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@Fox Sora Winters

When May first became Prime Minister, I believed her Lancaster House speech. However, I now realize that she has been put in place by the establishment to prevent Brexit at all costs. I think it's a possiblity that May was selected even before the referendum to act as a back-up plan in what the elites thought was an extremely unlikely situation. She doesn't have any leadership qualities at all, which leads me to believe that someone else is pulling the strings.

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Never in the history of Britain has a Prime Minister fought so hard to surrender.

Theresa is deliberately trying to make a complete pig's ear of these negotiations so that the UK essentially gets locked into the EU. It will be interesting to see how the 1922 committee goes tomorrow.


Yes. The Brexiteers in the Tory party have already submitted their suggestions. Even the EU said that their proposal for a Canada-style trade deal would be acceptable, but Theresa May refused it.

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I've actually come round to the idea of a second referendum. Then if we give the wrong answer again, we can have a third, a fourth and maybe a best out of five. After all, democracy is an "ongoing process" not an event or something like that.

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Wrong on that one Toasted.

Even the Queen wants Harry to cut it out:


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They apparently announced the news to the Royals at Princess Eugenie's wedding, stealing Eugenie's thunder on her big day. This hasn't gone down well.

Harry has lost quite a bit of respect in the UK over the last year because of Meghan. She comes across as a an attention seeker who deliberately ignores etiquette.

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I'm not sure where you're getting the English are "blaming immigrants for doing jobs" from. Again, the English are blaming the politicians of all parties for constantly promising to cut immigration, then doing the complete opposite.

It's quite interesting that the Scots' view on immigration is pretty much the same as the English.


I'm all in favor of Scotland having another indy ref after Brexit has finished.

But the point still stands, Japan and the UK won't have a political union as you were comparing it to the UK and the EU.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan would welcome Britain into TPP See in context


You are deliberately conflating "The UK", "The English" and "The Tories", It's intellectually lazy, but it's easy to make broad-stroke statements, so that's why people do it.

"The English" are not opposed to immigration. They are opposed to uncontrolled, limitless immigration which has caused wage depression.

The British Government, whoever is in power, does whatever its likes (including allowing mass immigration to continue) without the support of the of the majority of the public.

Japan and Britain are unlikely to suddenly develop a political union if they arrange trade agreements. So, your comparison is a bit silly.

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Yes, I agree. However, that was 400 years ago. We cannot turn back time and undo what has happened.

The people of Northern Ireland are descendants of English and Scottish settlers, but they are equally also in many cases, descendants of the native Irish too. They are the people who live there and have done so for hundreds of years. If they do not want to leave the UK, their wishes have to be respected.

I'm not sure why you believe that Northern Ireland and Scotland are being held hostage by the English. It is quite the opposite. They continue to be part of the UK by their own choice.

I don't disagree with you about Scotland. They have every right to leave if they want to, but the majority of Scots don't at the moment. If that changes in the future, then that decision is up to them.

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If the Scottish people want to leave the UK, their wish should be resprected. The same goes for the Northern Irish. However, if the Scots and Northern Irish want to remain part of the UK, that also has to be respected. It is not anyone else's place to tell them otherwise.

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It's good for both the UK and Japan. Hopefully, both can learn from each other.


it may blow your mind to discover that EU countries are allowed to trade out the single market.

You forgot to mention that EU members are not allowed to create their own trade agreements with other countries. The UK has to trade under the conditions set by the EU, which very often are not in the interests of the UK at all.

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I think the vast majority of Japanese people between the ages of 18-34 have little knowledge or interest in the UK referendum, so it's unsurprising that the responses showed little to no change. One area where that will have made a difference is the exchange rate. Cheaper Stirling will make the UK more affordable.

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the outcome of the referendum is still ongoing

It really isn't.

I'm trying to point out that some people who voted remain are still trying to peddle this myth that those who voted leave are lacking intelligence.

Yes, I also think it's best to leave it there.

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I accept the outcome of the referendum (even if it was fanned by outright lies and jingoism)

You just said the OUTCOME was fanned by outright lies and jingoism, but the judges ruling on Article 50 was long after the referendum. What connection do the headlines about that have to the result of the referendum?

Again, people go on about the bus because in their mind's other voters couldn't possibly have voted for any other reason than that. Many Remain voters have convinced themselves that the other side are too "simple", and were misled by a bus.

And on that note, you said "Promise". The word "Let's" was actually written on that bus. "Let's" doesn't mean, "We promise to" or "We will", does it?

The majority of Scottish people are not interested in independence, and won't be for quite some time. They are fatigued like we all are. The polls haven't changed.


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It was not fanned by outright lies and jingoism. People who keep saying that reveal what they think of the average voter. They also say it because to convince themselves that they are morally right. BOTH campaigns lied, but voters made their own choice.

GFA is not in danger. Does Northern Ireland want a hard border? NO. Does the British government? NO. Does the R.O.I.? NO. Does the EU? Probably not, and they wouldn't fund it anyway.

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Starmer is only popular with people who wanted to remain, and still want to remain in the EU.

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Don't give people a choice, then take it away from them.

The establishment have tried extremely hard for 2 years to pump out as much anti-Brexit propaganda as possible, but it still hasn't worked. Politicians are started to get scared that the public fully accept the consequences of leaving, and still want to go ahead.

