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Posted in: Suicide of overworked Dentsu employee prompts company to order lights out at 10 p.m. See in context

Lights off is exactly what it says - they are turning off the lights. And probably giving the employees lamps. No one will be going home.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to death after her 16-year-old son found fatally stabbed See in context

Young mothers get a bad rep but in Japan it seems a lot of these kinds of crimes are committed by older ones. I know a 55 year old trying to deal with a 16 year old must have been really hard, buti wonder what could have gone so wrong? Rip rikiya.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context

Some people just aren't keen on having kids you know.

I know. But she said she was, in an interview just after she got married. Again. In fact I recall she wouldn't shut up about it. I suppose younger husband got cold feet.

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Posted in: Poll shows most disabled people in Japan dislike 'inspirational' documentaries about disability See in context

Let's face it, most non disabled people don't like them either.

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context

Pneumonia my pie hole. This woman is clearly too sick to be doing anything, let alone leading America. there is no way the public can trust her - even the feminists are put off by this.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context

Poor thing. 37, divorced twice, no kids. She's quite representative of many "successful" women of our time, who probably are not very happy...

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Posted in: On 15th anniversary of 9/11, 'the grief never goes away' See in context

Either do the news stories and yearly updates...

I wonder when all the other victims of this "war on terror" are going to be remembered?

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Posted in: Newborn infant abandoned in Mie supermarket parking lot See in context

Yea, let's find the "mother" so we can put him in an orphanage and never let him be adopted because she or her delinquent yankii family refuse to give up her maternal rights.

This woman is a disgusting human being.

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Posted in: N Korea conducts 5th nuclear test See in context

Last time NK did that Kumamoto had a huge quake a few weeks later. Are we putting our money on Tokai or Nankai next?

I know Japan has a lot of seismic activity, but the fact north Korea are nuclear bombing the ground can't be helping.

The man is Nuts and completely pulling the trumpet out of the rest of the world. No one is doing anything abouT it. It's iran all over again.

Bomb him, arrest him, be done with him.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

I can't help but feel one "half" miss Japan is a great thing, but 2 of them, 2 years in a row? Some kind of agenda here ...

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Posted in: To prevent child suicides, parents should not reproach children if they stay in their room or don’t join in family gatherings, and instead show them that home is a place where they can feel safe. When See in context

hasnt she got it the wrong way round? That if you communicate with your children well from a young age, spend quality time with them, show them love and affection and don't send them off to juku from birth, they are less likely to lock themselves in their rooms, refuse to join in family events, and try to kill themselves?

Just a thought...

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Posted in: The burkini, the veil, the niqab: what French law says See in context

I'm very happy with France and its ban on the veil. It has no place in modern western society. There is to me a difference in wearing a rashguard or wearing a veil or burkini at the beach.

If I was to go to Iran, or Saudi arabia, or any Islamic country with sharia law, I would have to cover up with clothing I don't necessarily agree with. If Muslims go to western countries, then they should have to integrate and follow the local customs and rules. I don't understand why Muslims think their own religious beliefs can trump French law? Of course they should not.

They are welcome to return to the Middle East any time they wish if they don't like living in France.

Very much a case of "when in Rome" in my opinions. The same reason why I don't go trapsing through Japanese houses with my shoes on, or turning up to onsens with an armful of irizumi.

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Posted in: Actor Yuta Takahata arrested on rape charge See in context

Classic "mother complex" situation - his Mum had him in his 40s, worked a lot, and hes probably irrationally attracted to older women as a result. I feel for the poor woman who worked in the hotel. I hope this apology from mummy and a lot of money doesn't get him off scot free, but let's face it, it probably will.

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Posted in: It is necessary not to cause excessive discomfort. See in context

It has been proven many times that smokers pay so much taxes in Japan that if they all suddenly stopped the country would be quite screwed. And let's face it, in a country where people live so long, they need smoking to stop the population aging even further. That being said though I quit a year ago and it's the best decision I've ever made.

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