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Posted in: Stocks up on US rate hopes, yen holds gains amid intervention talk See in context

COJ (Casino of Japan) at it again. Let’s kick the can down the road…again and again.

Late to hedge with the U.S Dollar or gold, but still safer to do so than rely on the COJ I’m afraid…

”I’m caught in a trap, and I can’t get out…”

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Posted in: Prices for 614 food, drink items to be hiked in June See in context

Unfortunately looks like taste of things to come. The Yen is very likely to weaken further this year, great for tourists bad for locals. More than hopeful BOJ will raise rates at the end of the year, they’ve given adequate warnings to debt holders of over 1 year to deal with loan consequences. Time to move on BOJ!

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Posted in: Holes poked in mesh screen barrier at popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context

Easy said than done but opportunity knocks…

Significantly more costly than black screen workaround, but if done properly the local council could make a designated area with a more permanent structure, full time staff and charge a reasonable fee for visitors for taking photos. This could cover the investment cost and even make money for the local government.

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

Falling to the 5th largest economy in the world soon…

The trap the BOJ fell into is now leading Japan into a tourist country like its SE Asian peers. The average salaryman is “pinched” like nobody’s business, imported energy and food is a world of hurt…

The trap is now if they increase interest rates like they did recently, which led to record bankruptcies (not mentioning likely homelessness rise) OR risk the economy getting rekt as consumers have to cut back spending due to higher bills. Vicious cycle…

Best guess is tourist casino gamble on the cards by the BOJ. The right thing to do is increase rates…very difficult as there’s bad consequences either way. Winners and losers…developed country? What civilisation?

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Posted in: What's up with the Bank of Japan stance on interest rates? See in context

This guy’s name is really Harikiri “Into the” Kurojanai da. He has an unenviable choice/position though. But does he get it? Risk hyperinflation or at least 50% of SMEs going bankrupt due to having to raise interest rates that in debt up to their eyeballs SMEs won’t be able to afford to payback yasui loans. Which is worse devaluing the Yen so much that Cult da Soridaijin cheap yen tourist policy looks good but in reality will takes more than 5 years. Or is this a stealth collab with the USA to get arms in cheaper as we know China’s is in invasion mode? Isekinicho ka? Fusankendayo

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