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Posted in: Viola Davis 'conflicted' as 'Woman King' faces crucial box office battle See in context

The Oscar-winning actress told AFP she feels intense pressure and conflicting emotions, because she knows the movie's performance will be judged in a way that films with white directors and casts are not.

How does she “know” this ?

Either it’s good, mediocre or bad. That’s how it should be judged and will be judged.

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Posted in: Truck driver sentenced to death for hit-and-run deaths of two people See in context

“Homeless and jobless. May 31 when it happened. What this year. A very short time from incident to sentence. Something wrong there. He must have admitted the murder charge then“

It’s stated in the very first paragraph of the article that it occurred last year. Take a little time to read more carefully, it’ll save confusion.

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Posted in: Parler CEO says social media app, favored by Trump supporters, may not return See in context

Desert Tortoise

You accuse Concerned Citizen of spouting lies, yet it appears that you’ve got a very shaky handle on certain “facts”. Have you been consuming too much of CNN’s “reporting” ? “Mostly peaceful protests” etc....

I take it you’re attempting to refer to Kyle Rittenhouse from Illinois (not Indiana) who was confronted, chased and then attacked by 3 rioters, who he shot, clearly seen on cell phone camera footage taken by onlookers ?

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo sparks Turkish fury with cartoon of Erdogan See in context

Erdogan needs to grow a spine.

What a super-sensitive crybaby he is.

He shouldn’t be in politics, let alone be in the top seat.

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Posted in: What 'uyoku dantai' and Japanese alt-right groups want See in context


The cornball level of the Uyoku Dantai rabble goes through the roof of their silly little modified automobiles. They are hilariously robotic. Surely they are in breach of some kind of noise/disturbance laws ???

Yukio Mishima, another complete loser. Masakatsu Morita was his mate employed to lop off his noggin after Mishima embarrassed himself at the JSDF headquarters in Ichigaya. He botched the decapitation attempt badly, so some other loser had to take a crack at it.

Mishima’s meticulous planning to go out in a chop-choppy blaze of glory didn’t quite pan out as hoped for. Morita proceeded to stab himself as punishment for being too much of a loser to carry out the beheading. So up steps Koga to perform the glorious duty. He also chopped the head off Morita, for good measure.

Koga was sentenced to 4 years in prison but only served a few months as was a well behaved lad while in the slammer. Japan’s judicial system in all its glory.

He’s still alive and lives in Kumamoto (under a different name).

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Posted in: Japan's izakayas, once a staple of after-work socializing, crippled by pandemic See in context

doggarToday  06:17 pm JST

I don't like izakayas. Small, smoky, expensive. Good riddance.

You sound like a bundle of fun.

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Posted in: Japan stun world No. 2 Ireland with 19-12 victory at Rugby World Cup See in context

That really was an incredible defensive effort by the Japanese team.

The World End pub where I was in Ueno was packed for it, so too was Clann in Jiyugaoka, according to friends. Absolutely amazing atmosphere and the Irish were incredibly gracious defeat.

Japan now need to really focus on Scotland and Samoa if they’re to go through to the quarterfinals.

scotland are far better than what they showed last Sunday. I can’t wait

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Posted in: Overlooked by All Blacks, Akira Ioane gets Maori call-up See in context

Akira Ioane could be a great international test rugby player, got all the attributes but needs a bit of focus.

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Posted in: MeToo, Kavanaugh topics of talk at women filmmakers' event See in context

Is Katie Holmes just Tom Cruise in a wig ? So damn similar.

have they ever been spotted together in a room at the same time ?

I’m suspicious !!!!!

Robots, artificial intelligence, wigs, Hollywood,,,, hmmmmmmmmm

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Posted in: Japan sees 1st drop in visitors in over 5 years in Sept See in context

“tourist numbers down in the first autumn month following the clampdown on Airbnb”.... well blow me down with a beer soaked Uchiwa.

Well done hotel lobbyists- mission accomplished !!! Back to the dreary old days we go.

Who needs tourists spending money anyway ? The economy was ticking along brilliantly before all those pesky tourists showed up with their annoying spending money.

Blame it all on an earthquake and a storm though. No one will notice. Yeah,,, that’ll do.

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Posted in: One storming run from Coles enough for All Blacks nod See in context

Great to finally see Coles back in action.

Codie Taylor has filled the gap amazingly well. He’s come on in leaps and bounds. However, Coles just brings that little extra spark and hard edge, (some may say niggle), that is vital against the big gun front row forward mobs the All Blacks are gonna have to be ready to face from Europe and elsewhere leading up and into the RWC.

Great timing for his comeback.

Its a a big step down in firepower if the likes of Harris et al are asked to step up.

