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Posted in: Eggs pelted at Suzuki's office after he apologizes for sexist jeers See in context


sexist bullying turns into...purposeful reflection and some positive changes. Just kidding, it turned into yet more bullying....


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Posted in: Abe set to unveil latest phase of 'Third Arrow' See in context

...shot directly into his own foot.

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Posted in: Leadership does nothing despite sexual harassment of assembly member See in context


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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context

It is not counter to evolution because it exists as a trait expressed by a portion of our species and our species as a whole continues to evolve. You are making assumptions as to what is and is not 'moral' and or 'beneficial' in evolutionary terms. I think it is impossible for you to know that and you are basis your evaluations of your own assumptions of what is 'good' and 'optimal.' Frankly, the process is not hemmed in by these assumptions. One could argue, just as blindly, that suppressing this trait hinders our 'big-picture' evolution as a species. But really, it is impossible for us to evaluate this kind of thing. The scope involved is just to great. So, I don't think the point has any practical merit or relevance.

I think our best bet is to focus on dealing with things on an individual and societal level. And I think the best way forward is to support individual rights and social tolerance. Social tolerance doesn't mean that you have to like or agree with everyone. It just means that you recognize that in a free and responsible society adults should be invested with and respect individual rights, dignity and freedom.

The government has no place in the bedrooms of consenting adults.

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Posted in: 3 police officers killed, 2 injured in Canada shooting See in context

This is horrible news. I hope the killer is caught and the community can start to come to terms with what happened.

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Posted in: 'Breaking Bad' leads popularity of TV on Twitter See in context

FizzBitJun. 03, 2014 - 11:18AM JST

I watched one show of this just to see what the hype was about. "Terribly Bad" is what they should have called it. Though I'm not shocked by the publics favorable response, the world needs ditch diggers too.

Ziiinnnnnggggg! But please don't hold back. How many ditches have you dug since you quit watching BB?

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Posted in: Bill Clinton vouches for Hillary's health See in context

You know what? If Bill Clinton could run for president again he would win by a landslide.

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Posted in: March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day? See in context

I was working at my desk in Sendai. Then my desk started bouncing and everything changed.

My daily life in the months that followed was dominated by a kind of 'fog of war' uncertainty and confusion. Many people are still coming to terms with what happened and we will be living with the effects for many years to come. In hindsight it seems both unreal, and much too real.

I urge you to please take a moment today to remember what happened on that day and to try to wrap your heart/head around the loss and suffering that affected so many.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context

Putting a 'culture' label on something doesn't mean it can't also be out-dated, intolerant and discriminatory hogwash. If you disagree please pm me and I will provide you with a long list of such 'cultural nuggets' from my own country. Japan is no different from other countries in this respect. Their society is presently struggling to integrate the past with the future.

Thankfully, as several posters pointed out, this particular bit of 'culture' will be taken to court (sooner or later) and resolved there.

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Posted in: Filmmaker Regge Life honors American tsunami victim See in context

The documentary helps us understand the human side of the tragedy BECAUSE it sheds light on a life, a family and story. Because it does that we get a fuller understanding of what happened on an individual/micro level. This isn't a case of the forest isn't getting lost for the trees, but rather of taking a moment to really appreciate a person's story. I mean, it is really difficult to process a huge death toll like that in a meaningful sense. Frankly, it tends becomes abstracted, tangled or superficial when you get information in bits and pieces. In this case the documentary tells us about a remarkable young woman and her family. Feeling this sense of loss on an individual level really doesn't let you get away with the abstraction any more. But more than that, it really is a moving story about someone living life to the fullest. Is Taylor's story more important than the thousands of other stories? Of course not. But it is important. It is worth listening to these personal stories and if hers helps some people understand what happened and live a meaningful life, so much the better.

For the record, I saw the movie and I was really moved and inspired by it. I think most people who watch it will feel the same way.

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Posted in: Remnants See in context

A 5 to 7 minute drive from my desk.

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Posted in: Yuki Nakai remains committed to teaching true spirit of martial arts See in context

I have serious problems with these being called "martial arts", because competition fighting isn't a martial art (an art of war), it's a sport. It's the same difference as kendo to katori, or sword fighting to fencing, simply put there's no lethal intent in a sport, while in a proper martial art there are movements which are undeniably designed to kill your opponent. This is why these tournaments are always won by ground fighting specialists, because one can only fend off an opponent with slaps and tickles for so long, in order to mount a proper defense against a ground fighter you need to be allowed to hit them somewhere critical. Ground fighters only feel free to charge in simply because they KNOW that the real martial artists aren't allowed to hit them anywhere important and they'll just have to absorb one or two painful but not life-threatening strikes. The relevance to this article? They defend the arm-breaking as a movement that was legal because there was a plausible alternative, tapping out. To my mind this is sophistry, the viable alternative to avoiding a throat shot is simply a good defense and not charging in, but the rules outlaw throat shots but permit arm breaking. It's not martial arts, this is just a sport and has nothing to do with which martial arts are best.

Adding attacks to vital/vulnerable areas in a fight would not negate or neutralize grappling and/or take-down skills. It would add a new dynamic/danger to said matches. But, as was pointed put by Jason, both fighters would be aware of these attacks, would have to defend against them and both would be able to apply them. Gordeau wasn't trying to tickle Nakai's eyeball. He was gouging it. Clearly an attack to a vulnerable area. But despite this he submitted and lost the match (via heel hook). He's damn lucky Nakai is a class act and released the submission. Can't say I'd be so quick to release someone that had just gouged my eye. In fact, I think it is safe to say most people would complete the submission, inflict a serious injury, and then look to do some eye gouging of his/her own.

Nakai is a class act.

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Posted in: CIA fires contractors guarding secret prisons See in context

The clean-up continues. Way to go.

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Posted in: Biden says Cheney 'dead wrong' on U.S. security See in context

"Biden said the exact opposite is true, and former President George W Bush’s vice president was part of a dysfunctional decision-making system." (italics added)

I think he hit the nail on the head with that one.

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Posted in: Which side is more disdainful of the other: Vegetarians or non-vegetarians? See in context

I don't know many (any) vegans that keep pets. Some may but I haven't met them.

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Posted in: Which side is more disdainful of the other: Vegetarians or non-vegetarians? See in context

This thread pretty much sums up my stock answer to the question, 'so why did you become a vegetarian?' ...My answer?

'A leprechaun told me to.'

Works for me.

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Posted in: Obama seeks $634 bil over 10 years for health care See in context

Just thinking about the U.S. health care system is enough to sick me sick.

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Posted in: Which side is more disdainful of the other: Vegetarians or non-vegetarians? See in context

I'm a vegetarian. I think of it as a personal choice and I have no interest in converting others or in being converted.

The social aspects of eating/dining make my lifestyle choice somewhat difficult or awkward at times. Those problems are magnified here since I don't speak much Japanese. But I try my best to plan ahead, be courteous to others and find solutions with which I am comfortable. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I'm not. Live and learn...fail and laugh.

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Posted in: Squash poised for a breakthrough in Japan See in context

I haven't played squash yet but I play racquetball at least once a week. Great game! Pretty hard to find gear here in Japan. Hope to play squash at some point.

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Posted in: Canada's prime minister calls early election See in context

The terms of John G. Diefenbaker and John F. Kennedy overlapped. Though Dief was a populist conservative.

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Posted in: Mother, daughters die in suspected murder-suicide leap in Kanazawa See in context

Sick indeed. At the very least she had serious mental health issues. The article mentions that she had a one year. I wouldn't be surprised if postpartum depression factored into this mess. Very sad situation.

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