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Posted in: Okayama to join other Japan cities issuing LGBT certificates See in context

There's been eruption of protesting happening in US, parts of Europe, and footage was shown and shared on Instagram social media platform. Japan if you can uncover some news media about this, please do

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Posted in: China offers farmers cash to give up wildlife trade See in context

China, you can blame yourself, your own family or whoever in the world all you want but at some point, you have to take responsibility for your own actions

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Posted in: Public warned to beware of coronavirus scams See in context

This is the work of the Yakuza doing this after the coronavirus hit the world's economy and Japan, you must look into this and investigate this because I suspect this the work of Yakuza and ex- Yakuza members doing this

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Posted in: Virus brings two foes together, Japan and China See in context

China, seriously? trying to break the US Japan alliance, that's a really dumb move. Don't even think of doing that period because that's called rebelling which is not a good sign of improving relationships with Japan, US or other countries because China can try to take Okinawa because US forces there, no way you'll be able to crush US Japan alliance if ya'll want to start World War 3

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Posted in: New Japanese smartphone prohibits users from taking naked selfies See in context

Thank you, Japan. At least now the Japanese poverty rate will decrease, along with restricting Japanese schoolgirls trying to expose themselves to becoming Japanese pornstars that will forbid them from trying to post it on their social media by restricting that too

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Posted in: Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers See in context

If Japan does not fix and reform the Japanese criminal Justice system, Japan should know know of the consequences and the backlash they'll be getting from Youtubers since we all know that the Japanese criminal Justice system is so unfair and such an injustice since no one gets a fair trial period. Plus Japan is going to be criticized by loads of Youtubers if their Japanese criminal Justice system is not fixed and reformed and changed as well

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Posted in: Google says glitch sent people's videos to strangers See in context

Dear Google, please make a deal with Apple to enable and provide itunes account program for users who have chromebooks and no macbooks or mac pcs

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Posted in: Record 1,957 child abuse cases investigated by police in 2019 See in context

wow, you shouldn't have let this happen, Japan. First 2018 record high child abuse case and now 2019 record high child abuse case? If this happens again in 2020, this is gonna be another huge problem not only for Japanese people but for foreigners working and living in Japan, meaning one thing, wipe out the Yakuza who controls everything including child pornography and child prostitution as well, this is what's causing record high child abuse cases to happen so much. Keep monitoring Japanese girls who are continuing to misuse social media platforms for dating purposes because this type of situations are getting out of hand

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Posted in: 69-year-old woman arrested over death of ailing husband See in context

Dear Japan,

Please fix the problems the Yutori generation Japanese people because this has a been a problem ever since the 2018 record high child abuse case

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

Japan, drop the whole case now and work on reforming and fixing the Japanese Criminal Justice system because no one gets a fair trial at all, this is one the reasons why I chose to go back home to the US because the Japanese criminal justice system is corrupt, and a number of Japanese native girls posting inappropriate content on social media trying to expose themselves to sexual exploitation, problems caused by the number of yutori generation Japanese people that will cause another high rise of child abuse cases since 2018

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Posted in: Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor See in context

This here is ridiculous because the Japanese criminal Justice system is so unfair and no one gets a fair trial period since US criminal Justice system, anyone gets a fair trial but Japan seriously needs to reform it's criminal Justice system is injustice and needs fixing as well. There's a reason why YouTubers are criticizing the Japanese Criminal Justice System because it's an injustice and no one gets a fair trial period. Japan must reform and change the Japanese Criminal Justice System, otherwise the whole world of Youtubers will criticize Japan of them because of this and this is gonna be on Japan's head, not ours

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Posted in: Cram school teacher arrested for attaching dog collars to young student See in context

real disgusting, he's trying to target that school for another sex industry field, dumb idiot, he must've been consumed by pornography, that's why he did it and this is probably going to have a bad influence on young teen girls, which japan needs to fix as well

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

Japanese governments needs to fix and reform their Justice system because it's not even appropriate and it's corrupt and the Japanese criminal Justice System is unfair and no one gets a fair trial but only in the US, Japanese criminal Justice system is a load of BS and needs reforming and fixing because Japan's needs to focus on wiping out the Yakuza problem still since the Japanese government needs to wipe out the Yakuza completely so Japanese governments will take control of the sex industry in Japan, change the rules, legalize prostitution, forbid 18, 19, and 20 year olds who join basically just for the money and not admire the business without committing to it because this:

Is pure indication that the Japanese Criminal Justice System is unfair and no one gets a fair trial. If Japan continues, this is one of the reasons why Japanese native locals are outraging because of this Unfair Japanese Criminal Justice system is corrupt and needs reforming and fixing

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga also defended Japan's criminal justice system, saying it respects basic human rights and has appropriate procedures.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Why can't my beautiful country of Japan realize that the Japanese justice system is unfair and needs to be reformed and fixed? This is the reason why Japan needs to realize that if the Justice system is not fixed and remains the way it is, how is the treaty going to solve with any country without usiing bribery? Japan has done this to countless countries by using bribery and it's a crime that shouldn't be used as a treaty with other countries period

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Posted in: Use of private English tests for university exams delayed after gaffe See in context

Have Japanese English students ever considered rather than spilling loads of money on English study books for English homework and just use your translator on your iPhone or Smartphone for English and then you will be able to pass your English test? Jesus! I took English class 1-4 in high school 7 years ago and I still speak the American English Native Language. I think the Japanese governments needs to stop being too blind by their research and learn to recognize your own Japanese citizens born in Japan and raised in the US without recommending them to learn the Japanese native Langauge

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Posted in: Fake schoolgirl prostitution extortion ring busted by Tokyo police See in context

Tokyo, your city is insane and out of control, this is one my reasons why I don't want to come back home to japan because of the problems japanese girls born and raised in Tokyo, Japan are causing and something they should and shouldn't be doing period!

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 74th anniversary of World War II battle See in context

Without US military settlement in Okinawa, Japan, Prime minister Shinzo Abe knows that we're in an era where one nation alone can't defend itself without US military bases to help defend against China if China tries to take over Okinawa. And to all the fewer Okinawan ppl who don't care commenting and opposing against the US base relocation plan if u can't stand living in Okinawa anymore, move out of Okinawa and to mainland Japan if ure gonna continue to be a bunch of idiots

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Posted in: Tough at the top: Girls believe female leaders suffer widespread harassment See in context

Their idiots, females wanting to become leaders, yeah sure improve that and then they're gonna be be stupid and realized "I shouldn't have become a female leader of my country" lol

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