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Mitsubishi Motors is certified ISO9001, a quality management system. What a useless certification it is! Or have they controlled the fuel-efficiency data shrewdly with this management system?

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I wondered how they attract tourists to the Japan's undiscoverd areas. Maybe the matching of supply and demand will be important.

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She might be telling him to lower his right elbow and move his wrist to a higher position.

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"Umiya Budokan " → "Oomiya Budokan "?

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mitokomonalex-san, I don't agree with you. There is reactor coolant among support offers from USA, which knew Japan would come short of it soon. But Japan declined the offer because the coolant is for reactors to be decommissioned. I know sea water was used to cool reactors, but coolabirity is different. You say,''disaster was only a matter of time.' But I think there might have been a turning point to heaven or hell in time span. It was too late to determine the reactors should be decommissioned. And it has nothing to do with what you call GE's outdated system.

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In relation to this article, we must remember that the Kan cabinet of DPJ party declined USA’s offer of support during the accident of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, since the support had required the nuclear reactors to be decommissioned. At that time, none of the Japanese persons who are called nuclear engineering specialists anticipated the severity of the accident partly because of the lack of information. But if Japan had accepted the offer, the current situation could have changed in a better direction. I think the TEPCO's executives should be responsible for the consequences. but who is the most responsible?

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The total cost of the tournament is 404.5 billion yen of which the city (Sapporo) pays 71.5 billion yen.

Who pay the rest ? I, a Tokyoite, don't want to pay any more for such a brief moment of fireworks.

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( The cout room was filled with 70 people, one of Korean male screamed "APOLOGIZE TO PEOPLE OF KOREAN!!". Throwing raw eggs.) http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20141127-00050057-yom-soci

I admit the South Korean people are patriots, but their patriotism is a bit blind and reckless, rather close to nationalism. So the South Korean government should be more careful for them not to go extreme.

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Don't use our tax in compensation. Incompetent judges and prosecutors who were involved in the poor trial should compensate with their own money.

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Sometimes such zombies on a train form barricades in the vicinity of train doors to block us from getting off, in spite of our begging, like "Please step aside, I must get off here, please, PLEASE , P..LEA..SE........." "Bye, my station"

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Wow! He swore to win a grand slam! I am looking forwrd to seeing his play next year.

@harvey pekar

I don't know why the Japanese sports culture (or Japan in general?) believe living a celibant monk's lifestyle is the key to victory.

I don't believe like that, especially for sportswomen. See Sakura Yokomine, a golf player, who is continuing her carrier along with her husband. I think it's because there are so many Japanese boys who don't know how to express their interests in girls that the chances of fatal encounters lessen. It is just my theory.

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