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BHO was once a heavy marijuana RECREATIONAL user, not to mention cocaine. Is this morally strong?

"she was connecting to the Middle Americans stating that they used to be like them and they are still among them, She was connecting to the Middle Class Americans who are struggling today."

Really? Shopping sprees and vacations on taxpayer money, how do struggling middle class families identify with that?

MO was supposed to give such a classy speech. Why wouldn't she be diplomatic or full of class.

All I know is, a couple close friends are seriously considering closing their businesses due to BHO's policies. And both are in service businesses, to help others improve their lives.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama says change takes time; urges 4 more years See in context


spin spin spin, BHO has the entitlement check sent to you


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Posted in: Michelle Obama says change takes time; urges 4 more years See in context

National Debt, BHO takes office, Jan. 2009: $10.6 Trillion

National Debt, Labor Day 2012, DNC open: + $16 Trillion

+50% increase in less than 4 years

BHO worshipers must love being in debt, why wouldn't they when they are on the entitlement train to the promised land

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Posted in: Michelle Obama says change takes time; urges 4 more years See in context

“For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives,”


“He was the guy whose proudest possession was a coffee table he’d found in a dumpster, and whose only pair of decent shoes was a half size too small"


Mrs. Soetoro needs 4 more years so that she continue her taxpayer-funded shopping sprees and countless vacations

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Posted in: Michelle Obama says change takes time; urges 4 more years See in context

Wow, the opening day of the DNC, and the U.S. national debt hits $16T

How appropo

I guess it costs a lot to pay all those folks to go to Charlotte and put their lazy a$$es in those seats, not to mention the entitlement checks to pay for their suits and dresses and getting made up.

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Posted in: China warns U.S. against taking sides in territorial disputes See in context

I told you folks such - China doesn't want the U.S. in the neighborhood, and China especially doesn't want the U.S. getting real chummy with Myanmar, which is basically a Chinese territory, along with N. Korea. Myanmar is China's land route lifeline to the Indian Ocean and the Middle East

China = barking dog = all bark, no bite, and then the whining comes later

And China is no longer the main place to utilize cheap labor - and China very well knows this

@Elbuda, are you against getting rich?

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Well if China wishes to reclaim the Senkakus and does in fact claim them, perhaps the Japanese government should enact new laws prohibiting Chinese and Hong Kong firms from purchasing and owning land within Japan's 47 administrative regions, like these firms do now, especially in Hokkaido, and proceed to null void previous purchases made by those firms, and immediately repossess these lands and provide no return payment.

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Certainly Japan has a lot to fear in China, but Japan isn't the only one in the region feeling this. And Hilary was giving some lip service even though if you read INTO what she said, there is a bit of prodding at China. And China does not want the U.S. around. Period. And they dislike the fact that the U.S. continues to be aggressive in their relations with African nations

Also, those aren't just a "few rocks" - there are substantial proven energy reserves. This is all about securing resources.

Again - if China wishes to claim the Senkaku Islands, a legitimate argument can be made that they need to get out of the Spratlys and Scarborough.

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"If China tried to take the islands by force, they would succeed, and if that resulted in war, we would all lose. The SDF would fail immediately, and the US would not help them over the islands."

What a laugh, then what's stopping them???

China is afraid of the U.S. - clear and simple. It's a known fact - the Chinese do not want the U.S. around Japan / Asia.

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"this guy alone is going to cause WW3"

China doesn't know how to fight. All they know how to do is invade the weak by devious means and engage in border skirmishes

China is like a predatory animal in that doesn't go after the strongest prey, but the weakest

And from what I've heard, many African countries no longer want China in their countries, who can blame them when the Chinese build a hospital that is screwed up after several months, all the while China walks off with the pay and never returns it

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""All territories Japan had won from China, such as Manchuria (Dongbei), Formosa (Taiwan), and the Pescadores (Penghu), shall be restored to the Republic of China".

Therein lies the problem. It is not clear.

Also, if one is talking in terms of "geographic proximity", then yes, China can lay claim. But then they have no claim to either the Spratlys or Scarborough, both of which are closer to the Philippines.

About Japan "forcing itself" onto the Ryukyus, the same can be said for the Chinese invading and usurping both Tibet and Xinjiang.

And yes, these territorial claims are mainly about oil and natural gas and any other natural resources. Interesting how China has a major pipeline project running from the Andaman Sea, off of Myanmar and running thru Myanmar and then back into Yunnan, resources that would rightfully belong to Myanmar, based on "geographic proximity".

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Posted in: China says Tokyo survey team acting illegally See in context

Chinese spirit = whine whine whine

Lose a business deal = whine whine whine

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Posted in: Woman severs cheating boyfriend's penis in Peru See in context

So he slept thru the whole procedure, even when his tool was being flushed down the toilet? She must've given him quite an anesthetic.

