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Tatsumaru comments

Posted in: As far as storylines are concerned, we cannot easily say 'no' because freedom of expression is at issue. Some novels, comics and movies also contain extreme content. See in context

Love freedom of speech, expression and all. But somethings shouldn't have to be made into a law for someone to compelled not to do something that is questionable at best. This leads me to point this as a fault of their society as a whole than that of legal equality issue.

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Posted in: Is Chrysler's bankruptcy good news for Japan? See in context

To all those debating with Sarge. Sarge is right, but he isnt presenting his point well.

Japan has 2 issues. A fierce ideal of buying Japanese made products and because most Japanese automakers focus on....hmm...well lets think about it, Japanese consumer opinions first, then everyone else's, in what they want in a car. Some auto makers even go to lengths such as make a whole line specific to that nation, like Toyota did with a truck design for the US market. If one foreign car of a foreign brand is sold in Japan the market isnt closed, just comparably they arent doing as well as they could based on the volume of the market.

It is just like Japanese car brands back in the 80s and early 90s in the US. They were rare. The Japanese adapted designs to the US market and look at where they are now. There is always room for improvement, whether the company takes initiative to make that improvement is up to them. But dont go around saying the market is closed when it very much isnt.

On topic point now. Overall, Chrysler's bankruptcy will only be bad to Japan in the near to semi-near future. Long run it is neutral or possibly good. Mainly because Chrysler as a car maker isnt "going away" it just is trying to get rid of debt. A company only "goes way" when the it cant remove enough debt to maintain operations. And as it looks, they are going to get rid of debt, get another installment of loans from the Federal Government and be back in operation. When will they be back in operation? Only the bankruptcy court knows.

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Posted in: Do you think health authorities around the world have over-reacted to the new flu strain? See in context

Anyone can over-react to a situation. The true question should be, are the health facilities capable of matching their over-reactiveness with preparedness and results?

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Posted in: People go to the emergency rooms of big hospitals even for slight ailments, causing a congestion of patients. See in context

Hmm medical treatment now or medical treatment later by appointment? Most people who are capable of affording it, would like it now. Also, the moral obligation that comes with a patient coming to the hospital is important too. The worst headline for any hospital to see on the front page of newspaper is "Patient turned away at emergency room, being told condition was not serious" or something of that sort of bad publicity.

Maybe having a degree of separation between the emergency room doctors and the patient at first. Like a trained nurse that can record symptoms, and can conduct standard tests (or send samples to the lab) before a doctor is even seen, but isnt allowed to come to a diagnoses or treat because that isnt their job or within their capabilities. Doing this could weed out the sniffles, the migranes, the heartburn people, etc ad nauseum - but the doctor would make the final say of treatment. I am no doctor or health facilities management specialist, so I dont know the overall pros/cons of this but it is an idea at least.

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Posted in: A politician who does the people good is a good politician, regardless of whether he or she is a second-generation politician or worked his or her way up to become a lawmaker. See in context

His words are true but rather obvious to the cultured person. A dictatorship is no more inherently bad than a democracy. It is the people in power that destroy the system. Look at China. They have 'elections' making it a democracy on some level, but when your opponents seem to always disappear a few weeks before the election happens doesnt really make it a democracy when you a person wins by default.

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Posted in: Konami pulls plug on 'Fallujah' video game See in context

That is too bad really. It would be interesting to see the results, but personally there are too many shooting games on the market, it is rather repetitive one might say.

The biggest problem with the Iraq war is that the US did it all wrong. To root out a ruler of a nation, you declare war on that nation. To root out insurgency you call for Marshall law. Sadly they did neither, and look at the mess we are in now.

Wars by definition are immoral, to say you are doing anything moral while killing people is hypocritical at best.

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Posted in: Is Shinjuku's 'gay town' threatened with extinction? See in context

For all the hypocrites who are saying that homosexuality is wrong need to take a good look at themselves.

Are homosexual people hurting anyone by being homosexual? No, they arent.

So what makes homosexuality bad morals? Because some guy in a white robe told you? Because some book that has been translated hundreds of times told you? When you can find an actual argument where someone being homosexual threatens YOU in some way then we can talk about how to deal with it. But I have yet to see a case, and probably never will.

Here is a moral lesson you "bad moral" spouting people never seem to remember, "You if dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all."

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Posted in: How would you evaluate U.S. President Barack Obama's first 100 days in office? See in context

I dont exactly agree with everything Obama has planned, damn I didnt even vote for the guy (or McCain for that matter). But I agree with DXXJP that time is needed. However, I disagree with the sidetrack thing, it is called democratic voting for a reason. It isnt suppose to be enacted quickly but with discussion and debate. The only difference between the democrats of the of the Bush admin and the republicans of the Obama admin, is that the Republicans are actually putting up a fight instead of just begrudgingly helping pass one Bush initiative after another.

