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Posted in: Scout Corps accepting recruits for upcoming 'Attack on Titan' real escape games See in context

I still haven't figured out why that show is so popular.

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Posted in: Incest-themed TV anime sparks decency investigation See in context

Why is this only now becoming an issue? You know how many shows had this kind of content before? Besides, It's anime.

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Posted in: Man washes up in Marshall Islands, claiming to have been adrift for 16 months See in context

I think it's safe to assume he ate his buddy

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Posted in: Justin Bieber charged with assault in Toronto; White House to consider deporting him See in context

Just deport him and move on. I'm getting tired of hearing about that guy.

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Posted in: U.S. forces launch missile strike against Shebab leader in Somalia See in context

As someone who used to work in a drone unit, I approve of this.

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Posted in: World's 1st Kit Kat specialty store opens in Tokyo See in context

I had a bag of Green Tea kit kats imported once. Even though they where mostly melted once I got them, after I refrigerated them they where the best damn kit kats I ever had. Shame I can't buy them regularly.

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Posted in: Drinking linked to faster mental decline in men See in context

welp there goes my Friday night

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Posted in: Print book reading tops in U.S. despite rise of tablets See in context

I'm all for E Readers for convenience, but as someone who has read a ton I prefer having the actual book.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

Any single japanese ladies looking for a college student, I'm your man haha.

"Because early child education starts in the home, and it starts with cyclone spin kicks."

Man I wish I was taught like that growing up.

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Posted in: Nintendo shares dive on loss warning See in context

You wanna know what sells consoles Nintendo? Games! You have to put games on your console in order for it to sell. Games give a person a reason to but a console. Lack of games(although there are a few good ones), plus the fact you made the console super difficult for people to develop games one, is really hurting you.

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Posted in: Starbucks in talks to open in last Japanese prefecture See in context

Dammit Starbucks, stop taking over the world.

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Posted in: Otaku Internet services: For all your online needs See in context

I want to learn the language. Dunno where to start though.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in 2013 falls below 30,000 for second straight year See in context

Isn't this a little too high?

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Posted in: Academics apologize for ‘robot’ cleaning woman cover See in context

Really? A Female Robot is an issue of female discrimination in Japan? This is getting silly.

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Posted in: Japanese TV show fills us in on 'the right and wrong kind of fat woman' See in context

Not cool Japan. I happen to like shy girls.

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Posted in: Apple fights for bigger slice of China smartphone pie See in context

Getting real tired of your crap Apple

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Posted in: Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Ibaraki facility See in context

Honestly I'm surprised nobody has done this till now. Seeing as how Nuclear power is everywhere.

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Posted in: China slams 'troublemaker' Abe after Africa visit See in context

This seems pretty childish to me.

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Posted in: Chris Hart announces first original single in Japanese See in context

I remember seeing this guys YouTube videos way back. His singing actually made some of the judges tear up. Looks like he is doing well. Good for him.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven looks to U.S. to inspire online revolution See in context

I live in the US and I think I've only seen one 7-11 in my lifetime. This is pretty neat.

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Posted in: Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive coming to Japan in 2014 See in context

I wonder why that show is popular in Japan.

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Posted in: Freeze-dried food shop lets you customize your own unique miso soup See in context

Man, Japan gets all the cool and interesting stuff.

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