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Posted in: New Zealand snatch dramatic win over Boks See in context

Boks were the better team for 90% of that match. Incredible Houdini act by the AB’s to snatch the victory. Sweet revenge for the loss in Wellington but overall a sloppy performance by the All Blacks.

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Posted in: Barrett at 10 in All Blacks team for 1st Bledisloe See in context

The Wobblies could snatch this test if they fire on all cylinders. Barrett has been lukewarm all season, (dire Hurricanes tactics partly to blame), but hopefully finds form with Crotty outside him. I reckon less than 10 points will separate them but can’t pick who will prevail.

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Posted in: Hurricanes overpower Lions in Super Rugby See in context

Ben Lam is in ridiculously good form.

Would tear it up at international level.

AB selectors seem to be stubbornly ignoring him though. Weird

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Posted in: Contrast of styles in Lions against All Blacks in 1st test See in context

"The Lions squad Gatland has assembled is more a team of journeymen"

errr.....what ???

Does the author of this drivel actually know the definition of "journeyman" ?

Gatland has had the pick of the best players from 4 out of the 6 Nations Championship teams to choose from, all professionals, all highly paid. Whether or not he's made the right selections is a different matter entirely. I'd say he's got it mostly right outside of Joe Launchbury's non selection.

It should be a fantastic series. Would be surprised if AWJ isn't substituted before the 60 minute mark to make way for Itoje. Possibly even as early as the half time period should the BIL Lions find themselves behind in points.

Rieko Ioane's selection ahead of J.Savea is a big call from Hansen, it will be a baptism of fire for the youngster. He's got the talent to handle it.

Crotty/Alb center pairing with a hungry SBW coming on later in the piece would've been many peoples prediction. Instead we've got SBW/Crotty vs. Te'o/Davies. That'll be a hell of battle.

The forward battle should be epic on what will likely be a damp track in Auckland but with the rain likely to ease off.

Can't wait !!!

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Posted in: Body of naked woman found in Tokyo apartment See in context


I cannot find statistics for 2014 or this year yet, but in 2008 there were only 11 homocides in Japan.

Errrr.... What ???

The National Police Agency also recently released a report noting that murders across the country declined 8.8 percent to 939 in 2013. That figure is below 1,000 per year for the first time since World War II.

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Posted in: Fukushima governor wants 2020 Olympic torch relay to go past nuclear plant See in context

“We wish to have a torch relay here so that the status of our reconstruction can be conveyed accurately,”

errrrrrr.....a must watch 13 minute doco. here that conveys the status of TEPCO's reconstruction debacle very accurately


The place is an extremely dangerous mess.

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Posted in: Japan's tallest building opens in Osaka See in context

Meh......Looks like a bigger version of Hikarie in Shibuya. Rather bland design. Functionality trumps aesthetics in modern Japanese architecture.

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Posted in: Sakura-mochi flavored beer See in context

Why don't they learn from the best craft brewers in the USA and make something that can compare well with something like Anchor Steam beer and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?

Raymond, you need to get out more. There are plenty of Japanese brewers making beer that not only compare well with the likes of Anchor or Sierra Nevada but in many cases have even surpassed their American counterparts. Japanese brewers are collecting more and more awards at international beer competitions. I suggest you get out there and try some beers from the likes of Minoh, Swan Lake, Baeren, Shiga Kogen, Baird, Daiden G, Isekadoya, Fujizakura, Yo-Ho, Ozenoyukidoke for starters, you might find it a revelation.

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Posted in: Japan shrinks 2020 Olympic stadium See in context

"The new 70-meter architectural centerpiece— a futuristic, bike-helmet-shaped stadium—has drawn criticism that it would tower over other structures in the area, which are limited to a 15-metre height restriction, and would be visible all over the Japanese capital" "Blah...blah...blah...blah...blah...That would make the stadium visible from all over the west of Tokyo"

Yeah....right. There are plenty of buildings and other structures well in excess of 200 meters height in Tokyo that aren't visible "all over the Japanese capital". The west of Tokyo extends to Hachioji and Okutama amongst other locales

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Posted in: NZ police investigate claims of online 'rape club' See in context

Shades of Waseda Uni's Super Free club

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Posted in: Japan scaling down 2020 Olympic stadium after criticism of cost See in context

Tokyo does not need remodernization. If anything, need de-modernization like the one, classic beautiful Tokyo station, or take down the highway above the beautiful Nihonbashi bridge, or recognize the lifestyle of Edo period, etc.

ummmmmm....Tina dear, to restore a classic old beautiful building such as Tokyo Station costs astronomical amounts of money. Only a a very small number of buildings can be restored and brought up to earthquake code strength. Theres just not enough money to do such projects on a large scale. As fanciful and romantic as it might be to dream of the Edo and other periods of yesteryear, it just isn't practical in this day in age to try to emulate those times. Tokyo is on top of a seismically active plain. Let's never forget what happened to thousands of buildings in the immediate after effect of the Great Kanto earthwquake. I do agree though that the highway above Nihonbashi is an eyesore.

