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once it reached land, the water wouldn't have travelled nearly so fast, but as all the videos show, it was fast enough to outrun people.

That's right. According to Japanese TV it would have been able 37kmph on land. About the speed of an Olympic sprinter.

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I hate the marketing departments in camera companies. They seem to cripple cameras to differentiate them when they could easily make an all-rounder that does everything.

The 600d and 60d both have low fps on continuous shooting while the 7d doesn't allow manual control over audio recording.

..and yeah, kiss is a stupid name.

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Unfortunately we can't see their faces to tell if the reaction is "whoa!" or "that's it??!".

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Didn't SK score the first goal?

Nope. They scored the first of the game but they missed all their penalties.

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Will never change for Canon or pentax. Nikon is the best. Seawolf, accept it.

Based on what? Name alone? The Pentax K5 is beating out all competition on DxO sensor performance tests. Just google "pentax k5 beats competition". Not that I'm a fan boy of course. I'd happily use a Canon, Nikon or Olympus too. The photographer will always be more important than the camera.

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The World Cup is only going to Qatar for money. Qatar has no footballing heritage. Moving the world cup to the winter will cause big problems for all big clubs if it happens. The African Cup of nations causes enough problems as it is and that only affects African players. Imagine the chaos if all top players are out on international duty.

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Posted in: What do you think of the banking system in Japan? What are the pros and cons? See in context

Pretty sure Shinsei Bank don't charge for withdrawals 24/7 from Post Office and 7Ginkou ATMS.

They also have English speaking staff and you can use their online banking in English too.

Don't bother trying to get a credit card with them though..

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“The Hobbit” is J.R.R. Tolkien’s prequel to “The Lord of the Rings.”

Sorry to be pedantic but the Hobbit is not a prequel. A prequel is a work that is produced after but set before an existing work, for example Star Wars Episode I (1999) is the prequel to Star Wars Episode IV (1977). The Hobbit was written before Lord of the Rings so the correct term is "predecessor".

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Those two sentences are contradictory. Drink+Drink does cost more than Drink+Ice. If you ask for a drink without ice, there's no reason you should get more drink at no extra cost.

The menu doesn't say "Coke and Ice" though does it. It just says "coke". The shop will usually have some cups on display showing you the size of drink you will receive. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that cup to be full of drink rather than half drink half and ice is it?

Asking for no ice is the same as asking for more olives at subway to get an acceptable amount instead of the "1 slice of olive per sub" the servers are told to give you in Japan.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's tourists are the least well-behaved whenever you have seen them out and about? See in context

Maybe the people who really deserve abuse are the ones who act up when abroad, which, from what I understand, means that the British take the cake. I have read a lot about problems in Spain and Eastern Europe.

British tourists on the beaches and around the night spots of Europe generally act terribly. The ones who travel further afield act with a little more civility.

Or maybe that's just my snobbish middle class bias?

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They gave out free UniQlo x Hanshin tigers tumblers to the first 2,000 customers. Of course thousands more turned up.

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And I thought that the reason/excuse for scrapping the golden goal was that teams were playing too defensively because they were scared of sudden death.

Yep, you're right.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context


For more of the westerners misusing Japanese you should check out: http://www.superdry.com/

Random kanji all over the place.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

A small boy at a Hanshin Tigers game with "I LOVE SEXY" on his t-shirt.

A mother with a t-shirt saying "Everyone must get stoned".

My personal favourite so far: A man having trouble deciding what to order from Nakau. His girlfriend comes over to help but he still can't decide. Then I noticed the back of his t-shirt said "What should I get? Nobody knows". Perfect!

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

"I want to eat delicious dishes." There is no such thing.

Surely better than "delicious menus"?

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Posted in: What sort of a future do you think sumo has, in view of the latest scandal over illegal gambling? See in context

It's not like they were gambling on sumo. Gambling on horses or boat races is fine but not baseball?

Probably should have just placed bets on line with foreign sites.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of refereeing so far in the World Cup? See in context

The red cards in the Greece Nigeria and Germany Serbia game were ridiculous.

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I wonder how much he had to shell out for that hat?

