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Posted in: Scotland clashes with Britain over independence vote See in context

The fight for independence is going to get very dirty before it ends (hopefully with independence)

Bullying about when we should have our referendum, threatening to stop us from using the pound as currency if we get independence (and all before a date has been set for the referendum)

When we originally joined Britain the vote was controversial as was not liked at all. I bet if it would have happened like that today the results would have been dismissed as invalid.

Alba gu bràth.

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Posted in: Iran publicly hangs convicted teen murderer See in context

Why would people want to go and watch someone being executed?

[quote]Tehran says the death penalty is essential to maintain law and order, and that it is applied only after exhaustive judicial proceedings.[/quote]

I do not understand this. There are plenty of countries that can maintain law and order without executions. Also if there are so many executions each year, why do they think that this method is an effective way of maintaining law and order?

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Posted in: Troy Davis executed in Georgia amid international outcry See in context

A terrible outcome.

The person who conducted the execution is now a murderer...but that is ok because it is 'justified'

I do not think I will ever understand the death penalty.

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Posted in: Hinano Yoshikawa 4 months pregnant, plans to remarry See in context

Congratulations and good luck to them.

Off topic though, how do you change your avatar picture? (I cannot see how to change it)

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Posted in: Ten years after 9/11, do you think the world is a safer place? See in context

It does not feel safer, however it does not feel any more dangerous either.

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Posted in: Worker crushed to death by slab of concrete at constructon site at Ebisu Station See in context

What a terrible thing to happen may he RIP.

My sympathy to his friends and family.

Why though are the paramedics not very skilled? It seems strange that they are not better trained.

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