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tangula51 comments

Posted in: U.S. to deploy newest weapons to Asia-Pacific See in context

We can not illustate how powerful we are, or you are except we can have a fight. 50 years ago, we made an even in Korea when US was a super power and led a coalition forces. I don't think we would lose today!

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy newest weapons to Asia-Pacific See in context

The more advanced weaponary deployed by American in Asia, the better for China. The competition between nations boil down to the competition between people. Personally, I am impressed by American can-do spirit, but I have never been overwhelmed mentally. We have to admit there is gap on technology development and we Chinese lag behind the American. The reason I attribute to a lack of strong stimulus to our Chinese. Now it seem coming and we should really welcome it. Thanks the American for that. If we had to fight each other, please keep in your mind that we chinese would fight you no doubt of that but we don't hate you. We never go extreme as you are. And at the end of day, we are able cheer to each other when a fighting is over, just as we did at the end of Korea War.

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Posted in: Japanese figure skaters to compete in China despite tensions See in context

As a Shanghainese I warmly welcome the Japanese skaters to come to Shanghai and enjoy the competition.The islets disputs is the matter between the older generations of our two countries. They are too strong to let their youngers to have a say and more, tend to blame their failure on the youth.The real problem is they are all to selfish and try to hold what they has got to their destination-the tomb.

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Posted in: Where is everybody? See in context

Noda is typical Japanese, focusing on detail and working hard. However his vision is not inclusive and don't have a chrisma to convince Japan neighbours.I really can not understand why asian leaders are fretting about the things the European think is worthless. That clearly tells that the European will still dominate the world for a very long time because of their wisdom and with much bigger vision than our Asian.

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Posted in: China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty See in context

Officials of both sides have to learn the wisdom that drive the German and France to move forward after they had been fighting each other over decades , and build a stronger Europe together. Culturally and racially there are much more differences between German and France than between Chinese and Japanese. And we Chinese tend to not hate Japanese although we have had wars between us. Look into the mirror, we can just see we are almost same Asian. We have to put the continental concept in mind and stop fighting each other for nothing. Chinese, Japanese and Korean should unite together as a core for Asian continent .Or we can move further more to become one country and select the leader by vote.Then all the territorial disputes will be over.

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Posted in: Under restrictions, U.S. F-22 fighters arrive in Japan See in context

American is great and improve the world lives with many innovations, no one deny that.But Japan is also one of most advanced countries , its civil products are welcomed all over the world.If not for the limitation in its constitution, its millitary products may also saled worldwide. So on the level of technology, Japanese is not a gorilla compared with U.S.As for the treaty, it is not aimed to protect them but instead get them in watch.

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Posted in: Turkey: NATO should view Syria as attacking it See in context

Somebody is trying to test the responsing ability of Syria's updated air defence system introduced from Russia, for a possible no-flying zone compaign. And now they have got the answer. Turkish PM Erdgan is insane and wrongly did the test for Mrs Clinton and became a victim ugly. For the Russian, it's a big success to showing off their ability and determination.

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Posted in: Gemba rebukes Japan's envoy to China over Senkaku remarks See in context

Mr.Niwa is the man with wisdom and vision. But, sadly,he was overwhelmed by people, short sighted and mindful of political interest. Japanese and Chinese have to learn something from the relationship between France and Germany. After having fighted for hundreds of years, paying huge human and material cost, they finially come togather and help build the EU. Culturally and racially, there are much more differences between France and German than that between Japan and China. If a Japanese walk down the street of any city in China, nobody would look him or her twice because he or her looks just like a Chinese. Why the France and Germany can sort out their difference but we, Japan and China, can not. The European is smarter than Asian? From the event like this, we have to admit it is true now. If the most sophasticated Asian countries like Japan and China can not make a model for the rest Asian countries, Asian's future is doomed. As a Chinese I have had some contacts with some japanese. I really can not find much difference between us, except you have a much clear goverment. For the well being of the people in both countries and from that to whole yellow race people,I hope one day we can unite as one country and we can elect a president,no matter he or her is Japanese or Chinese.

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Posted in: U.S. tries not to make waves with Pacific pivot See in context

**The title of this aritcle is very right, but the content is so surficial.Obama is very good because he has managed to find a way to get a good job for tens of thousands of Americans in uniform. They will be paid even after Iraq and Afghanistan and, most importently they may be paid not by US government but governments in Asia. It's really a humiliation for Asian people.

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