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Posted in: Thousands rally against shark cull in Australia See in context

Education about sharks won't stop attacks. Charge beach fees and put up a shark fence! Or just eat them once they are caught as fish and chips. I don't care.

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for fatally abusing 1-month-old daughter See in context

This guy deserves 8 years in prison for sure!

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

Tattos are a choice, like not going to university or dread locks or having bright pink hair. All of these things would make it more difficult to secure employment in certain positions. This is simple fact. Japanese culture frowns on tattoos, this is not a new thing, if you want to visit a public or private pool, gym, hot spring, public bath, some beaches or capsule hotel then there is a strict no tatto policy. This is not only common knowleadge but the written in both Japanese and English outside these venues. So having a policy of no tattoos in government or government schools is not so strange. This is not a human rights issue as it is the same as a dress code, hair standard or personal hygiene standard. And again don't take your own cultures opinions and try to apply them to another.


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Posted in: Woman gets 8 years for fatally beating 11-yr-old daughter with golf club See in context

She was given a second chance to live with her daughter. Whilst her child was ward of the state she had a chance to reform. An 8 year is a joke, do they intend to rehabilitate this woman. Rehabilitation should be for people who commit minor crime. Shame on the court system for it has failed to provide justice for the poor girl. This repeat abuser and murderer should never be released, Shame Shame Shame.

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Posted in: Hosokawa questions Abe's energy policy, diplomacy See in context

It is fine and dandy to run on a ticket of no nuclear power, but does he have a clear plan as to how to achieve this goal, as he mentions:

Tokyo is shoving nuclear power plants and nuclear waste to other regions

What exactly is he going to do with the waste from the decommissioning of said reactors, I'm wondering weather he plans to construct a disposal facility within Tokyo for this waste? Clearly not. Saying no nuke policy is easy following such policy is not so easy. I would prefer a candidate who had a more rational outlook on the slow reduction of nuclear power with clear deadlines and engineering reports as to how to achieve them including the decommissioning of reactors and storage of the waste. This is clearly not even within the bounds of a prefectural government and thus said candidate would have to show how he would work together with the national government to achieve any of this. In other news, pigs might fly!

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Posted in: Gov't distances itself from NHK head's 'comfort women' comment See in context

I don't support his comments and I think they very few people do. But there is a tendency for victors to write history in a fashion which criminalises the loser. Having said that this issue happened and was wrong.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard ships enter disputed waters See in context

It's an interesting style of diplomacy that countries in this region are trying, we are yet to see the conclusion of this process. I am sorry to say it does not look good for the tax paying citizen of any of these countries as it is leading to an arms build up funded by them. The continuing policy to make the public angry is helping to support nationalism in Japan. China states that it does not want Japanese nationalism to increase yet it is fuelling it. The same can be said for Japan.

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Posted in: FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over animal cruelty See in context

Vegetarians and vegans are a very outspoken group! It seems that they and others have pushed the management to withdraw a product from their product line. We have to be careful about the influence of a minority group as they will lobby to take away things that the majority want. Today is foie gras,tomorrow is?

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Posted in: Man, thrown out of car on highway, dies after being hit by following vehicle See in context

All speculation except for the comment to buckle up.

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Posted in: Abandoned bicycles dumped in Tokyo pond See in context

Sounds like an archeological dig. Would be interesting to see what turns up.

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Posted in: Abe defends dolphin hunting See in context

People seem to be confused by globalisation. They want to make the whole world some vanilla flavoured version of their own back yard. Plenty of cultures have strange and sometime "questionable" practices. If they violate internationally accepted human rights then this is cause for concern. Dolphins do not have human rights as they are animals. They are not even covered by the IWC this leaves it up to I individual countries to regulate. As the dolphin is not an endangered species and the culture is to Hunt them "in Taiji"' then that is the route taken by the government. After all it's the governments job in a democratic country to follow what the majority of people want.


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Posted in: Woman charged with strangling her 8-year-old daughter See in context


Why are peop-le so quick to say this or say that about this mother without knowing the FULL facts to this case?

Who cares? She murdered her child! There is no valid excuse!


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Posted in: Campaigners rally in Tokyo against dolphin hunting See in context

I'm afraid that most of you don't know the true feelings of Japanese people. After spending a whole week interviewing Japanese people about this issue, about 40 people in total of various age and gender, I could not find anyone who would support the effort to stop whaling or dolphin hunting. Reactions were mixed from little concern to strongly supporting the dolphin hunt. With the vast majority strongly supporting the Hunt.

Sorry guys but this group of 24 are extremists like the majority of people reporting on the issue.


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Posted in: Woman charged with strangling her 8-year-old daughter See in context


Perhaps exhausted and pushed to the edge because she got little to no support from her workaholic husband.

Perhaps, but is this an EXCUSE to murder your child. That was a fair rant, But your obvious anti male sentiment was strong throughout it.

Do men also fall under this category or is it reserved for the fairer sex alone?

This line indicates disgust for men and your feeling disgust towards gender roles.

Should men be sterilized after the age of 35 so that they don't increase their off-springs' risk of being born with such problems?

Again disgust at the male gender. Mixed with Irony.

There was a father in this family. Did he not notice that his wife was at the end of her tether?

Suggesting that some how he is responsible for his wife's actions. "Perhaps" but more likely disgust for the male gender.


