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Another year, another loss in a final.

You think I'd be used to it by now. Well, I'm not. It still SUCKS.

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The Colonel has been saved but still not forgiven Hanshin Tigers.

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The Colonel has finally forgiven Hanshin Tigers?

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For those trashing the way Keiji Mutoh looks these days, don't forget he is a 51 year old now, who has been wrestling very physical and high-impact style since the mid-80s. Watching some of his old matches from the late 80s, early 90s in the NWA and WCW, he was a freak, doing things never seen in the USA before.

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DAMN I would have loved to see Rock vs Muta in their prime. That would have been an incredible match. The Rock was pure main event box office, and Muta the greatest wrestler of all time.

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If Inoki isn't allowed to wear his scarf, some nobody politician should definitely not be allowed.

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Shimane power! Cheering a native of my adopted home prefecture

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Inoki solves all the world's problems with a big smile and a big lariatooooo

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For anyone who says he shouldn't have made the move, I think that is a pretty unrealistic appraisal of the situation. The greatest manager in football history calls you and says he wants you to join the biggest club in the world. What sort of ambitious or football loving person would say no to an opportunity like that?

The guy will forever have the knowledge he played on the biggest stage of club football, and has a Premier League winners medal to show for it. First Japanese player to ever win the Premier League, that's a thing that will be in the history books beside his name forever.

Full credit to him for taking the opportunity of a lifetime even if it didn't result in outstanding success over a longterm period.

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Yokohama Marinos have not existed since they merged with Yokohama Flügels in 1999.

The article should be about Yokohama F. Marinos. No excuse for incorrectly naming the club in a news article.

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Inoki solve all the world's problems BOM~BA~YEH

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Beating four of the world's top 10 on the way to victory is no mean feat!

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Hakuho wins and wins but nobody cares. He doesn't draw a crowd. People don't find him or his style interesting.

Say what you will about Asashoryu, but the guy was a monster sumo who could draw a crowd.

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A lot of goalkeepers from our region are doing exceedingly well in Belgium. Australia's Mat Ryan was voted as Goalkeeper of the Year in the Belgian league this season.

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Posted in: Yamanote line in Tokyo to get 30th station by 2020 See in context

New stations, always nice!

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Izumo Taisha will look amazing at that time of the year. What a beautiful image it will be.

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Good luck Zaccheroni Japan! Definitely capable of advancing from their group, as for the rest? Lets see where the adventure takes them!

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Jackman may not want to give up being Wolverine, but I am getting close to giving up wanting to see Wolverine in the movies. Too many X-Men pictures, I'm losing interest.

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I feel like Endo being included is not so much a performance based thing as a loyalty thing. I feel Sato Hisato is unlucky not to be in the squad at all after being Japan's clearly most successful striker of the last 3 years.

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Because I think they realised it is better to not piss off the West Asian powerbrokers of the AFC.

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The headline really should be "Tokushima Vortis win first ever J.League match!" that was the big story of the round.

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As Mel Brooks might say, "We'll see you all again next year for The Hobbit 3: The Search For More Money"

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It is my lucky year I suppose! Already got the chance to see Sanfrecce play up in Gosford (2.5 hours away) now in Parramatta (1 hour away), twice in a few months! Miracle days.

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Japan team are known as Samurai Blue, not "the Blue Samurai"

Japan has moved on from Troussier days, no need to reheat old bread.

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Can we just end the season now? The year of the Carp, 2014!

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Zaccheroni's style and development of the team goes a long way further than anything Okada did.

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Arnold sacked, surprising no-one. Vegalta have been embarrassing this season. They must thank Tokushima Vortis for being in J1 every day, because without Vortis, Vegalta would be clearly the worst team in the division.

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Posted in: Hiroshima beats Osaka in Forlan's J-League debut See in context

The championship retain 2014 begins!

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Sometimes getting a little crazy at the sports is a great form of stress release, I am surprised the Japanese have not adopted it more.

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How disappointing. I'm so unenthused by Hakuho. Would have been great to see someone else get a win.

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