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Posted in: Is Shinjuku's 'gay town' threatened with extinction? See in context

I would agree that there are probably many factors that are causing the decline of 2-chome, and unnacceptance of homosexuality isnt one of them I bet. It is a proven fact that in economic decline alcohol consumption increases, but not usually at bars. When I went to Japan at new years a fifth of Absolute was about 1000 yen. Who would want to spend 700 yen on a bottle of beer plus door charge (if there is one), when you can get a whole fifth that would last someone a few days at the same price?

I would like to see these 2-chome "statistics" versus any other "young people hotspots" in the greater Tokyo area. They are probably all doing equally bad. Just focusing on 2-chome only points out that social stigma of homosexuality 'could' be the issue, than the actually overbearing problem of no one having money.

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Posted in: Japan comic publisher starts English version online to fight bootlegs See in context

If the Japanese were smart at all, they would let the fan scanlators scan it, hire one or two good Japanese-English translators, have them re-edit it. Then promptly print them in that language to be sold in the country of that language.

The scanlators would either stop because people making a profit off their work, or the publisher will save money on translators and make money on releasing it in print material at god speed.

Stream lining this process would bring great amounts of money. It goes back to common sense. Why do more work than you have to, make someone else do it, and reap the benefits.

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Posted in: It has shocked many in the country's publishing industry and prompted them to have second thoughts about the reliance on advertising revenues rather than sales. See in context

This has happened similarly to a Japanese turned US version of a magazine. The American version of the ever famous NewType magazine ended publication back in February of 08 (ADV Media Corp). Was replaced with a "media pop culture" magazine called PIQ which was suppose to fulfill the remaining subscriptions of the debunked NewType subscribers, but they too failed only after four issues. Didn't really like PIQ too much though. Things going under happens. Just wish it didnt happen to things I liked reading though.

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Posted in: Politicians pay more attention to the elderly because they vote. See in context

What a novel concept. Politicians listening to those who voted for them. Completely unheard of in a democratic-republic.

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Posted in: Do you think there will always be a demand for vinyl records? See in context

Will they still be around for some time? Maybe.

Will they always be in demand? They haven't been in demand for years. Still made? Yes. In demand? You better stop kidding yourself

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Posted in: A missile shot for Iran See in context


Because if they had a puppet as the leader they wouldn't need to things such as this. Having a nation rather close to yours rise military alarms as a puppet government does not a good puppeteer make. N.Korea is just a buffer between westernization, culturely and militarily. They just dont want that buffer to fall, but they don't want to be the one giving it all its resources, i.e. doesn't want sanctions against N.Korea.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi raises output target for electric car See in context

The problem is the mainly the charging. Electric motors are a well refined machine by current standards. It is just that you have to have a motor per wheel, which takes microprocessors and such. Batteries are an issue because they dont charge fast and are heavy, super capacitors or the new carbon nanotube capacitors that MIT made are ideal, charge much faster - matter of minutes (depending on the outlets total power) and are far far lighter . Years ago, microprocessing the motors (so they all spin at the same speed, etc) might have been the main issue, but now it is distance/recharge time. 45 minutes (Tesla Motor's fast charge time) is a little long to sit at a "gas station" just to continue your road trip.

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Posted in: A missile shot for Iran See in context

I dont get all this hype and rage from Obama and Japan. He shot a rocket, whether its was a test or to get a satellite in space, it doesnt matter. Telling a child not to do something is like asking them to go do it. They are making a big deal out of nothing. I bet Kim wouldn't have even fired it if Obama said "Go ahead, do whatever you want".

Stop giving the little kid attention and he will stop doing stupid things it is that simple. And even if he did "manage" to hit something with his rocket, even China wouldnt stand for it. The Chinese are just dying for a reason to get Kim killed and place a puppet in that country.

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Posted in: On new cell phones, QWERTY eases out 1-2-3 See in context

I agree with TokyoHustla. I have an old razr, silver from verizon (USA). I have been putting off upgrading because I find flip phones protect the 2 important things of a phone, the screen and the keypad, I drop it all the time or knock it off my desk. But the problem is I do a lot of texting and I am always on the go so email and a qwerty pad sounds enticing. Things like the Blackberry Storm and the HTC Touch Pro (both with verizon still) look cool and fit what I am looking for. But I am not sure it can meet up to my physical demands of the device.

However, I agree. I wish the Japanese companies would try more to break into the US market. I like some of the ideas that they have implemented like seg-one and better stock cameras in the phones.

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Posted in: What's your stance on abortion? See in context

People and politicians (in America) are too vague on the issue. They are either completely for or against the issue. Since when can we not have situational analysis of this?