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Posted in: Romney to focus on debates while Democrats gather in Charlotte See in context

So the R lack any policies, while Mr. Soetoro has his:

Bring the national debt to +$20T by 2016

Yes it pays to have plans

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Posted in: Tokyo investors eye Fed chief speech, ECB talks See in context


Obviously there are concerns of the U.S. "entering" a recession, and U.S. equity markets entering a bear market...


Ya think gold has already started to price in a QE3? And they're going to need to contain grain prices as soybeans could hit $20 and corn $10, not to mention try to keep WTIC below $100 (although Mr. Soetoro is reportedly going to open the SPR spigot as part of the strategy to save him in November).

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Posted in: China's single women compete for love and riches See in context

"That living for things and chasing after material goods is empty and makes no one happy."

That is what the powers that be want the sheeple to believe.

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Posted in: Consumers are far less concerned about where things are made. A Nissan car made in Thailand is still a Nissan car. See in context

"At the end of the day you SHOULD care about where your product is assembled."

Which is maybe why Japan-made Fender musical instruments (80s and 90s) are still in high demand, as opposed to those made in other countries.

Once I recall looking at brand new Suzuki automobiles that were assembled in Hamamatsu, and they seemed to look like very sturdy cars, more so than some Ohio-assembled Hondas.

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Posted in: Existentialist kitty a winner at U.S. cat video festival See in context

"...I wake to the same tedium… I’m surrounded by morons.”

I used to feel this way about my last job. Then again, so did my coworkers there

Thank Buddha for online trading

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Posted in: Ford on track to beat Toyota with best-selling car See in context

And so the TM bashing begins.

One must ask, though, why it is that if you add one share of F and one share of GM, they still add up to less than half one share (ADR) of TM.

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Posted in: Gov't plans for spending cuts if money supply runs out See in context

Forget about buying the SKGBs.

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Posted in: Romney vows to restore 'promise of America' See in context

@latienda: "I still go for Obama. 4 years term's is too short to achieved the promises of any president. Beside the world financial crisis causes many problems and headaches."

Soetoro has not punished one Wall St banker who helped create the crisis. Nor has Jon Corzine been prosecuted.

Look at GM and look at Solyndra. GM IPO'ed near $40 and now it can barely stay above $20. Has to break $55 for the U.S. taxpayer to break even. And nice work with Solyndra.

Yeah, taxpayer money well spent.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

"The police and the Yakuza seem the plus and the minus of a warrior class that basically has contempt for the public."

I was near Kobe in Jan. 1995. The Yakuza contributed a lot. They reportedly did the same with Tohoku 2011.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

So maybe the poor guy in the purple shirt had sex with that dude's girl? Or committed a betrayal? And maybe this is retribution?

Why take a stand on the other side of the Yakuza? Pretty foolish. Would you do the same thing in your own country, intruding into MS13 or whoever runs around your town?

When I was living there long ago I got to hang out with a few Yakuza who were surfers. I actually felt pretty safe with them, going down to the beach and at diners and bars. But you don't cross them. Period.

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Posted in: Ex-IBM Japan president questioned over upskirt filming See in context

"Yet studies show that over 50% of high school and college kids don't think about or are disgusted by sex."

You actually believe this stat?

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Posted in: Japan Airlines to raise up to Y663 bil in share sale See in context

Someone cue me in here as I am naive about how Japanese markets work in relation to both the BOJ and the government: JAL is going to put out a share offering, to pay back the government for their bailout; so the public NOW has a chance to buy shares of a company that they HAD PREVIOUSLY bailed out? Is this correct?

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Posted in: Eddie Van Halen undergoes surgery; cancels Japan tour See in context

EVH, get well and

Light 'em up

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"Uh - yeah. We are better than 4 years ago."

U.S. National debt has gone up nearly 50% since 2008. How is that better???

The only thing "better" is U.S. equity market - but at the expense of a messed up bond market. And one share of the S&P 500 you can buy only HALF the gold that you could in 2008.

Corn, soybeans, and wheat are at/near prices that match those in 2008.

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Posted in: Republican anger at Obama rages at convention See in context

2012 U.S. Presidential Election = Pick your poison

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Posted in: Clothing ad touting Japan’s beautiful tradition features no Japanese faces See in context


Good point, re: European "image". This type of ad isn't so surprising. If I were black I might have an issue, though, regardless of the "European-ness" of it.

Also, the mods here are certainly heavy handed and seem to have poor judgment about what comments are on- or off-topic. Just my opinion.

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Posted in: Gov't projects 320,000 deaths in event of earthquake in Nankai Trough See in context

"The highest number of casualties are expected to be in Shizuoka"

Well they certainly have devised another reason to call it "Enshu Nada"

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