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tashidelek comments

Posted in: Bush says Democrats keep blocking his energy plans See in context

ha ha ha

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Posted in: Cop arrested over sex with woman involved in crime investigation See in context

Why didnt she report him BEFORE having sex with him is because he is not good,not only he most jm r 99% not good at any so thts y many jf like gaijin,jf thy like any men who is not jm,

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Posted in: Reese Witherspoon See in context

behind her its suks

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Posted in: 22-yr-old drunken woman held for attacking police box in Chiba See in context

thats ok she did not break cops face

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Posted in: Police search See in context

Hello peoples ijime in schools and also out sit, ijime is not only in jp, but i ve seen more ijime here Believe it or not, many Japanese don't want To love peoples and thy dont have open mind,here i ve seen feel many baka, baka wa khawaranai sure, i see thm thy dont try to change thm self but thy try to change others,

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Posted in: Honda plans for dollar to fall below Y100 See in context


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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

hello peoples, i don`t think that she did suicide y because that she was found dead in car this Monday morning,so she was dead on the sunday... soon we'll know...

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Posted in: Do you think reports of the Myanmar junta hoarding cyclone relief aid and China's stance on Tibet will make people think twice about making donations to disaster relief in those two countries? See in context

the earthquake victims of Chines peoples is good lesson, now thy may know what is the Life of Peoples In TIBET, do you Think that is Just earthquake NO is a mgc of MAYLARUPA,HA HA HA Chines need that may be MORE in Coming on the Ways........

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Posted in: Stallone See in context

Your are the Man i love you,what to do,

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Posted in: Dalai Lama says he's ready for serious talks with China See in context

If im Dear, Dalai Lama Lets Live together you want peace i also peace... seens 50 years is a frst Time Red giving chance Tack it For The Tibetans I LOVE Tibetans Peoples Thy are cool...

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S. military in Japan is doing all it can to prevent crimes by its personnel? See in context

one blk Single men change u.s. no way

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for pushing man to death from train platform at Okayama See in context

most of Japanes thy dont know what is the Peoples and the Country,country for the Peoples by the Peoples,looks like thy dont love Peoples,i see no Freedom in japan peoples with no Head to chang right! Do thy know Human right. FREE Japan

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