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Posted in: New virus cases in Tokyo drop to 5; none reported in Osaka See in context

nonu6976Today  09:16 am JST

For the record, 211 people were tested.

wow, I get down voted for a statement of fact, with data taken from the MHLW website. Why would anyone down vote facts?

because it goes against their narrative.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

it's insane that for nearly 5 months this virus has been killing thousands of people and only now japan decides to create a corona virus task force.

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Posted in: Sanders edges Buttigieg in New Hampshire See in context


just a heads up, it's "a lot"

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Posted in: Japanese firms slowly moving away from old recruitment, pay practices See in context

My son worked part-time at 7/11 and I thought his getting 1000 yen/hour was pretty generous considering I flipped burgers at Burger King in high school for 2.25 dollars/hour. In any case, he didn't like it, especially rude customers and having to show up early for unpaid preparation. He then taught at a juku for like triple that amount and I strongly suggest that he become a professional or start his own business.

Doing math using assumptions, I'm guessing you were in high school around 1975. With inflation, that 2.25 is a little over 11.00/hour in today's money.

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy activists get bail; protest march banned See in context

Hong Kong has been locked in a three months of political crisis,

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Posted in: 'They slipped ¥10,000 bills into rice balls' — Bizarre election corruption in Aomori revealed See in context

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg

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Posted in: Seibu Railway announces name of luxurious train to run next spring See in context

i saw this train over the weekend passing through shizuoka. everyone who saw it was practically mesmerized with how it looked! super excited to know that it's going to be ready next year.

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