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Posted in: AKB48’s final original member, who had to shave her head, is leaving the group See in context

@Alex80, You don't have to prove to me that Japanese music is amazing. I'm a HUGE, I mean HUGE fan of J-music. And I never said that there aren't any amazing artists out there right now - I, for example, love Reol, Daoko, Aimer that you mentioned, Sky-Hi, Kato Miliyah (although she isn't exactly new-new). Japanese music is what I listen to on a daily basis. Almost everything that goes to my ears is... made in Japan.

I consider it far superior to American music in most genres, as far as quality goes. Some of my all time favourite artists that I love and relate to/resonate to are Japanese: Utada Hikaru, DJ Krush, etc.

J-rock, for example, is incredible. Aldious and Unlucky Morpheous, for example, are fantastic.

Or City pop, old and new. Mariya Takeuchi, Momoko Kikuchi, Hitomitoi, Kirinji, etc.

The problem I have isn't with modern J-music, because, by and large, it's amazing and full of quality. It's specifically with these 48 groups, and their fanbase that I have a problem with. Not to mention these 48 groups popularising the high-school look. Now, don't get me wrong - high-school, as an era of someone's life, is obsessed by entertainment creators the world over. Movies, music, and TV shows were/are made around that concept. 48 popularized a more creepy "sexualized" look that I find, well, creepy. And worst of it all? It's these groups that outside/western people associate with "Japanese music", usually, and not artists like Aimer, or Daoko, or Azu, or whatever. I don't mean they're bad artists, these girls, just some of the themes they're pushing (or whoever's managing them) is risky.

To be more specific, I don't have a problem with idol groups at all, in general, Japanese or Korean. Although I'm not too into that kind of music, I find, for example, E-girls very, very enjoyable.

I'm sorry if I offended you or if there was any misunderstanding.

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Posted in: AKB48’s final original member, who had to shave her head, is leaving the group See in context


The same kind of fans that support an industry that pushes its artists to the very limit and therefore suicide (K-pop).

AKB48 singlehandedly destroyed the image of Japanese music to the outside world. I feel really sorry for the women having to go through that hell. We went from Namie, Hikki, etc, to this.

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Posted in: Japanese hit song 'Paprika' goes global with English version by new singers and dancers See in context

Get a proper artist to sing for the Japanese Olympics next year and avoid the cutesy/kawaii/highschool stuff. Whether that's someone like Utada Hikaru, Mariya Takeuchi, or whatever, it's time for the "weird Japan" image to be destroyed.

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Posted in: Take home a bit of Japanese nightlife nostalgia with LED snack bar sign magnets See in context

This is cool as heck. That 80s aesthetic.

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Posted in: Empress celebrates 56th birthday See in context

Happy birthday! Looking elegant as always!

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy sets record by passing college-level math test See in context

Shout out to some of us folks that never had good relationship with numbers lmao.

And congratulations to young one, of course. Wish him an equally successful and happy life.

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Posted in: Juice WRLD death sends shudder through 'SoundCloud rap' world See in context

This is what's wrong with today's hip hop scene. We went from clever rhymes and stories of tough upbringings to drug dealing promotion and now, the worst of it all, drug use promotion. As if that wasn't enough, not only is hip hop as a genre being destroyed because of this, but it also takes young, talented people with it.

I love and grew up with hip hop. While I think it's perfectly fine to promote girls, sex, cars, houses, and money, it's hip hop after all, drug use and its promotion should not be tolerated.

The absolute worst of all this is that, very slowly but definitely surely, it's making this look "cooler" to the younger generations.

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Yes, because Korea makes amazing headphones, amplifiers, cameras, games consoles, car audio systems, professional video cameras, camera sensors, etc.

And of course, a Hyundai is much better than a Toyota or a Honda.

Seriously, do some of you even think before writing?

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Patricia, are you serious? Jesus.

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Posted in: Pink nights in Meguro See in context

Stunning shot!

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Posted in: Heartwarming winter anime is also a McDonald’s Japan commercial See in context

@Serrano, why always bring negativity into anything? As if we DIDN'T know that anything McD is unhealthy...