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Posted in: Campaigners rally in Tokyo against dolphin hunting See in context

24 people equals background noise in japan and "mostly Japanese " means more than half so that's not even 24 people! I could protest "land rights for gay whales" and get 24 supporters in japan!

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ship gets halal certification See in context


I suggest Sea Shepherd start mixing lard in with the rancid butter.

Suggesting violence against another nation which holds different beliefs than your own! Tisk tisk! Next you will be calling for war. Or searching for WMD .

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Posted in: Campaigners rally in Tokyo against dolphin hunting See in context


I bet there were more police than protesters.

Non news.

Partisan news!

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Posted in: Woman charged with strangling her 8-year-old daughter See in context


I do not hope she gets the death sentence. As death was her goal that would make it easy on her. She should live out the rest of her life in prison knowing what she has done. This is a far more severe sentence. The death sentance should be reserved for criminals who have committed murder but want to continue to live. Murder+(failed)suicide should not get the death sentance.


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Posted in: China warns foreign military planes entering defense zone See in context

Are they playing in to the hands of a giant fly trap?

Or are they holding jokers up their sleeves?

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Posted in: Woman charged with strangling her 8-year-old daughter See in context

"Special needs school" "8year old daughter" "51 year old mother"

If people choose to have children late then they should take special care of them and prize the child as a gift,even if the child has special needs. Why kill her daughter? What could an 8 year old do to an adult to make them feel that way? Stories like this make me sick.

There is no happy ending. The father loses both his "mentally ill" wife and daughter.


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Posted in: Dolphin hunt goes on after slaughter See in context


Please don't call all foreigners American, Just substitute the word (Foreigners) for the word Americans and (foreign) for American this will help your cause. Foreigners who are from outside America hate to be called American. And there are people who are from various countries who want japan to stop whaling and hunting dolphins, for generally emotional reasons, posting on this site. But what you are saying is correct there is a wave of pressure on japan about many issues and japan is still paying for world war 2 even more that 60 years later, This is reflected in the bulling about the dolphin issue.

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Posted in: Fishermen kill 30 more dolphins in Taiji: activists See in context

Who wrote this story, its the same as yesterdays story and how long are they going to continue to write the same stock story? The pattern is: no. dolphins killed, Sea Shepard, dolphin meat, aquariums, etc. low level journalism.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ship gets halal certification See in context


All scientific research on the whales is carried out by the science officers at sea, they check stomach content measure and weaigh the whales and then the research is complete. After that it's only nessecary to keep the meat as the rest is best placed back into the ocean as shark food (recycling)

The meat must not be wasted and is taken carefully back to Tokyo where it is sold in expensive department stores as premium product. Fulfilling the tearms of the loophole.


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Posted in: Japan's whaling ship gets halal certification See in context



250g meat 1onion sliced 2tblsp soy sauce 1tblsp mirin 1tsp sesame oil 1tsp sugar 1tsp roasted sesame seeds 1/2 tsp garlic water method: 1: Slice meat into thin pencil sized strips place in bowl and add all liquid ingredients and marinate overnight. 2: Separate liquid from meat and keep on the side. 3: In a smoking hot pan saute onion and meat for 2 minutes, turn heat down add garlic and saute further for 1 minute 4:Add marinate liquid and cook for 5 more minutes add a little water before pan gets dry (don't let pan get dry) 5: sprinkle sesame seeds on top and serve with rice.

Please enjoy this The previous 5 comments are sarcastic and so is this one.


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Posted in: Dolphin hunt goes on after slaughter See in context


If not stopped, these people will go after Japan for another problem-overfishing Tuna.

This line sounds like blackmail. And whose to say that if japan lays down and submits to environmentalists about whaling that tuna is not next on the list anyhow.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ship gets halal certification See in context


It also doesn't mean Just take the tasty bits and dump the rest.

Returning them to the ocean to continue life-cycle. they then become food for sharks and other sea life. This is also what fishermen do with bycatch.

the Japanese government merely underlines the fact that what is going on is commercial whaling for the purpose of taking the meat.

Under a legal loophole from the IWC.

Having said that the ruling from the international court is coming up soon, should be interesting either way. If Australia loses then a precedent will be set. If japan loses they will have to STOP whaling as it will be deemed illegal. And Japanese are usually sticklers for the law so unless they find another loophole they should follow the ruling.


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Posted in: Japan's whaling ship gets halal certification See in context

I support Japanese tradition but this is just stupid! It's just fuel for the fire. Come on if you are going to justify this hunt then there are better ways of doing it. This will just bring a whole wave of criticism! Unless that's the point and there are other political issues we should be paying attention to but are not.

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Posted in: Hacker group Anonymous takes down Wakayama website to protest dolphin killing See in context

@kaimycahl Nice play on words!LOL

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context


Nobody owns the oceans or the dolphins

Territorial waters and economic zone! Same as catching fish.

you don't have to get upset or do anything, but you need to listen and accept, not ignore or brush aside.

Do I sound upset? And no Japanese don't have to accept. Listen yes but only to messages sent through the correct diplomatic channels, in diplomatic language.

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Posted in: Over 100 students knew girl was bullied before she stepped in front of bullet train See in context

If 100 admitted knowing she was bullied then how many did not admit it? Truly terrible!

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