Only 16% in the latest survey (Huff Post) wanted to Remain in the EU. All others went for various leave options, with the Canada style trade deal being most popular.


Kier Starmer doesn't care about result of the referendum, the people or democracy.

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Why would EU be interested in negotiation anything?

If the EU fails to attain a free trade agreement with the UK:

Germany's automotive industry will be adversely affected due to its reliance on UK suppliers and custom.

Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg would be heavily affected due to their reliance on the UK's financial services.

In addition, it is commonly known that UK imports from the EU are worth £341 billion, whereas UK exports to the EU are worth £274 billion. Any introduction of tariffs will hit European businesses harder than the UK.

Finally, the EU would no longer recieve annual contributions from the UK, which in 2016 were £13.1 billion (£8.6 billion net). The UK is the second largest net financial contributor to the EU out of the 28 member states.

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The UK doesn't think this a game. This issue has split the country, it has even split family and friends apart.

The EU has made absolutely no comprosmises up to this point in time, so it isn't a negotiation in any sense. In contrast, May on behalf of the UK (without support mind you), has agreed to pay 40 billion pounds, extend freedom of movement, allow the ECHR and ECJ to have ultimate authority over UK law even after the UK has left.

After all of that, nothing. The EU simply wants to UK to capitulate on every point. The EU is not interested in negotiating.

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"calls are now growing for a re-run"

From the EU, yes, but not from the British public. Even the fact checkers at the BBC admitted to this, leaving Alastair Campbell looking like a nana live on air.


Polling guru John Curtice (seen as the country's leading expert in that field) stated yesterday, 'there's no evidence of a shift in public support for a second referendum.'

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England and Wales = 89% of the population of the UK

Scotland's population is only 5.4 million, and N. Ireland's is 1.8 million.

Scotland as an independent country would have a national debt worse than Greece, and the EU has already stated that Scotland would not be accepted as a new member (mainly because of Spain and the Catalonia situation).

According to recent polls, most Brits (ex N. Ireland) wouldn't mind N. Ireland leaving the UK for a united Ireland if it meant the UK could leave the EU cleanly. I think this is quite sad, but it seems that it is the Northern Irish who want to stay in the UK rather than English people wanting them to stay.

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48.11% Remain

51.89% Leave

Before the vote they (Remain side) made it crystal clear that the result would be final (regardless of the margin of victory), and there would be no second referendum.

If you start saying "If the result is too close, we'll have another referendum", you'll end up having them endlessly.

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Not many people think the second referendum idea through. Nobody is going to accept a referendum with 3 options: 1) Remain 2) Leave on Chequer's Terms 3) Leave on No Deal basis. That would deliberately split the leave vote.

If there were to be another referendum on just two choices (Remain or Leave), it would be a huge waste of money and extremely divisive. Neither side can win with a 60% majority, and if Leave won again (which I think it would by a bigger margin), the extreme Remainers would never accept it.

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Although the British Royal Navy is now tiny compared to the past, it is still the world's 5th most powerful. Japan is just ahead at 4th. The Royal Navy is the most experienced navy in the world and it is still classed as a "blue-water" navy. In contrast, China's Navy is still "green-water".


Kniknaknokkaer is quite right. "Albion" is the oldest name known for Great Britain. It predates the name "Britannia" from the Romans. Scotland is still called "Alba" in Scottish Gaelic.

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I agree that Brits don't feel European. I think it's mainly because Britain has always been more global in its outlook (British Empire then Commonwealth). Refusing to join the Euro was proabably the best decision the UK ever made. The Euro hasn't worked for anybody.

I am sure the British Government will try its best to continue to ignore public opinion and will push for a soft Remain, or eventually a second referendum.

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May will not go. She will make it as long-winded as possible, costing everyone time. If the Conservatives don't choose a new leader who supports Brexit, it will be the end of the party. Support for leaving the EU hasn't changed.

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You can't stay in the Customs Union and leave the EU though. The Customs Union isn't actually so great. It only accounted for 44% percent (actually less than that because of the Rotterdam effect) of UK exports during the last report. It's continually going down and is estimated to be soon be thirty something percent. The Customs Union in the past, trading freely with the world is the future.

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You do know that the UK contributes far more to the security of the EU than vice versa, don't you?

The UK arrests 8 people under the European Arrest Warrant for every 1 that the UK issues to other EU member states.

The UK is the biggest contributor to EU security by far. The EU has a lot to lose if it wants to discontinue security cooperation. So the whole "LOL, the EU has the UK by the nads" is a little silly isn't it?

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You do know that Japanese cars have punitive EU tariffs on them now,don't you? It's 10.2% (This is because Germany doesn't want Japanese cars at the same price as German ones)

It's not a case of whether other countries in the EU have the ability to host the manufacturers or not. It still costs an enormous amount of money to move.

You think that Germany will be happy to have Japanese car manufacturers operating in Germany? (I think not)

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Posted in: Japan warns May on Brexit: 'We cannot continue in UK without profit' See in context

May has to accept Brexit and own it or quit. (JRM4PM)

Leave the EU as soon as possible on WTO rules. (WTO tariffs are miniscule)

UK has more freedom and a huge trade deficit (80 Billion Euros) with the EU.

German companies will demand a trade deal with the UK to avoid loss of business.

I will wager that Japanese companies will not move. The cost to move will be astronomical and they'll find running their businesses too restrictive in the EU compared to the UK.

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