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Posted in: Is Japan becoming a 'drug heaven?' See in context

To solve this problems is to establish new strong restricted-low. One of the reason why it is so easy to get these sort of drugs is because of weak low. It's illegal to have hemp but not illegal to have SEED of them. It is very nonsense. The low should've been changed earlier.

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It's been long time since Japan beat US rugby. Japan is the strongest only in Asia, not in the world. but thier coach, John Kirwan who is from New Zealand, improve Japanese national team, I believe.

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Posted in: Too much verbal jousting and 'nantonaku' from Aso, say critics See in context

I have no ideas why Aso is alwasys so confident as if he can do everything he can to change Japan better. We cannot see how he is going to and what he is going to. No more stupid comments, just carry something out!!

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Posted in: Jetstar named CAPA Low Cost Carrier of the Year See in context

Jetstar is very good!! No wonder that they took is again. When I was in Australia I always used Jetstar not only because fare was low, also they offer passengers great service as well as other famouse airline do. I definatelly be going to use Jetstar Airline when I need to go to Australia one day.

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Posted in: What does Japan need to do in order to attract more tourists? See in context

At the moment, Yen is stronger to any currencies than before. No wonder many people hesitate to travel to Japan today. In terms of it, what Japan can do is to think more unique offers ever! Otherwise they won't choose Japan for travel destination. We are facing hard time now anyway...

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman held for breaking into woman’s apartment in Kanagawa See in context

I am living in Okinawa where huge US bases are located. For me, this is not others concern. We have lots of crims related US soldiers. Not only me, also many people are always terrified of these crimes. Whatever people say, I definitely DON'T want that sort of crimes. US serviceman have to rethink how they behave themselves and realise they are outsiders who cause Japanese people a lot of trouble.

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