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Tawkeeo comments

Posted in: From 'Sam-suck' to Apple rival: the Samsung transformation See in context

I vastly prefer LG over Samsung when it comes to Korean technology. My personal opinion, of course, but their phones, the LG Signature TVs, even home appliances have a very classy design and build.

As for Samsung, the only reliable thing I have from these folks is an External DVD drive that I bought before coming to Japan. Then again, it says "Samsung-Toshiba" in the back sticker, so maybe that's why.

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Posted in: From 'Sam-suck' to Apple rival: the Samsung transformation See in context


The article wasn't bashing Samsung. Just because it's stating the corruption inside the company doesn't mean it's hating on it.

There was no mention of Japan anywhere in this article. So... What's with this whole "Japan Inc" thing?

The article was written by, what looks like based on name, Korean.

People do buy Japanese phones. Japan sucks at marketing, not building a good phone.

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Posted in: Sharp files patent infringement lawsuit against U.S. TV brand Vizio See in context


Sharp is a JAPANESE company, owned by a Taiwanese company.

Its like saying that Volvo isn't Swedish, but Chinese because it's owned by Geely, which IS NOT THE CASE.

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Posted in: SoftBank to launch super-fast 5G services on March 27 See in context

Honestly, I don't see the need for 5G. Great work to Softbank though.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st female paratrooper See in context

Damn, she can order me around anytime.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to start as scheduled on March 26 See in context

Anyone with a working brain in their head knows that, by July, this thing will be in the past. Barely anyone will remember it. Rio olympics had the Zika virus thing, they weren't cancelled or postponed. Why should this one?

Folks, let's be real here. COVID19 is nothing more than an extra tough flu and pneumonia.

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Posted in: Takeda Pharmaceutical says it is developing coronavirus drug See in context

Go Takeda! The more people working on this stupid virus, the better.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. watching Japan closely for possible travel restriction See in context


You can't debate with someone who only sees the victim in the mirror all the time

Of course you had to say that. Let's take one example out of 100+ millions.

The whole "Japanese+apologies+victim attitude" joke is getting on my, and many others' I bet, nerves.

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Posted in: Bloom times See in context

This is a beautiful, humane picture.

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Posted in: Toyota's China sales sink 70% in Feb See in context

I pray for a fast recovery of China. Deep down we're all humans. This stupid virus did A NUMBER on their economy.

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Posted in: Ninja Castle in Tokyo has heartwarming message for foreign tourists in midst of coronavirus See in context

Glad I could brighten your morning Elvis! Have a good day!

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Posted in: Ninja Castle in Tokyo has heartwarming message for foreign tourists in midst of coronavirus See in context

Awww that's adorable!

Stuff like this makes me love Japan even more!

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Posted in: Leipzig apologizes after Japanese fans asked to leave stadium over virus fear See in context

Ueno*, not Keno, damn autocorrect

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Posted in: Leipzig apologizes after Japanese fans asked to leave stadium over virus fear See in context

Y'all wouldn't ask Germans or Italians to leave, despite them being Europe's corona-hotspots.

Racism. Racism everywhere. I'm glad the Japanese were kind hearted and didn't justifiably retaliated.

Also, the comments here, once again, are a joy to read. Y'all can't stand the fact that the Japanese are, for once, being apologized to, so y'all bring up Keno restaurants and what have you. Familiar names, too.

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Posted in: Australian politician calls for immediate review of all anime due to depictions of 'child abuse' See in context

While there is some DISGUSTING work in these mediums, they're a very, very small percentage of the overall anime and manga industry and, except the weird otaku dudes, no one else even knows their existence. This is this weird case of products being known more outside the country they are produced in.

I find it funny. He has the right to call these specific works out. What he doesn't is make the entire mediums have a bad image because of specific anime and manga.

And since we're on the subject, why not have a look at the DISGUSTING and dangerous themes portrayed in, actually, a decent amount of western entertainment, meaning movies, games and music? Gangbanging, robbing, shooting, misogyny, raping, drug (ab)use. To the point of sounding normalised. The lyrics of song "Gucci Gang" are all that needs to be read (and I'm a huge old-school hip hop fan).

My point? If you want to do work, do it properly. Don't just aim for specific things.

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Posted in: 'Single women only,' say rules for anime voice actress auditions for new 'Love Live!' series See in context


Have a look at the K Pop industry. This is child's play compared to that.

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Posted in: Line admits over 4,200 accounts were hacked in February See in context


Lmfao yeah, let's not even touch on the tragedy by the name of Facebook or Yahoo. 4000 accounts out of millions is practically nothing. Quit overreacting for upvotes.

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Posted in: Super convenient internet cafes in Japan See in context


"clam shell phones weren't built for surfing the world wide web"

Sure thing bud. I won't even bother with the rest of your comment, but it would make a great movie! ...

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Posted in: Sharp to make masks amid shortage caused by virus See in context

Comments are sad as usual...

A company goes out of its way - AND its business industry - to provide masks for the population, and you have people here talking about Sharp being a damn Foxconn subsidiary...

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Posted in: Train crossing gives Daibutsu title of most stylish Great Buddha in Japan See in context

Dem some cool shades buddha!

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Posted in: Sharp releases details of 5G smartphone ahead of spring launch See in context

Fair enough, my bad. Thing is, I've read so much stuff here on JT that I get triggered easy lol.

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Posted in: Sharp releases details of 5G smartphone ahead of spring launch See in context

But the new Samsung Galaxy also has this very feature, JJ Plane. I don't see you hating on that one, or the "ultra thin glass" of the new Z Flip, which is proven to be a lie.

Easy to hate on Japanese companies nowadays...

Anyway, good to see Sharp making such quality phones, although I wish for 2 things:

Please get rid of the double notch thing... I love Japanese tech to death, but that's just hideous.

Make an effort to release them worldwide, or at least in Europe or the US.

Otherwise keep up the good work Sharp. I love my XZ Premium too much to even consider an upgrade, but who knows.

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Posted in: Okura Tokyo Fitness & Spa ANNAYAKE: Simple, elegant, contemporary and Oriental See in context

Dear kurisupisu,

The article is about a spa, not an apartment.



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Posted in: One in six Japanese elderly said to suffer from malnutrition See in context

There's something... sensationalist about this article.

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Posted in: Sailor Moon on ice: Skater Evgenia Medvedeva appears in costume for first official ice show See in context

That's actually really dope! Nicely done!

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Posted in: Snoop Dogg apologizes for attacking TV anchor over Bryant story See in context

JJ Jetplane

Don't bother with folks here. There's a very anti-hip hop atmosphere going on.


Snoop Dogg, probably the world's most popular rapper. Don't know him? You been living under a rock? Lmao

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Posted in: Mitsubishi’s solution for stressed office workers in Japan: fake skylight video displays See in context

Very clever and innovative solution, good job Mitsubishi.

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Posted in: Lipton releases Sakura Tea Latte See in context

Sounds delicious.

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Posted in: Bong Joon-ho: South Korea's boundary-pushing satirist See in context


I see the news of a South Korean film winning Best Picture is causing much soul searching in Japan...

Lmao nah.

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Posted in: Samsung joins the fold with Galaxy Z Flip smartphone See in context

I just hope they spend R&D on the BUILD QUALITY and DURABILITY of the device. That's why I dislike Samsung and I much prefer LG (you could even call me an LG fan) when it comes to South Korean electronics. Samsung has a serious tendency of shooting itself in its foot. Galaxy Note 7, the 1st gen Fold, just to name a few.

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