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Really? I see many comments here that are absolutely unfair to Japan and her people. Europe and United States, the UK,^and Brazil, these countries are faring far worse than Japan , and yet these countries have been vaccinating, and the results aren't glorious. Just read the news, especially see interviews with doctors and other scientifics, to understand that the vaccines are not what the WHO and EMA are saying at all. Japan does well to wait and see how all this vaccination program in the Occident will develop. Read the websites of Moderna and Pfizer, listen to doctors who are warning the population, and even wrote to the WHO about the danger of this vaccination in mass.

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I hope the authorities in Japan will have the common sense to follow what is happening in the West. None of the so-called vaccines are reliable. Very dangerous side-effects and even deaths have been reported in several countries. Some side effects can de for the rest of the patients' life. They still do not know all the dangerous effects on the human organism simply because they are testing it on the world population. All mRNA technology is really a genetic experiment, this is very clear on the Moderna website. mRNA tech substitutes one's natural immune system for an artificial one, still an experiment. It also changes one's DNA, etc. Yahoo news, which is usually very liberal, posted that over 100 fully vaccinated people in Washington still got the covid, including some deaths: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/over-100-fully-vaccinated-people-115339262.html. I wonder if having the Olympics and boosting one's economy is worth gambling with human lives, and do governments should have this power? What I wrote can be easily checked in several reliable websites, Moderna itself is one of them.

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Disney parks are lgbtq+ supporters, they no longer serve the interests of Walt Disney when he invented the Disney characters, neither they should have children and adolescents to visit their parks. My family does not go there, they can keep their gender ideology to themselves.

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