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Posted in: Japan scaling down 2020 Olympic stadium after criticism of cost See in context

The Olympic stadium in Los Angeles was much older when it was used a second time for the 1984 games. >

Comparing the LA stadium to the old Olympic stadium in Tokyo is a misleading comparison.

The IOC have a minimum seating requirement for the main stadium, which I believe is currently 80,000, I stand to be corrected though. Los Angeles Memorial Colloseum is huge, even after it was scaled down in size, it still has a capacity of over 90,000, thus easily meeting the IOC minimium seating requirement. The old Olympic stadium in Tokyo had a capacity of about 57,000, currently only 48,000 seated capacity.

As someone mentioned earlier, refurbishing an existing stadium can quite often cost as much or even more than building a new one, especially if increased capacity is required.

I have no problem with them scaling back the initial proposal as it's been stated that the design concept won't be changed, the article didn't give any specifics, but on large scale projects like this there can always be unnecessary extravagances trimmed to save on overall costs. A block of toilets here, a concourse there, fewer VIP boxes etc....

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Posted in: McCaw, Carter to be unleashed against Japan See in context

the rather small chichibu ground

Really ? I had no idea it was being played there. Whats the capacity of Chichibunomiya stadium ? 25,000 ? Ridiculous really and rather pointless. And yes, it will be an smashing of embarrassing proportions. The only upside to holding it at Chichibunomiya stadium is that at least it will have proper sized in-goal areas, unlike the Olympic stadium where the All Blacks played the Wallabies a few years back.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan's fishery exports safe for consumption See in context

Face TowelSep. 07, 2013 - 10:27AM JST

All was cauded from once covered up the leaking.

Cauded !!! Now there's a word you don't come across every day.

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Posted in: Police in Tokyo search for man who called out to child in a park, puzzling netizens See in context

Exceedingly slooooooooooooowww day at the crime news desk it would seem.

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Posted in: 10 million sign petition for rescue of abductees from N Korea See in context


I clearly did read your post, I just don't quite get what "point" you're trying so hard to make. I doubt very much that you quite know yourself. You just seem to be talking yourself into ever decreasing circles.

You keep beating the "no proof of having even been abducted or even being alive" drum while conveniently ignoring the whole thrust of this particular article itself.

See if you can try and get your head around this. The Yokota family are behind the association that have organized the petition in order to get further information on their still missing daughter, as well as others, possibly leading to the return of said abductees, if indeed they are in fact still alive. Not too difficult now is it ?

I'll just pop this bit of the article in here in order to help you understand why the Yokota family are doing what they can in the hope of one day seeing their daughter again as it seems you keep missing it.

"Yokota’s parents and others in Japan refuse to believe reports of her death and a controversial DNA test on her cremated remains was inconclusive. Her parents believe their daughter, who would now be 49 years old, is still alive in North Korea"

Penny dropped yet ?

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Posted in: 10 million sign petition for rescue of abductees from N Korea See in context


You ask: ">Where's the proof those who remain there were not willing participants"

You must have missed this part: ">The North Korean government admitted to kidnapping Yokota"

I'd hazard a guess and say that roughly 99.99999999999999999% of abductees in all kidnappings are not "willing participants", whether it be 'Joe the weirdo' next door doing the abducting or North Korean government agents.

Not quite sure what to make of this statement:

">Isn't the issue 'resolved'? I mean, this all happened way back when? Why dwell on the past and not move forward?"

Ummmmm, nope. The issue isn't yet "resolved" for the Yokota family who are behind this association preparing the petition in order to get their still missing daughter Megumi returned. The whole purpose of the petition is to resolve the issue for them. 10 Million signatures is a huge amount and could be a way forward in trying to resolve this issue in a peaceful and diplomatic way. They are obviously determined not to just give up and "move forward" as you suggest.

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Posted in: Mother of Romanian murder suspect apologizes See in context

KonstaMar. 02, 2013 - 10:42PM JST So, have they found the other boy or he is on the run?

Konsta, it's in the article. You should read it, it's really not that long.

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Posted in: Mother of Romanian murder suspect apologizes See in context

Anthony J BambariMar. 02, 2013 - 04:37PM JST

I feel for the 18 year old friend, the poor guy must be super nervous about getting pinched right now. He might end up killing himself.

That's a very odd comment Anthony !!!! Not quite sure how you could "feel for the 18 year old friend". If what the Romanian lad is saying is true, this lowlife wasn't at all nervous when he conspired to rob a helpless female in the middle of the night and plunge a knife into her back as well as slashing her on the wrist. He Was probably quite bravado about it at the time. I truly hope he is nervous right now, he fully deserves to be.

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