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If it gets that bad I would suggest trying religion.

Not sure why you're getting disliked. Religion does help, especially when a person needs a... "safe haven", something to feel comfortable with.

Anyway, back to what I wanted to say:

I feel that, as modern, civilized (read: potentially suppressed emotionally) humans, with a faster-than-light lifestyle, work that, most of the times, drains what's left of us, we're bound to start obsessing and even depending on a superficial something that makes us escape reality just a bit. That can be drinking, gambling, a mobile game app, even sex. The human mind is a... "problem-solving computer", after all.

With the immediate lack of need to care about your survival (for obvious reasons), a problem of constant solving for ancient people, the brain desperately looks for something to cling on to. I think that's why, at least partially, mental illnesses such as OCD (pure O... sufferer here) started exploding in recent years/decades.

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Posted in: Bob Marley's kids celebrate late reggae icon's 75th birthday See in context

Love his music. I believe his family is also using his name in a series of headphones and BT speakers, always was tempted to pick one of those up. Not sure about the audio quality though.

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Posted in: Japanese politeness is a myth: One person’s tale strikes a chord with people around the country See in context

I totally feel for the cashier, but she has to realize that, when you work with people in either the tourism or generally emporium business, you're bound to have plenty of people that look at you as literally that - the cashier, the receptionist, the waiter, the maiden, and so on. As human tools more like. It's normal human behaviour, believe it or not.

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Posted in: Japanese politeness is a myth: One person’s tale strikes a chord with people around the country See in context


Oh, the guy with the flu.

It's not a myth, some people are good, some are bad. Some are genuine, some are not. Don't try to make the Japanese look like some beasts from the jungle. For the record, they're far better than any "educated westerner". As a westerner that has worked in the tourism industry in many countries, mostly European, you wouldn't believe my stories.

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Honestly, I'll never get used to streaming services... I'd much rather buy the CD, come home and rip it in high quality, than go for them. There's something satisfying with having a... "hard digital copy" of your music library available any time. I know I can get Tidal or whatever for high quality audio but eh...

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Posted in: Japan 2019 PC shipments surge 37% on telework, Windows 7 support end See in context

Welp, there goes the last proper Windows OS. They REALLY dropped the ball with 8 and especially 10. Unstable mess, visually inconsistent mess, incompatible mess, I can go on.

Apple's computers are gorgeous, both hardware and software wise, but a tad bit too expensive for my usage.

Might get me a nice ultrabook and replace the OS with Mint, Zorin, elementary, or Ubuntu. Hmm, an Acer or an Asus. I'd get a VAIO but they are expensive lmao.

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China grows at around 6% and Japan is a basket case-no change there then!

Please enlighten me on which industries, excluding telecommunications, did China grow?

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Posted in: Japan Olympic, Paralympic team uniforms for Tokyo Games unveiled See in context


Straight out of 1964.

I bet 'muricas designs are straight from the future, right?

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Posted in: GM's Cruise heads down new road with new robotaxi concept See in context

Looks very similar to one showcased by a Japanese firm for the Olympics (memory's a little fuzzy).

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Posted in: 48-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of mother See in context

Trying to kill the very person that brought you to this world, raised you from baby to grown man, and decided to keep financially helping your sorry azz all the way to your 50s. Well damn. Ain't you the loser.

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Trying to understand why most of these nasty viruses originate in the Far East. I have had the flu in Japan, and was so sick I couldnt move for a week. Is it due to mutations due to over crowding?

To my knowledge most, if not all, of these viruses come from China, not Far East in general. As to why...

Hmm, the Chinese eating habits and traditions is definitely one thing. Also the relative lack of hygiene.

Finally I think the population numbers and density in places like Wuhan also play a factor for the virus' expansion.

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Posted in: Abe strikes conciliatory note on S Korea See in context

Imagine if these 2 countries were to collaborate, particularly in the areas of technology and cultural exports.

I guess we'll have to wait for at least a few more generations before that happens.

Thankfully, cultural exports from both countries, anime and K-pop in this case, have brought the younger generations much more together and in a friendly relationship.

Look at the future, what you'll leave to the next generations, don't keep dwelling on the past. The past doesn't change.

The future can.

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Posted in: Bongo the robot dog: Like a real dog but quieter, cleaner and cheaper See in context


Comparing a live animal with a robot is not, in any way, a comparison!

You do realize that there are people who want a pet, but are very allergic to them, right?

Or a very, very low-maintenance pet-like cute lil' robot that you won't have to feed, take to the doctor, etc.

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Posted in: Kintaikyo: One of the most beautiful bridges in all of Japan See in context


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Posted in: Unicharm develops first diapers for elderly with walking difficulties See in context

Well done Unicharm.

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Posted in: Trump calls for more from Japan as security pact turns 60 years old See in context


US has protected J from retribution from all Asian nations it slaughtered has J shown gratitude? How?

I suggest you properly read history. Not just the atomic bombs and the Nanking massacre on Wikipedia.

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Posted in: Eminem album urges gun control, sparks anger over bomb lyric See in context


I don't believe this. He's gotten rich and famous via a genre of "music" (I hesitate to call it so) that frequently glamorizes and glorifies violence, including gun violence. What hypocrisy.

