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Posted in: Macaque named after British Princess Charlotte wins popularity contest for 2nd consecutive year See in context

I love how a monkey that has been dead since 2014 can still win "Most Handsome Monkey" awards.

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Posted in: Fuji TV produces documentary 'How Pokémon GO changed the world' See in context

It's a great and enjoyable game, still play every day.

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Posted in: Laird leads Nippon Ham to Japan Series title See in context

That was really sad. 2017, let's try again. Too sad to believe right now, but will always hope.

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Posted in: 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise grows to 5 films See in context

Fantastic Beasts and where to find more money from all the suckers.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball results See in context

I have said it every year at the start of the season for the last 10 years. "This is the year of the Carp."

Is it FINALLY happening??

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Posted in: Japanese baseball results See in context

2016 - the year of the Carp!

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Posted in: Okubo equals J.League record with 157th career goal See in context

As quickly as it happened, it is lost.

Sato scored #158 today!

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Posted in: Okubo equals J.League record with 157th career goal See in context

I look forward to the record changing hands back and forth several times this year between Okubo and Sato.

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Posted in: Geezer group JI-POP is here to promote tourism See in context

These guys are the best

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Posted in: Leicester stuns Man City to stretch lead; Spurs go 2nd See in context

Dare to dream, Leicester. The world is cheering you on.

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Posted in: Japan-born sumo wrestler wins title for 1st time in 10 years See in context

Beating 3 Yokozuna on the way to a title is a pretty fantastic way to do it. Well earned!

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Posted in: Hiroshima beats Bellmare 5-0 to secure J.League's 2nd stage See in context

Outstanding performance, smashed all kinds of J.League season records...but knowing Sanfrecce "finals curse" they will inevitably end up losing out in the Championship stage and someone else being crowned 2015 champions.

I'm already preparing myself for the disappointment.

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Posted in: Carli Lloyd, Lionel Messi nominated for FIFA goal of year See in context

This award is sadly just a popularity prize of the player involved.

A lot of much more spectacular goals are scored than the winner each year, but the biggest name almost always finds themselves miraculously the winner.

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Posted in: Student at same school as teen gunman arrested in Australia See in context

@Peace Out, the actual wording on the messages that got the police onto him was (censored version):

"Bahahaja f--- you mf---- Yallah merryland police station is next hope they all burn in hell"

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Posted in: Japan beats Samoa 26-5 to keep Rugby World Cup quarterfinal hopes alive See in context

@gokai the captain of the Japan team has been living in Japan since he was 15, and has said that he feels he speaks Japanese better than his speaks English now.

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Posted in: England dumped out of Rugby World Cup by Australia See in context

I didn't believe the Wallabies had what it took to win a crunch match like this. The game against Uruguay was just about the worst performance of any team ever to win by such a large margin, so sloppy, thoughtless and undisciplined.

They really got their act together this morning, given us a lot more belief!

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Posted in: Happy fans See in context

Eddie is a guy who can surely write his own contract for whatever comes next, great job done here, and great positive attacking rugby!

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Posted in: Tokyo recommends 5 additional sports for 2020 Olympics See in context

Baseball and softball can work if nations take them seriously.

I think squash could work, certainly much moreso than skateboarding, surfing or climbing!

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Posted in: Yoshida wins 16th combined world title See in context

The greatest most dominant athlete, of any sport, male or female, in the world.

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli makes animated short to promote 'Taiko no Tatsujin' video game series See in context

Poppy Hill was one of the kindest most lovely films I have ever seen. The young people I know who saw it really loved it too.

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Posted in: Muto to snub Chelsea for Mainz See in context

Much better move for Muto as a player. He could get loaned out by Chelsea to a Belgian club for 4 years, or he could go to Mainz and work hard in Germany like a lot of other successful Japanese players have done, and are doing, and then move on and up on his own terms when the time is right.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball results See in context

Back to usual life for Carp after a few years of comparative blazingly overachieving!

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Posted in: Australia rising in Asia, on and off the soccer field See in context

Most of the post match boos were indeed directed towards Uncle Sepp. It was a great experience to boo him in person.

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Posted in: Australia downs South Korea 2-1 in extra time to win Asian Cup final See in context

One of the most tense and nerve wracking nights of sport I can remember attending. May well be second only to November 16, 2005, in regard to pure joy at the end.

I still would have rather left happy after a 1-0 win at the end of 90 minutes! But all's well, ends well. Feel privileged to have attended group stage, quarter final, semi final, and final matches of an international tournament.

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Posted in: Inoki, Tully's founder form new political party See in context

Bom-Ba-Ye Party!

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Posted in: Sydney club Wanderers sign Japan's Tanaka See in context

Career stepdown

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Posted in: Kuroda to rejoin Hiroshima Carp See in context

2015 will be the YEAR OF THE CARP

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Posted in: 129 inmates remain on death row See in context

Just kill Asahara already.

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Posted in: Japan has six months to merge basketball domestic leagues: FIBA See in context

bj League has the right approach, building clubs with a connection to the community has a much better long-term growth prospect than tieing clubs to companies.

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Posted in: Scalpels out for Japan soccer coach Aguirre See in context

Hajime Moriyasu should be considered. He built a very strong and consistent Sanfrecce Hiroshima team. He could build a strong and consistent Japan.

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