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Tatsuwashi comments

Posted in: Kirin Brewery to expand home-delivery beer subscription service See in context

Soooo, 12 beers (4L/330mL) for 8,250 yen? That's 687 yen per beer. Not exactly great value...

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Posted in: Mini-trampoline sales jump as Japan looks to stay active See in context

It's Xebio, not Zebio...

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Posted in: With new 'English Online Banking' service, Sony Bank rises to say that Japan finally has a bank for foreign residents in Japan See in context

Sooo, the app is not available on the US app store. So much for being international and foreigner friendly....

I see this a lot with apps from Japanese companies, not sure why it is so hard to put their apps on various region app stores. Just an oversight, or does Apple make it hard?

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Posted in: Japan’s 'workstyle reforms' are actually making managers’ jobs a lot harder See in context

This has been the problem with Japanese companies for a long time.

When there is almost unlimited "service" overtime available to a company, they just have the workers stay as long as needed to finish things.

When there is overtime pay, companies have a financial incentive to invest in efficient processes, like newer computers, better tools, etc. because those become cheaper than paying a bunch of overtime hours in the long run.

Then there is Japan, arbitrarily cap the amount of overtime, but don't invest in making the workplace more efficient. A true Japan solution.

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Posted in: Scandals likely put Abe on defensive as Constitution reform looms See in context

his supporters were found to have been invited to the event, meant to honor people such as athletes and celebrities

Here is Japan in a nutshell, people can't see that throwing taxpayer money at any of these groups is wrong...

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Funny article, it only includes quotes from teams that benefit from the cancellation, giving it an overall positive tone. Hmmmm......

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Posted in: Reports say suspect in deadly Kyoto arson attack had grudge See in context

Building fire codes are NOT designed to deal with intentional arson. I doubt sprinklers would have made too much difference in this case.

Why is everybody's first reaction to news like this to run to the government to impose more rules on society?

While certainly tragic, we have to recognize that in a population of 125 million, there will be X number of people who snap in any given year. We can spend money until we are broke and never reduce this to zero.

RIP poor innocent workers

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Posted in: Tired Ghosn recovering, as lawyer works on defense See in context

My prediction is that this trial will drag on for a few years, essential subjecting Ghosn to a form of house arrest for that time. Albeit in his luxury penthouse...

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Posted in: Ready for a fight: Crowdfunder beats cancer and cynics to raise billions See in context

12-17% fee for projects?!?! The big ones in America are 8-10%.

Well, maybe they will lower prices when more competition comes into the market...

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Posted in: Zozo, using measurement taking bodysuit, expands bespoke service See in context

Is it just me, or do none of those suits looks particularly well fitted? The button on the jacket seems to be pinching the fabric too tightly, making a crease across the lower chest.

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Posted in: Changes coming in Japan's tax code from 2017 See in context

My wife told me that business owners hoping to pay their sales taxes or other such taxes through a credit card will be subject to a service charge of 1% or even more in some cases. I assume that this is the fee that the credit card companies are charging and it is simply being passed on, but this is an important point to consider if you really want to do it or not.

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Posted in: Taxi fares in Tokyo to start at Y430 from Jan 30 See in context

This is a scam to actually raise prices:

OLD PRICES: 1 km = 730 yen 2 km = 730 yen 3 km = 1052 yen

NEW PRICES: 1 km = 430 yen 2 km = 768 yen 3 km = 1106 yen

Only journeys under about 1.5 km would see any savings. This is just a bait and switch to get suckers into the taxis thinking the prices have gone down.

Oh well, in 10 years the prices should actually go down when all of the taxis become driverless and the drivers are not part of the cost equation anymore.

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Posted in: Japan to raise speed limit on parts of two expressways to 110 kph See in context

about time!

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Posted in: Actress Mika Mifune files property division suit following divorce from rocker Joji Takahashi See in context

I think "mansion" in this case is the J-go meaning of the word, which means condominium.

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree releases 'Fast Skytree Combo ticket' to observation decks for int'l visitors See in context

Soooo, an article about ticket price changes without actually mentioning old or new prices....genius!

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Posted in: Magic mushroom ingredient may ease severe depression, study suggests See in context

We should make all drugs legal.

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Posted in: In race for 2024 Summer Olympics, losing is winning See in context

Funny, no mention of series of follies that is "Tokyo 2020". Stadium redesigns, cost overruns, no telling what the eventual tab will be...

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Posted in: Tokyo government to pay a quarter of new Olympic stadium cost See in context

In other words, Japanese people will foot 100% of the bill.

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

Even if all of the women in Japan became pregnant tomorrow, those kids won't become tax paying citizens until 2034 at the earliest and 2038 if they go to university.

The only thing that will truly stop the population decline in Japan (and all other first world nations) without immigration are life extension technologies.

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Posted in: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities See in context

This whole issue is more about J-sheeple not having the guts to stand up to the Yaks, rather than trying to be discriminatory against foreigners. So they hide behind the "no tatoos" sign to keep Yaks out. Unintended consequences against foreigners. It may change in the run up to the Olympics...or not...

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Posted in: Longer checkout times would inconvenience customers, but hiring additional workers to cut the times would weigh on our earnings. See in context

I forgot to mention: the actual tax refund will be for the 2% that will be added in 2017. So, food will still be taxed at 8%, everything else at 10%, if you jump through the hoops to collect your meager refund. What a joke...

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Posted in: Longer checkout times would inconvenience customers, but hiring additional workers to cut the times would weigh on our earnings. See in context

Three kinds of scam happening here people:

Scam 1: I smell some corporate cronyism at work here, folks. Imagine all of the profits companies like Toshibe, NEC, Panasonic etc. will reap from selling millions of "My Number" reader machines to businesses all over the country. This is scam even bigger than charging people 30,000 yen to buy and install an ETC reader in their car.

Scam 2: The government plans to limit the refunds available per year. I read one report that said the cap could be a mere 4,000 yen. If this happens, the government knows that most people will just never hand over their card and even if they do, they will not be bothered to apply for such a minuscule refund. So, the J-politicians will look like they have a heart, while their corporate patrons rake it in and the total tax receipts will be barely affected.

Scam 3: The government will have a pretty comprehensive record of what people are buying, at least in regards to food. What will they do with that information? Sell it to marketers? Use it to catch tax cheat and welfare cheats? Who knows, but one thing is for sure. This data will not be secure and their will be numerous hacks and/or data breaches.

Whoever came up with this scheme is either a brilliant evil mastermind or an incompetent hack, either way it is the sheeple of the nation who bear the burden.

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Posted in: 3 Indians get 20 years in jail for raping Japanese student See in context

Not the girls fault in any way, shape or form. However, I have seen quite a few young Japanese women traveling abroad alone and I find it good that they feel that they can travel alone, but I think some of them are naive to the dangers present outside of Japan. I hope that all young ladies traveling abroad will take some appropriate safety measures, like not getting in a car with three men and hopefully letting other people know their whereabouts and travel plans.

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Posted in: Coming down See in context

Bobsap - hilarious!!

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Posted in: Warnings on Olympic's cost rises were ignored say Japan stadium designers See in context

*major yen

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Posted in: Warnings on Olympic's cost rises were ignored say Japan stadium designers See in context

Looks like the folks of Boston got it right for putting an end to their city's Olympic bid. Tokyo (and by extension the rest of us taxpayers in the country) will be dishing out major year from now until 2020 and probably beyond.

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Posted in: Disavowed by party leaders, Trump has supporters cheering See in context

One way or the other, America will get the leader it deserves!

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