stations.

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Why there is no alcohol for disinfection at the train stations, so many people use trains and subways in Japan, it is extremely important i guess. Everyday i hear announcement about disenfection at the stations but there is no alcohol gor it. Alcohol is sold out at drug stores and almost possible to find but governement can replace it at the stations.

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