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If left to his own devices, Abe would continue building up Japan's military, keeping relations with its neighbors frosty, and silencing criticism in the media.

Sorry MrBum but this is just too hysterical - the far right in Japan has been around for a very very long time and to include Abe in this view is just plain silly. Geopolitics has matured more than your comments tend to suggest. I also think your view of the extent of 'political intent' in the visits is way overstated.

As I have said couple of times now - this is solely a matter for the Japanese and no one else.

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Christopher Glen MrBum My point here is that "war criminals" are largely in the eye of the beholder (read "Victor"). There are plenty of "war criminals" on both sides of any conflict but it is only the vanquished that wear this label. Again I stress that visits to Yasukuni are a matter for the Japanese and not for foreigners who at the very least have a tainted view of the souls interred there. As for the far right in Japan - this was a joke wasn't it? The far right is abundantly evident in just about any culture or any country (as is the far left). These people will always be present and left to their own devices in the main they are mostly harmless - loopy, yes, but otherwise just operating in their own little world at the fringe of society.

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Not referring to just one incident - the military per se did awful things in Vietnam for which they have never been held to account. So yes, you do really need to continue to explain why this visit to Yasukuni is any different.

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I don't see what the fuss is all about. This is a matter for the Japanese. After all the USA (and its allies) got its butt kicked in Vietnam - and there were plenty of bad things that the US military did in Vietnam - yet they still honour their war dead from Vietnam? How is this any different?

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On that basis they should have stopped a decade ago. ;-)

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The single biggest weakness in driving is the human behind the wheel. Technology will fix this and the announcement by Nissan is an excellent start.

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BuBuBu Not sure if you have seen the research undertaken by the CDC in the USA in relation to second hand smoke deaths and illnesses. This page is worth a read http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/secondhand_smoke/general_facts/ They estimate 34,000 deaths over a 5 year period for those exposed to second hand smoke and the increased risk of heart disease and the like is high.

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