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Posted in: Firm behind experimental Alzheimer's drug makes case for approval See in context

If there's something that I wish one day can be fully and painlessly cured, it's mental issues and health in general.

It's sad that the vast majority of people around the world don't realize that, it's one thing to be battling a physical/virus disease, it's a completely different beast to be in a battle against yourself. As if that wasn't enough, people tend to bring those mentally challenged down by dismissing their illness as "it's all in your head" type shoot.

I mentioned the computer parts analogy before so I won't bother again.

I hope and wish all the best for scientists working everyday on cures for these illnesses.

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Posted in: Thin skin: Japanese firm develops ultra-fine spray-on face mask See in context

Pretty incredible. Sounds so futuristic. Great work to the scientists behind all this.

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Posted in: Drake is Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the decade See in context

Hip Hop has gone down the toilet. I miss the 90s...

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Posted in: South Korean actor Cha In-ha found dead in latest K-pop tragedy See in context

What the heck is going on over there? That's what, the THIRD young person in 2 months to die?

Time for the Korean industry and government to stop the pressure on these young people. They reached what they wanted - worldwide popularity, time to dial it down a bit now.

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Posted in: Sentinel’s new geometric Pokemon statues will add a new dimension to your collection See in context

What did you expect this to be made of? Aluminium? Or maybe glass? It's literally a little figurine, A TOY. Jesus.

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Posted in: First glimpse of latest Bond film goes online See in context

Looks pretty boring. Sure, downvote me.

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Posted in: K-pop singer sentenced to 6 years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos See in context


why do you ALWAYS have to bring Japan into this, or practically anything that has to do with K-something?

The K-Pop industry, while extremely successful on a worldwide scale, also has a very dark side. The suicides, the sex tapes, and the arrests are all proof of that.

OF COURSE, Japan's music industry isn't the greatest or purest. But, compared to South Korea or the US, it's far better.

Practically the only real... "problem" is the "48" groups with their weird and obsessive fan base and the ridiculous personal life restrictions. Apart from that, I'm struggling to think of a recent suicide, or sex tape, or even arrest (ok, a few were recently arrested for smoking that thang). Thankfully popularity has been on the down for those groups.

Sadly, the K Pop industry stopped being good for its artists around the end of the 2000s. With the arrival of that smash hit in 2012, SK has been ridiculously pushing these artists to the edge, all for the sake of exporting the "culture" (which is another topic for another time). You simply don't see that in Japan, because it doesn't happen.

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Posted in: Japanese beer exports to S Korea fall to zero See in context

If only these 2 countries knew that, if they were to... "cooperate", they'd arguably be the most powerful duo in the world, from a cultural, technological, and econony perspective.


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Posted in: Singer Goo Hara’s death shines light on dark side of K-pop See in context

@Jonathan Prin

Suicides are for the vast majority irrational actions to find a solution to a life issue.

Revenge porn ? So small issue compare to learning you have a cancer or becoming physically handicapped, as examples.

With all due respect this is absolutely wrong. Each life issue is a problem in its own right. We aren't all built the same. Some of us can't take the weight others do.

For example, I'm diagnosed with fairly bad OCD (pure O). Compared to, say, cancer, or being handicapped, it's obviously not as bad. But you have no idea how decimating, soul sucking and torturing it is.

What I'm trying to say is, don't underplay or disrespect people with mental issues. Simple analogy.

A computer can function perfectly, albeit in limited form, without a screen (eyes), mouse (hands), or keyboard (legs). It can't, function, however, with a problematic or simply flawed central processor/CPU (mind).

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Posted in: China fans desert K-pop star for 'liking' Hong Kong tweet See in context

People really are apologizing for liking something on social media.


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Posted in: Toshiba develops way to accurately detect 13 types of cancer from drop of blood See in context

@Samit Basu


Desperate. Please.

I'm all the more happy for Toshiba! Seeing them back to work and innovating is very heartwarming. Here's hoping, with the fast approaching arrival of the new decade, we'll see a Toshiba as glorious as the one of 15 years ago. Heck, maybe even better!

