Posted in: MUFG replaces CEO after one year See in context

Only mufg, the whole banking system in japan is still in japanese. who can invest in this country ???.

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Posted in: Gov't streamlines celebration for crown prince's ascension See in context

With japanese people that cannot afford to eat, it is time things are done more pratically and kindly.

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Posted in: Japan faces decision over contaminated Fukushima nuclear plant water See in context

Stop nuclear plants thats all. Imagine the people working there ???.

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Posted in: Rakuten, Seiyu to open logistics site as online sales jump See in context

Wow, thats good.

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Posted in: Rising inequality eroding trust in capitalism - survey See in context

It is time , that intergrity comes first.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. lead survey's corporate climate change action 'A List' See in context

It seems that talk and do is always different in japan.

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Posted in: Data of over 8,000 at Mitsubishi Electric feared leaked in cyberattack See in context

Blaming a 3rd party again. What had happen to , how great Japanese companies are ???.

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

What a shock ???. Always the same show.

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Posted in: Court sentences 2 Filipino women via remote interpreting See in context

Was the interpreting accurate , if yes, how many % ???.

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Posted in: Japan may delay process for picking casino host cities, media report See in context

Gaming cause lots of problems. Look at the problems, it had already caused. Better to stop everything before big trouble really starts. Concentrate on clean fun and tourist attraction like original food and Japanese made real issues.

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Posted in: Scandals likely put Abe on defensive as Constitution reform looms See in context

It is common sense that a list that long can disappear means there is something abe had to hide. Just produce that list and the scandal will disappear. Simple.

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Posted in: Toshiba finds doubtful transactions in subsidiary See in context

What else is new ???. It is a normal practce in japan inc. Just look at nissan, the ministers that took gifts, nothing new.

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Posted in: Gov't predicts Japan's fiscal target unattainable by FY2025 See in context

What ???.all these taxes and nothing works ???.

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Posted in: Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats See in context

abe, pls deal with threats from america first before space, japanese producers are losing their pants.

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Posted in: Aso pledges to put Japan on sustainable, private sector-led growth See in context

Some sales talk. Poor japanese citizens.

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Posted in: High court orders Shikoku Electric to suspend Ikata nuclear reactor restart See in context

Thank the high court for correctness.

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Posted in: Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total ¥13 trillion See in context

Who is paying ???.tax payers ???.

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Posted in: WWF voices concern over Tokyo Olympics' environment standards See in context

They cheat on everything, unbeliveable. but them everyday and these 2 are so nice on the outside but when it comes to issues like food ingredients and wines, they cheat, prentending that everything is correct but acutually things are not done correctly.

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Posted in: Japan looks to protect intellectual property in wagyu beef cattle See in context

How ???. Pls do tell us in details. No, blur explianations pls.

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

It seems that nissan is like a poor minded low level comapany the japanese in nissan do not know creative.

everyday, there is something abt Carlos. abt this issue , pls watch Carlos explianation on television. Pls do not waste time and share-holders and public money. It is more expensive the comodit, call time. This is definately house-wife oyaji types at stupid time wasting with nothing to do for oyajis, therefore, have to find some reapeated gossips.i have a better suggestion, pls give yrselves up and stay in the detantion centre ready for yr part in the nissan case.

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Posted in: Macron says he raised concerns with Japan over Ghosn detention See in context

Only the French president ???. No, the whole world and the world human rights group are protesting.Foreign investors that want to do business in japan are not coming anymore. Pls do what u want japan, u are an island and u can remain an island that is full of yrselves and kaput or really improve on yr human rights laws in labour ???. Still wonder why no one wants to support japan ???.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer quits after client's flight to Lebanon See in context

Mr Hironaka is a good man and his team are good lawyers. He lost hope with the japanese system. I am sure many good japanese lost hope with japan but who can blame good japanese people ???. Good brains have better countries to spend their time and money. Why waste time with poor minded , low principles japanese ???. who has time to waste ???only people with no heart , brains and full of just wagamama. the rest of us, we have no such luxury for wagamama. pls make money or make yr bankrupt companies into black profitable by yrselves. Mr Hironaka is correct, what can u do with a system that says , we can do anything because we are japanese ???. No sane human beings will support a system that the world human rights are fighting completely with. Mr Hironaka is Japanese. If he gave up hope with his records, soon many good Japanese will give up hope in and for japan.

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Posted in: Privacy, once hidden topic, gets attention at CES tech show See in context

MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmis there not a better company than Samsung in 8 K ???.I can name u atleast one.

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Posted in: Nissan adds nearly 346,000 vehicles to Takata recall saga See in context

Takata deserve this , imagine the people that had lost their lives.

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Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi to take 2 weeks paternity leave See in context

Well, to each his own. I hope Koizumi will run a small company of 10 people and do the same thing in the first 5 years.

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Posted in: Macron says he raised concerns with Japan over Ghosn detention See in context

The Japanese have to accept that they do not know, how to run nissan, that was why nissan invited Carlos in the first place. U cannot have a cake with total incompetence parasites and still say, nissan is o.k.because Carlos repaired it and get it up and running. Then, nissan wants to eat the whole cake ,once it is in the up stage and kill the person that got the cake rising ???. No wonder no foreign good intelligent brains wants to come to japan. It is time the world see japan for truly , what it is ???.Poor good japanese people, look at what poor level some japanese have in the way to think abt others . Sad.

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Posted in: Ghosn says French envoy told him of inside plot See in context

Thank god , the French Amb told him. See there are fairness in the world. Long live the french Amb.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

I do not want to be his girlfriend but I like to go to space with this funny simple man. He might be a younger brother.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

If a profrofessor at the University can do this way, even the man on the streets are more kind ???.very sad for japanese, still racists. Are anyone sure that we should have tourists in japan ???.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife slams Japanese justice See in context

What had happened in Japan to Carlos is totally unacceptable. Carlos may have got some bad advices from his co-workers like saikawa or japanese accountants or advisers but these cases can be slove inside Nissan. Japan got to try to be fair. I give all an example, I was at a AGM for a very important international group. Some old founding members insisted on following their own rules even if the rules were illegal internationally. The president have to point out that the Japanese rules are illegal internationally but the japanese insist on following their rules because this is japan. The international members were shocked. Therefore, I am sure that carlos and his wife truly have this problems in japan. Truly, japan is not global or international at all.

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