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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

This article is more like how it should be if you believe stereotypes about Japan. But I've been living in Kyoto for years and this fantasy about Japan is not entirely true. I mean yes they wear masks and wash their hands but what they don't do is social distancing. They still go to karaoke, libraries , restaurants, trains are full and even though government advised to be careful about hanami the sakura spots were so crowded you couldn't be careful. It's the thing to every people and Japan is no exception: If the government isn't doing firm restrictions people don't take advisory. They just act as they wish. They prefer to go to office instead doing the job online just to show off ( or because paperwork is still way of working here) . The lines in the shops are so tight no mask can help you there. Let's be realistic, masks are no magic tools. And most importantly, Japanese people are too carefree in this situation believing their country is not in danger and underestimating of the virus is inviting the virus. I don't feel that safe here and I'm sure there are many people with mild symptoms or no symptoms going in crowded spaces without being checked. So don't always listen to the myths and lies of the government. There is a way between panicking and being too carefree. It's called being reasonable.

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