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What I've found after being married for 15 years to a J wife (I'm American) is that the sex drive went way down after childbirth. Once the child comes around the wife has "her" baby and hubby is just a paycheck and provider. More of a roommate than husband the past year, cannot even sleep in the same bed with her as she says she is "uncomfortable" sleeping with me now. No sex in three years. When she hit age 40 this year, the "OMG, I'm old now" hit and the wife wants to go back to her youth. Happening now in my marriage. Wife got back in touch with her old boyfriend (first love) from college and is having an emotional affair instead of communicating her feelings to me. Mother-in-law has placed the seed of "Husband supports the family and you don't have to work" mentality and has been trying to get us divorced since year one. May have worked in her generation but not ours, things have risen in cost and most families need a two salary income. We have a teenage daughter who right now cannot stand her mother or grandmother and calls her a b!tch in everyday conversation with me. Wife said I changed in the last 15 years and not the same guy she married. Relationship was really good for first ten years and has been going downhill the last five. A good day is when she is at work and my daughter and I don't have to deal with her. Don't know how long it will last anymore and both my daughter and I are not happy at home.

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