Although I am a little bitter of them not really laptops, like the crazy ones back in the day. Nonetheless, keep up the good work, Toshiba-chan!

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Posted in: Osaka girl says she was fed only once per day during confinement See in context

I can understand drinking. Gambling, too.

But being a pedo? Wtf. Ain't nothing prettier than a GROWN (read: 25+ y.o) woman's body. Glad the police caught his weird, abnormal arr.

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Posted in: Sniff... sniff... does Japan have a problem with odors? See in context

BO? Nah. Not much at all, at least.

BB!? Oooh boy! Some could use that as a lethal weapon.

This is a worldwide thing, I see that lots of people don't seem to be too fond of brushing teeth.

I mean, I'm not one to talk, being obsessed with being fresh and clean and smelling like heaven 24/7.

But still, it feels so good after brushing your teeth. Got that sparkly clean mouth ya feel me.

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Posted in: Stainless steel, broken glass and buzz: Tesla makes a pickup See in context

No offence, personal opinion, but this is why you don't design cars as if they're going to be a part of the next Deus Ex or Blade Runner...

A new Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, for example, are modern, futuristic looking (that's the trend with everything nowadays anyway). This thing here... looks like they stopped designing it about 40% in.

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context

This is so sad... Didn't another young person also commit suicide a month or two ago?

This is so heartbreaking in more ways than one. I didn't follow her, or the K-industry in general, but young people, with an entire life ahead of them, shouldn't for any reason die, especially at the peak of their lives. May you rest in piece.

@ KariHaruka

Thank you for this comment, one of the better and more useful ones I've seen on here. It's so horrible, the fact that we live in a modern, fully connected world, that allows us to learn about others, meet others, learn about parts and places of the world we won't ever go to. Yet we use this technology to cause harm to others, bring them down psychologically to the point of making them take their lives. This has to change. Korean, Japanese, French or American, it doesn't matter.

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Posted in: Could you marry an otaku? Japanese people rank the geek hobbies they’d let slide for love See in context

ShipwreckerNov. 22  03:09 pm JST

I don't think it matters what your partner is interested in, just how much they are into it. There's a world of difference between being a passionate enthusiast and a crazed obsessive. The important thing is that they are able to balance their interest with being a functioning member of the family/society.

Absolutely agreed. Be it cars, trains, planes, anime, manga, books, whatever. Being a fan of, or passionate about something is great and adds to your character. It's when things get obsessive and then get outta control.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 unveils 15,000-seat Olympic aquatics center See in context

noypikantokuNov. 22  09:39 am JST

Great! Now I'm wondering what are they going to do with this after the Olympics is over?

factcheckerNov. 22  08:38 pm JST

¥56.7 billion for 2 x 2 weeks of events. That's value for money!

Doesn't work like that folks. Might as well cancel the Olympic Games on a global scale then.

That's like the inventor of cars going "what's the point of a car when you have a train".

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That's a lot to pay for a better picture, "deeper blacks" or whatever.

No offence but that's just wrong. Disrespecting someone's tech expertise and their superior product just because you didn't want to pay the extra bill. Plenty of competitors in the market back then too, didn't have to go for Panny necessarily.

We just replaced an 11 year old 37 inch Pana Viera LCD tv with 50 inch Hisense that is 4k, has a built-in 4k tuner, and Toshiba innards. It was 55,000 yen, less than half the Pana tv was.

The tech world nowadays is much different compared to 20 years ago. It's like comparing a flagship phone of today, say the iPhone, with the equivalent flagship of 2001, from, like, Sony or Motorola. With TVs, people simply don't buy them to keep them for a very long time. A Sony Trinitron that was bought just before I was born STILL, somehow, works perfectly. Can't say the same for today's models.

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Posted in: Panasonic to stop LCD panel production See in context

Out of all TVs I used throughout my life, both in my home country and in Japan, most were Panasonic's. It's a shame to see such a giant and reputable name in TV's move on to other things, but at least they make incredible cameras, home appliances, personal care products, etc. Heck, their headphones are great too.

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