First and for most, the health of the mother must be guaranteed. So if the mother is physically incapable of having the baby, or would cause death or serious harm abortion should be an option.

Second...In realistic sense, if the fetus is capable of living outside of the mother then at that point abortion should be illegal. And some sources say it is possible for a 20 week fetus to survive outside the womb.

However, I am completely against the idea of an abortion because if I was in a situation where I was having a child I dont think I could, in good conscience, abort the baby.

With that said, compromise on the issue and population control are important too (just look at China and the issue they will have in the coming years from their "baby boom era"). Sadly, I dont know enough on population control to say more on that topic.

But, instead of abortions we should be looking forward to "planned babies", through genetic manipulation, that will have every characteristic we would ever want in our child. Who would ever want to have an abortion then?

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Posted in: The yen's level until last year was abnormally weak. Now it's coming back to normal. See in context

It is hard to find a nation that has a commodity backed money (not saying that it is the best form because I dont know enough on the topic). Since the money is tied to nothing (fiat currency) in this case, it is hard to tell where the currency "should be at".

Now with that said, the "non-elite" of the world put more of their money in to the American dollar to support their American funds (if the dollar collapsed, all they have invested becomes nothing). But the "elite" of the world put their money in Japan, because Japan had a similar situation to this in the early 90's or so. But instead of businesses buying land up and hoping the price would rise forever (Japan's case), the American's bought houses in hope that their price would keep going up. Other factors such as the lack of understanding on how savings works and solvency issues are there too of course.

So all in all, people put their money where they feel it is most safe. In this case it is Japan because they have had something similar happen before and have put regulations in place to prevent it from happening again.

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Posted in: Marx's 'Das Kapital' comic finds new fans in Japan See in context

"You are quite right:altruism was destroyed by the emergence of the market economy"

Bokway - Before the market economy there was the idea of dependence on one another. Where everyone in a town depended on each other for sustainability, both for livelihood and profit (mainly through the lack of mobility of goods). So it was in your best interest to watch out for your fellow townfolk. Which in turn is not what altruism is. So you cant say altruism died when it never existed in this circumstance in the first place.

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Posted in: U.S. auto industry problems spell trouble for Japan as well See in context

@ Telecast

I think the only way we will see Chinese brands of cars in the US is if they construct them here. The Japanese found that out the hard way, but are benefiting from moving construction here for the most part. And this would take lots of time at best. With that said, the American is looking towards "eco-friendly" as well as cheap. But either way, most Americans are not in a position to buy a new car, let alone a used one as sales have already proved this.

I also believe that the Japanese are over exaggerating the wrong problem if the Big 3 collapsed. It isnt that the suppliers would only collapse too, but if the Big 3 collapse their cars would sell for pennies on the dollars since warranties will no longer be valid (as warranties come from the company and not the dealership), lack of parts on the market, etc. Causing the Japanese makers be in even more hurt (in the short run) since everyone will have new, but semi-unrepairable - while parts supplies last, American cars.

However, in the long run, the Japanese automaker have only things to benefit from the collapse of the Big 3.

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Posted in: U.S. auto industry problems spell trouble for Japan as well See in context

The problem with the American auto industry is the the management-UAW relationship. I am not blaming one or the other, but a company that agrees to, and a group that makes, outrageous conditions of "If a plant is closed then you must pay the laid off workers 90% of their wages" (for some time period that I have forgotten). That constraint alone made it physically impossible for the Big3 to be flexible causing this huge "push economics" where you see dealers with 100s of cars over stock, mainly because the difference between making a car and paying a laid off worker is small, they had them just keep pumping out cars even though they weren't selling.

If a bailout doesnt include the ability to completely renegotiate UAW contracts then I dont expect them to come out alive from any situation.

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Posted in: USB-connected hot lunch bag See in context

I like the idea of it, but as some things need to be answered. I agree with the issue stated above, how fast does it heat up? Does it come with a normal AC plug because I could imagine this thing takes a lot of power and I like the concept by itself. Not having to have a computer to heat it up would be nice.

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Posted in: United to require minimum stays for nearly all domestic flights starting in Oct See in context

United and US Airways last week joined American Airlines in charging passengers $15 to check their first piece of luggage.

That is completely outrageous. Who travels with their life in a tote bag? And by new flight rules you cant have any bathroom stuff in it. Basically, they are charging you $15 for something that your ticket should pay for in the first place. That is basically extortion.

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Posted in: Two teenagers accused of killing 8 swans in Ibaraki lake See in context

This is just disappointing. Parent's are completely to blame, and the children should get some help. Probably another one of those "My wife and I both have to work all day to keep our kids in this super awesome school so we have no time to teach our children the things that really matter in life."

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