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They should compensate him big time! Say US$10million for each year + 1 whip/ year on the backside of the judges for wrongful convictions + the prosecutor & the police should be jailed for 15 months. Then these people will learn how precious is life & freedom.

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I don't believe there will be any end to this saga. Putting all claims & counter claims asides, probably both sides should come together & have a joint development of the island. God created the islands. Who are they to claim it is theirs only?

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Obviously the local communist party members benefit from the plant. Any public protest is illegal because allowing it will create too much public awareness of its associated risks & gather momentum against its construction. Bottomline is it affects the profit of these God damned communists. I like to see the decendants of these God damned communists suffer rather than the ordinary citizen.

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

These muslim refugees should take refuge in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Yet many of them want to go to countries like Australia (non muslim). Note that they make one of their transits in Malaysia or Indonesia. Why doesn't muslim refugees seek refuge in Muslim countries? Because these muslim countries treat their them like shit! Talking about muslim brotherhood!

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Posted in: Egypt's Morsi 'must co-rule with and confront army' See in context


Bad news for middle east. Nothing good will come out of this muslim brotherhhod puppet. Hamas will increase its attack on Israel. Egypt will be more hostile & have military skirmishes with Israel. Probability of war with Israel will increase by at least 10 folds!

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Posted in: Spain asks for bank rescue See in context

Do you mean the Catholic Church got a free kick from the tax payer?

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

I note there are 340 coments made so far. I also note that there are lots & lots of comments from the pro-homosexual group. Pro-homosexual is a belief so is the pro-heterosexual. What's wrong when a group of hetersexual spoke out against the homosexual? Homosexual behaviour in the society is a degression of the moral of the society. It is never progressive!

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yasukni & WiilB - I agree with you & I support Israel.

May God bless Israel & those supporting Israel.

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Posted in: Rioting engulfs Athens, buildings burn before vote See in context

These mess are created by the past politicians. A good starting point to pacify all suffering citizens is to canel all the pensions paid to the retired politicians. Cut salaries to all politicians by 90% so they understand what it means by living in poverty. Make all current & past government MPs liable for all stuff ups &have their properties including their spouses' confiscated.

Japan is moving in the same direction as Greece - 220% GDP of public debt!

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Posted in: Fukushima's No. 2 reactor may be reheating See in context

I don't quite beleive what they say. There is always something not mentioned. This news is to condition public's opinion before reporting something nasty - radiation leaks to water, air, etc.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists back in Australia; PM blasts their 'irresponsible' behavior See in context

One of them is a criminal & was taken into custody on arrival at Perth.

The Australian gov't should get them to foot the bill.

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Posted in: U.S. calls Israeli settlements 'counterproductive' See in context

Jerusalem was built by the Jews & non Jews approx 2000 years ago. Muslim didn't exist then. The muslims started a war against the Jews in 1967 and lost the war as well as Jeruslaem, gaza,etc to Israel.

What makes the muslims think they own Jerusalem? Are they willing to return the land if they won the war? The answer is NO! Besides the Jews are more than willing to co-exist with the muslims but not the other way around. Their koran basically condemn Jews and all non muslims. I would suggest kick out all the muslims if they refuse to accept Jewish rules. You don't compromise with barbarians!

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