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Considering that Nissan is a rightly respected company is Japan, and has thrive for the good of his share holder, stake holders, and the general public. I am sure Carlos Ghosn big crime is to forget that he has, among other things and just like everyone of us, the social responsibility to protect the assets he was entrusted to: Nissan. It is obvious he was trying to sell Nissan to Renault, WTF ? and what a nasty thing to do.

Regretfully an ingrained idea in western civilization is that the 'strong takes over the weak', but that does not mean it is right.

I am almost sure the Japanese law will crush him, legally, and I really hope he learns a good lesson.

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The most well thought comment Mirai Hayashi. I am not sure if you are parent, but that your comment is as wise as common sense should be clear to every body. 12, 13 yo are CHILDREN, and the full responsibility to care for them and protect them is on parents. CHILDREN are not born bad, society turns them into contributors or burden to society: ADULTS rule society. Yes, we ADULTS set the rules, the curfews and the care, regardless of our subjective opinions, we ADULTS are the ones to blame, or praise of course, for what society is. It is ingrained as an inborn instinct in the human mind to help one another --more so when is about your children. However, this basic instinct is sometimes, regretfully, forgotten by ADULTS. These CHILDREN are no more, but the facts are: ADULTS did not look after them, ADULTS did not report them missing, ADULTS at the convenient store failed to report to authorities that CHILDREN were roaming in the middle of the night, and, not the last thing, a confessed psycho bastard ADULT killed them. While the parents of these to children, if they have conscience, will suffer the rest of their life for the nonsensical lost of their kids, they deserve decisive punishment and should be FORCE to pay to society for the hideous fault: the parents most bring up their other children as positive and valuable contributors to society. If they accomplish that their debt to the human race will be partially settle.

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They have all the reasons to feel bad. Individually, current Japanese players, are as competitive as any other player around the globe. However, as a team they...well, they are not a team.

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What benefit will Japanese students get from adopting western styles? Zero. I you think properly, you will find out that many of the Japanese processes learn in Japanese universities are far better than those of the west. The proper thing to do will be to help foreigners to learn Japanese and adopt Japanese standards in their countries. Including the school calendar, which is a marvelous idea, non-Japanese should learn the way of the Japanese. I agree, Japan should go global by encouraging other countries to do things the way Japan does that is.

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