Hip Hop IS a music genre. Today's mainstream artists are anything but Hip Hop. Please don't have this belief that Hip Hop is all about guns, chicks, drugs, and cars. Real Hip Hop, the quality one, was never mainstream, but was always there if you looked. Look up Nujabes, DJ Krush, DJ Premier, A Tribe called quest, Jay Z's older work, for example.

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Posted in: Fans remember victims 6 months after attack on Kyoto anime studio See in context

6 months already, huh? Time flies. They did in a horrible, suffocating way. I hope they're now resting in peace.

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Posted in: Skymark Airlines still using Windows XP See in context

A fairly pathetic attempt at throwing shade at Japan's technology sector.

Skymark appears to be taking the philosophy of “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” which isn’t an entirely shocking school of thought regarding technology in Japan.

How about you educate your readers with Sony's new electric car, or Sony's new sensors that sense light better than the human eye, or Panasonic's transparent TV, or the countless other proofs that Japan is very much innovating and at the top of their game?

But of course, a low cost carrier uses XP, so of course it's backward. Heck, Putin uses XP. Many US military operations still use XP. Literally every carrier I travelled with around the world, for example in the US, France, Greece, Italy, all use a XP and at cases 2000, many of which weren't low cost at all.

There's a reason for that, as others have pointed out. Windows 10, the... "latest and greatest" is atrociously bad. Unreliable to bits. Visually an inconsistent mess. Incompatible with most of the professional applications used, as they were designed for 2000 or XP, and haven't been updated since.

So, before the typical "Backward Japan + fax machines" articles, please think a little.


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Posted in: Japan household spending falls again in November See in context

Plaza accord.

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context


Japan has some of the quickest and most efficient photocopiers in the world, there should be no problem for them to provide the files in 4 days, much less than 40 days!

I wonder who started this hideous and cringey joke of Japan and fax machines or photocopiers.

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Posted in: Future of mobility: Some wild rides seen ahead at tech show See in context

I find it funny that none of these articles have mentioned Sony's "Vision S" prototype electric car.

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About "Omotenashi." Yes, it is very comfortable when we visit shops and sales ladies welcome us in all smiles. But it is business smiles trained to do so. They are not always so nice and polite. I know how ladies behave to men to whom they do not feel "affection" or not profiting them. They are callous!

Uh... That's business. And it's the same anywhere in the world. Heck, I work in the tourism industry and that's exactly what all of us are trained to do, regardless if it's Japan, the US, France, Greece, etc. The Japanese have mastered that compared to the others.

I mean, you can't be genuinely happy and warm with any random person coming to buy.

Japan's omotenashi is about being fully polite, helpful and kind. Even if it's fake sometimes, that's completely normal.

I do not understand why people come to Japan from other Asian countires. I wish I could understand their languages and talk with them. Nihon Keizai Shinbun reported the other day that Japan became poor and prices are low. They can buy things cheaper in Japan than they buy in their countries. "Sad."

I'm not Asian, but is it really that hard to see why? From the culture, both traditional and modern/pop, to the various industries Japan is world renowned for, to the food, to the natural and urban beauty, I can go on. Japan isn't a poor nation. The recession has had its toll on the country the past 20-30 years, that doesn't mean it's not rich. I think that's obvious. And, they can buy Japanese stuff cheaper in Japan because... it's Japanese stuff sold in Japan, so of course it's cheaper at times. Not to mention Japan-only products.

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Internet and, most importantly, social media, is the biggest and most hurtful way to hurt, insult, and bully anyone, adult or not.

We've seen the death of Korean artists, at the peak of their youth, and that's just one example.

In the comfort of being behind a screen, bullies unleash insults that only the saying "a tongue has no bones, but bones it can break" justifies.

My point, "bullying culture" has seen an alarming increase the past 2 decades, it's not just a Japan thing. We shouldn't be generalising by saying that "bullying is 'deeply ingrained' part of the J-culture, therefore everyone is one", but rather, try to find, as humanity as a whole, a way to make it disappear. We live in a "globalised culture" world, where individual cultures are now preserved and maintained but not the main focus of a country.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola Japan to release first ever strawberry Coke See in context

Might give this a try. I do love strawberries.

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Posted in: Mariya Takeuchi, 64, becomes oldest singer to top Oricon singles chart See in context

I love me some Mariya. Her song "Broken Heart" is one of my all time favourites.

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Posted in: Former Japanese lawmaker Yukiko Miyake found dead in suspected suicide See in context

... may her soul rest in peace.

We live in a cruel world. People shouldn't be driven to such actions.

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Posted in: Honda eyes launch of level-3 autonomous vehicle in mid-2020 See in context

Samit Basu, referencing a Korean website. I mean, if it wasn't obvious already...

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors enlists Israeli startup as Japan plays catch up on connected cars See in context

There's no "catching up" going on by any of the big Japanese car makers, that not only are successful, lead sales, but also pioneer many technologies in this day and age (something you can't say about many American or even European brands). Gimmicky stuff aside, Japanese cars are some of the most sleek, reliable cars one can buy today.

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