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Posted in: Clinton says critics of U.S. relief effort in Haiti misguided See in context

I don't think France sent their military b/c if someone were to threaten them they wouldn't know how to defend themselves anyhow.

But seriously, I agree with sharky1. Cut off all aid and then see what happens. We are one of the few countries in this world who jump to provide aid in such situations. Despite our tough economic situation Americans have donated millions of dollars out of their own pocket to help the Haitian people. Clinton is absolutely right. You have to have Soldiers on the ground to help control the situaion. When people get in desperate situations they do desperate things. The aid workers distributing food, water, and supplies deserve to be kept safe. To caveat off of another comment, as a member of the military myself, we are trained in supporting humanitarian efforts. Our military is not only providing security and distributing goods, but our military doctor's and nurses are there treating thousands of patients daily. In a country almost completely destroyed, with tens of thousands dead, and virtually no government in place, one cannot expect control of the entire situation overnight. That is not realistic. We have committed millions of dollars, 22 ships including an aircraft carrier, hospital ships, and cargo ships; 66 military and Coast Guard helicopters to deliver aid. Italy and France have some nerve. What have they done? Nothing we ever do is good enough.

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