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Tartansamuri comments

Posted in: Thiem survives brush with venomous snake to advance at Brisbane International See in context

Game, Set, Snake. Love No.

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Posted in: Djokovic admits 'errors' in urgent fight to avoid deportation See in context

A person who tries to enter another country by misleading the authorities is treating that country with contempt. To do so during a pandemic, no mater what country is even more so! You live by the rule of the country you are trying to enter. Not by rules you think bestow the country you live. Which if I mislead that countries condition of entry I would be out or worse. having some fill out your entry form is not an excuse as the persons name declaring is liable when they have to sign that form.

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Posted in: Food shortages feared in UK as new Brexit rules kick in See in context

Germans should have no issues to fill out the paper work. They will state on paper work. FOOD! Done.

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Posted in: Australia wants Facebook held liable for anonymous defamatory comments See in context

Freedom, Free speech hidden behind a mask. Hmmmm. If you have got something to say. Say it. But be seen.

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Posted in: German official slams online 'incitement' after mask killing See in context

In Melbourne anti-vax rioters storm around the CBD spitting on an abusing two VAX centres that were forced to close. Now Anti-Vax rioters are now in Melbourne Hospital with Covid. Hopefully the hospital will confuse over the words Non Vaccinated, to Vasectomy.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca searching for vaccines for virus-hit Southeast Asia See in context

Australia has plenty. Including some about to expire in the top end.

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Posted in: Toyota halts all 3 of its Thailand plants due to parts supply crunch See in context

Oh well. Add another month to my cars delivery.

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Posted in: Start-ups aim to change car battery recycling and clean up world's most polluting industry See in context

Hybrids have two batteries. The Larger Power cell that the Hybrid system uses. And normal battery to run start and ancillary items. If it goes flat. You need it jump started like any other car. However the Koreans in IONIQ and NIRO have a button that you can push so it jump starts the car, drawing power from the power cell to do so.

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Posted in: Gov't to create international emergency SMS for Japanese nationals abroad See in context

Japan already does sms. In Sydney siege by 10.15am Japan embacy Australia sent out an alert re Sydney siege. Siege started at 9.35am.

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Posted in: First MH17 bodies arrive in Netherlands; 2 Ukraine warplanes shot down See in context

The ABC Australia news says only 200 bodies arrived by train and are to be flown by two military aircraft, 1 Dutch and the other a C17 Australian air force plane. Both can only carry up to 40 caskets a time. So this will be repeated till the known 200 bodies are safely in Holland.

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Posted in: Abe Down Under See in context

Yes all his speech was in English. He even threw in a few jokes and Australian slang. He even spoke about Olympic swimmer Dawn Fraser whom souvenired the Olympic flag from the emperors palace during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics saying he recognises the spirit between the two nations with a metaphor that it was a new DAWN for both countries. A good speech!

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean backpackers found living in squalor after Sydney fire See in context

I would be very surprised if they were real South Korean citizens.

Australia has an unlimited quota for entry of young korean Citizens that can enter Australia on a Work for holiday visa. Japan similar quota. So i would say they are Korean national as last count australia had upto 30,000 Koreans in the year on that visa. My partner is Japanese and the last two parties we attended had both nationalities there enjoying themselves.. The top five countries for first Australian Working Holiday visa grants were: United Kingdom (up 8.6 per cent to 38 782); South Korea (up 8.1 per cent to 29 614); Taiwan (up 57.6 per cent to 28 599); Germany (up 17.0 per cent to 24 687); and France (up 22.6 per cent to 22 539).

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context


Sorry, but it doesn't. I don't harm, attack, demand or advocate in the streets that gays should never marry.

You do it on the internet. Does that reach more or less than you on the street! The fact that you say you don't harm anyone quite frankly your opinion but reality would say otherwise.

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context


You guys crack me up, seriously! Of course, gays can fall in love

But what, just don't have a universal legal way to confirm it. Because your opinion they should not be allowed! That's discrimination not an opinion!

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context


There is no reason, it's just the way I feel. Like when you fall in love, you can't elaborate why you feel the way you do about a certain individual, you just do or don't. Chemistry.

Can gays fall in love? Do they have chemistry? Love to hear your answer.

Love and opinions do not equal the same. When opinion become a driver for hatred/disbelief/denial to on another human being it equals discrimination! Nothing more and nothing less.

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context

Darwin's evolution is just that. Fact. All species evolve and as they do they change and loose the features that the evolution of that species and environment requires to it's survival. gay genes have not been removed because it is deemed required to balance the species. Otherwise it would have been naturally removed over time. A two sided object is flawed. A three sided object stabilises the situation. That's why gay genes is part of evolution and will remain. Its natural.

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Posted in: K-pop stars big in Japan bridge diplomatic divide See in context

Alex 80. If you look where Kpop is spreading you will find it goes within Europe, south American and Australasia. It may not be huge but it is definitely growing fast in popularity. If you read the kpop bands web sites show the spread around the world. Even Jackie Chan has created a new Kpop band (JJCC) to do, in his words, join the Asian cultures. The band having 5 members 4 Korean and 1 Chinese/Australian. Of which I know Australia has a 24/7 Kpop music on SBS Australia radio TV station.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

zichi, Not a wiser word spoken They are good at finger pointing. Just not sure were they should point it!

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Posted in: Thousands rally against shark cull in Australia See in context

As an Australian and an ex surf lifesaver. i am against the cull. Always taught to Respect the ocean. Always stay alert when in ocean. Its their home not ours.

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Posted in: Gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade See in context

i was there last night with my japanese partner. as per many thousands of straighs and gays. all left happy included all ages. I guess it depends on where you live is how people perceive. from were are most of the negativity comes, is probably where all those normal people come from, were gay murders happen. and i do not mean japan. Many gay japanese come here to live because they will be treated more as equal. BTW some of those in the Japan team picture are straight. i know some. yes we tolarated that and they dressed how they felt. Not sure why they would need to carry foreigner cards. About the drink comment. talk what you know as facts not your beliefs.

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