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Tons of people have heart failure while breathing, hell of a coincidence that. How about while eating or watching TV.?

Generally speaking, eating, watching TV and breathing seldom result in episodes of vomiting and diarrhea, both of which can have quite a traumatic impact on the body of elderly people. Spot the possible causal link yet, genius ?

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One woman, aged 89, who suffered from food poisoning died the following day from heart failure. However, doctors say it is unlikely the food poisoning caused her death, TBS reported.

A hell of a coincidence then if not at least a contributing factor.

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The Malaysian and Singaporean hate your guts. The Filipinos are a lazy bunch and there's not much they can do there, not including the Muslim terrorism that goes on in the outskirts. The Thai, well you saw the flooding and riots. Vietnam is another communist state that hates you. Myanmar is a military state and the staunchest ally of China. IF China says, no import from Myanmar to China, your companies and investments die immediately in the former Burma.

Honestly speaking, if you want to tap the Chinese market, you have no where to go but India. But Indians like the Koreans a lot more than you people, so you are at a huge disadvantage there. And right now, the Chinese don't want you in their country. Its not about your assessment of risks of doing business in China. Its about China and the Chinese kicking you out. Two completely different circumstances. Get that through your self-obsessive skull of yours. Your Business and investments are unwanted in China. Leave now and American businesses and European businesses will replace you immediately. Like I said, everything you make are completely replaceable. At the end of the day, you lose a 1.4 billion consumer market. Your loss. Our gain.

Wow, edgy post. Made me laugh. You do realize that Japanese investment in China has been a MASSIVE factor in pulling millions and millions of people up out of the proverbial gutter in terms of living standard don't you. ? Their own pathetically backwards and corrupt regime haven't done a whole lot for the common man on the street in China, it's been foreign investment,nous,technology and power that has achieved it,,,largely Japanese at that. It must really irk the hell out of Chinese with chips on their shoulders to know this. Please tell me more about all these American and European businesses that will replace the Japanese ones when they are gone,,,,I'd like another laugh.

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Posted in: Toshiba announces settlement in a U.S. class action for LCD price fixing See in context

Two and a half weeks after I sent my Laptop Computer in for repairs to their factory, Toshiba recently asked me to pay them ¥22,000 in order to have the damaged earphone jack repaired. This was despite the fact that the computer is still under warranty and having never been taken outside or mishandled in any way at all. It had been sitting on my desk at home since the day I bought it about 9 months ago. I told them that the crackling noise problem from the loose connection inside the jack was noticeable from the first day I set it up but it had since gotten worse. They still refused to fix it without me paying the ¥22,000. I refused to pay them the money on principle. I received it back a full three weeks after having sent it off and no repair was made.

Reading this news article has given me another reason to avoid future purchases of Toshiba's products.

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. shouldn't this read "decomposed bodies"??

It does seem to be an odd headline. Perhaps something lost in translation or else there is more to this story than what we've been given so far. The accepted definition of "Mummification" is to "Embalm, Dry, Preserve" a dead body. Weird if this is actually what has been done,however, I doubt it very much.

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Posted in: Two men taken to hospital after smoking 'legal herbs' See in context

Salvia Divinorum perhaps ?


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Posted in: 'Black widow' murder suspect Kijima fields prosecution's questions See in context

lol not to mention the fact that she only dates men twice her age.

Except Oide was 41.

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Posted in: U.S. moves to isolate Japanese, Russian crime groups See in context

Doing what Japan can't seem to do.

Perhaps, but they should probably try and get their own backyard in order as well. Not a single mention in that article of measures they are taking to counter the multiple billions of dollars worth in illicit activities conceived, conducted and carried out by their own home-grown gang syndicates. Shock, Horror, stop the press !!!! Money Laundering, Prostitution, Child Pornography, Human Trafficking perpetrated by Americans on American soil !!!! Tell me it can't be true !!

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Posted in: Two children perish in residential fire in Asahikawa See in context

Groundhog day scenario to these types of tragic stories in this country, especially around this time of year. This from 4 days ago; http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/4-year-old-girl-dies-in-gunma-house-fire

As someone mentioned in the comments following that case, these types of stories really should be in the crime section for very obvious reasons.

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