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Posted in: Who will win Group E in the World Cup? See in context

Oh yeah, big time. Grown men faking injuries and 0-0 ties. Whoopie.

There will be very few nil-nil games, especially with the new balls. I can't believe anyone would vote anything other than the Netherlands.

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And we all know he's a cartoon figure and not a computer animation.

South park is actually computer animated these days.

Personal faith is one thing, but organized, doctine based religion has caused the world far more harm than good.

Couldn't agree more. Believe what you want by why just blindly follow everything written in an old book?

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I found that many girls in Japan are obsessed with the gap between their legs that result from very little fat and muscle. It starts to look quite bad when that gap looks like it's wide enough to fit another one of their stick legs.

Urgh, I've noticed that too. How anyone could find looking like SpongeBob SquarePants attractive is beyond me. When your legs are straight they should touch, unless you have a case of rickets.

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Anyone could do it in a day. See the castle, have a bit of okonomiyaki, a beer in Umeda, done

Osaka has a lot more than the castle. Although the Tsutenkaku isn't worth going up the area it is in (shin-sekai) is well worth a visit.

The Dodonbori has the biggest neon signs I've seen in Japan. A lot of tourists come to Japan and expect lots of neon but this is the only area that I think lives up to expectations.

Mino is a great area for walking, especially in Spring and Autumn to see the waterfall and Katsuoji temple.

The sky building in Umeda gives great views of the city. On clear day you can see all the way to Akashi Kaikyo and Awaji shima right at the other end of Kobe. I've been to the Metropolitan building and Mori arts building but their sky decks just weren't as good.

Even if Osaka has the worst crime rate in Japan it is still very low compared to most other big cities in the world.

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Posted in: IPad could be Kindle's first big threat in e-books See in context

The kindle's grey and black screen is designed for reading. The iPad's glossy colour screen is good for seeing your own reflection and giving you eyestrain.

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No. Its just that every country has at least a few idiots who will dream up any excuse to pick on anyone, especially if they are not their own size or larger

Agreed, and if telling someone to turn their music down is as bad as it gets here then Japan is a very good place to be indeed.

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I envision cavities requiring 15 visits to the dentist and 4 hour ambulance rides terminating in...er...terminating in patients...er...terminating patients in...er...4 hours.

Right, because all that stuff happens in other countries with public healthcare doesn't it?

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As well as さわるな, another good phrase for men would be 「おれにふれるな!」

Or you could take after Kokubo the snowboarder with 「チッ,うるせーな」

Of course be a little careful. I've seen old guys drag girls off trains and off to the station master kicking and screaming because they were talking on their phones on the train.

As explained before, Ipods don't have speakers.

They do if they are a second generation iPod touch, which must be one of the more popular models right now. Still, I think it's unlikely this was the case.

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Why do people feel the need to listen to music while on the move? It's an insult both to those around you (i.e., anti-social) and to music (anti-cultural).

Are you serious? When you take the same 1 hour journey by train everyday music really helps pass the time. If anyone feels insulted by others listening to music (if it's not loud) then they should stay at home because they are clearly far too sensitive to be outside!

If this happened to me I would have turned the iPod off the first time but left the earphones in. Then when he complained again I could have really called him out.

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could someone tell me: by the law how many holidays do the Japanese have?

I've asked a lot of Japanese people this, no one seems to know. If there is a law it doesn't seem to be enforced.

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Posted in: Law may be changed to reduce number of long holiday weekends See in context

Oh, and by the way, how do you determine if a company "presses people to work too much and forego vacations"? "press" does not equal "force" or "deny" And it's not just the companies, but the individuals who have this work-work-work mindset. Good luck with your revolution.

If am employee asks for time off (as allowed in their contract) and are told "no" then I would say that's the company forcing and has nothing to do with the employee's mindset. That's exactly the situation my girlfriend has at work and it's not uncommon. She's basically allowed one week of holiday a year at a time that is agreeable to her employer.

The government has to penalize companies whose employees are not taking most of their days off. How can they expect people to be productive if they don't have a chance to relax and recharge their batteries?

Agreed! Japanese workers may work longer than their counterparts in America or Europe but I don't think they are getting more done.

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