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Posted in: 126 U.S. military members to sue TEPCO See in context

Trying to get a financial gain off the back of a disaster is just disgusting... Revolting... The likelyhood of these people being contaminated to the point that they're bleeding etc is, in all probability, a big fat zero...

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

There is potentially irreversible .... Iphone. Sorry for repeating. I see some people have made some of these points already.

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Posted in: Iran scoffs at Oscar-winning 'Argo' See in context

Oh, like you know what really happened>

No I don't. Saying I'm with Iran on this one does not in any way mean I know what really happened. However, I'm pretty sure from reading accounts of the events that although the generalities of the movie plot are acurate, it's still revisionist.

Iranians don't even know except the propaganda that their government fed them.>

True. Also keep in mind that this is propaganda that Hollywood is feeding you. I'm "with" Iran on this one because I think the award was politically motivated.. More likely patriotically motivated as, honestly, I didn't think the movie was all that great.

I doubted anyone was silly enough to take Hollywood garbage seriously. >

Are you for real?? That's the problem. So many people who have sawdust for brains, will look at this movie and say "oh, so that's what happened" ( and other Hollywood, and other film studios movie versions of history). If you have Facebook, read Lamebook, and read the coments on YouTube etc , then you will be well aware that it seems like the majority of youth are thicker than a piece of 4 by 2.

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Posted in: Iran scoffs at Oscar-winning 'Argo' See in context

Yeah, I'm with Iran on this one. I get so bored and tired of American revisionist cinema.

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Posted in: Smog from China spurs new gov't guidelines on going outside See in context

I've spent time in China on a few occasions backpacking. In the early 2000's I went to Xian. At that time, there was a local pollution warning in place. The smog was so thick, that in the town I could not see the end of the streets. I was there for three days. The feeling of suffocation and claustrophobia caused by breathing in the air was intense. I could not get out of there fast enough. I also had a significant cough for a few weeks after. This type of pollution is not to be scoffed at. It's dangerous. Sure the amounts arriving in Japan are no where near the levels in china, but if there is a warning in your area, it may be a good idea to take heed and wear a mask. It's the particles in the air that are the problem.

Yes, cars emit pm2.5 particles and yes, ideally you should be wearing a mask in big cities like Tokyo anyway. But the levels here are no where near as dangerous as in china.


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Posted in: China orders vendors to stop selling 'Tokyo Big Bang' fireworks See in context

... And it will come back...

Sorry, not "I" !!!

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Posted in: China orders vendors to stop selling 'Tokyo Big Bang' fireworks See in context

China is a peace-loving country and we should not do something damaging to the China-Japan friendship

It is propaganda only. Propaganda people, and I will come back to haunt.. In the future China can turn around and say " see, look what we did! We are not be escalators, Japan is! " any personwho gets sucked into this construction really is a bit of a turkey.

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