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whoa before you start burning people at the stake it dose not mean its his instructors fault i used to be a manager of a diving site and i know what im on about here yes he has a duty of care to his students he could well have been keeping an eye on him but it only takes a few seconds for a novice to lose control of his buoyancy or any one else for that mater the difference is someone who is more experienced can regain control quicker, it is doubtful that his equipment failed as modern gear is very well made but still possible and its something that is always checked when something like this happens anyway. there are a few things that could have happened 1.he ran out of air (instructor at fault) 2.he panicked over something and bolted to the surface thus causing a bend 3.medically unfit to dive in the first place. 4.something went wrong medically with him i.e a heart attack or stroke or what ever 5.he got pulled up by a fisherman sounds funny but its happened 6. he lost control of his buoyancy by either not dumping the air in his bcd (buoyancy control device) or dry suit which would be doubtful he that he would be using a dry suit that was connected to an air source being a novice 7. or he inflated his bcd by accident instead pressing the dump 8.his inflater button stuck when pressed. so here you see there are a few reasons what could have caused the accident but the two factor that no one so far has mentioned is how deep was he and for how long, i seen divers come up fast from 19+ meters on more than one occasion too fast and nearly flew out the water like a dolphin but only had a mild form of the bends as they were only down at depth for a few mins so some time on 100% o2 and they were ok and maybe a trip to the decompression chamber for a few hours to be on the safe side. so i wouldnt be so fast to point the finger yet im sure his instructor is feeling quite bad about it instructor standards are high

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