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TelcoPhil comments

Posted in: Blast destroys warehouse at U.S. military base in Sagamihara See in context

Not much in the US about it, one mention on ABC. All news videos on the net coming from Asia, and I don’t mean Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea push clocks back as a snub to Japan See in context

Doesn't matter if they move the clock 10-hours, it still won't take them out of the early 1950s!

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Posted in: Man arrested for uploading video of himself driving at over 170 kph See in context

What? Only 170Kph? That is not fast! Fast for your roads yes, but not that fast.

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Posted in: U.S. woman attempting to row across Pacific rescued after SOS See in context

Japan Meteorological Agency has everything you need, if she was smart enough to use it and not rely on TV weather reports.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is like our NOAA National Oceanic And Atmospheric agency aka National Weather, ocean weather, even space weather.

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Posted in: FIFA film mocked by U.S. media See in context

BBC This morning (morning in the USA east coast time)

Documents 'show Fifa bribe payments'  A BBC investigation sees evidence that details what happened to the $10m sent from Fifa to accounts controlled by former vice-president Jack Warner. 3 hours ago From the section Latin America & Caribbean Related content Video Exclusive: Where the $10m went Fifa corruption report - what now? Fifa: Why should I care? Fifa corruption claims: Key questions answered

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Posted in: Iraq lost 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles in Mosul: PM See in context

They didn't retreat. They ran away! Left everything for the enemy!

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Posted in: Godzilla gets official Tokyo residency papers See in context

Good, glad to hear.

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Posted in: Trial shows virus treatment effective against skin cancer See in context

Didn't hear this in US news. The drug companies make more money selling drugs to cancer patients.

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Posted in: Do surveillance cameras in buildings, stations and on streets make you feel safer? See in context

They are only there in hopes of catching you doing so,ething bad, by then, its too late. Some of the cameras are fake, others, no one pays attention to. Watching a camera monitor is a real boring job.

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Posted in: Does it bother you when people talk on smartphones on buses, trains or in restaurants? See in context

The main problem when they do it, they think they have to be close to shouting. Plus why bring othersinto your conversation by talking so loud you disturb others.

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Posted in: Toyota pledges to help find cause of Takata airbag defects See in context

Not just a problem in Japan.

Recall on 34 million cars in the US!

They explode, ssending sharp metal and plastic into peoples faces here in the US. One woman lost her sight in one eye, others cut and scared.

GM has their own problems with ignition switches and the courts want to file criminal charges against GM for the deaths it has caused.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan revamps menu, prices after food scandals See in context

They're having problems in the US too. The public wants healthier options, sales are down and out in California fast food workers will now get $15.00 an hour, not sure if that's all or just McDonald's. I've not eaten that stuff in almost 10 years.

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Posted in: Toyota pledges to help find cause of Takata airbag defects See in context

They'll file bankruptcy and nobody will get anything.

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Posted in: 2 trains avert head-on collision in Saga See in context

The train did switch from onetrack to the other, so yes, the train switch the track.

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Posted in: What do you think of the custom of taking one's shoes off before coming indoors at home? Would you do it in your country? See in context

It was mandatory in my house as a child in the USA. My mother my have had a problem, I remember the vacuum cleaner constantly running.

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Posted in: Toho sues U.S. studio over Godzilla copyright violation See in context

Vernie Jefferies, all the films copy each other in some way shape or form.

I don't know why they marked this off topic when it is not.

Think, what changes in films? The characters change, the background changes, the time period its set in changes. Cars, planes, weapons, clothes all change to fit that time period.

However the plots change very little between different unrelated action, SciFi, horror, drama or crime films.

The chases and shoot'em ups are pretty much the same depending on how many explosions they can afford, and how big, how many added people are in the movie depends on the budget.

Money plays a big role to make it and pay the people in the really long list of credits, someone or a company to back it and someone to pick it up and release it.

Advertising can make a film look too good, then the film flops, people are disappointed that made it and the people who paid to see it.

Watch enough movies and you'll start to see it, many situations, and locations are reused in more than one movie and some of the movies have nothing to do with the other."

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Posted in: Filmmakers look to Twitter, Facebook for stars See in context

Commodore Shmidlap , I worked in the business in my 20s, its not all that great. They use you, chew you up and spit you out.

I did modeling, TV, movies and commercials, it gets tyring chasing after your next paycheck, the rejection and thd disapointment. You need a thick skin and money to keep you going between shoots, a backup support system, a good agent and the more people rooting for you than you have friends snd family relations.

Its dig eat dog!

I got out, flew back to Ohio and went back to work in telecommunication and cellular.

Would I do it now? Yes, but only because I have a steady check coming in.

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Posted in: Filmmakers look to Twitter, Facebook for stars See in context

Z-List films, but stars could come out of the junk, never know?

But using Facebook and Twitter to find actors by how many followers they have, which to me seems kind of a dumb reason, followers doesn't always mean talent.

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Posted in: Toho sues U.S. studio over Godzilla copyright violation See in context

Watched the first one back in the early 50s, left the theater, went into another theater and watched Rodan. Been hooked almost 60 years, thanks mom.

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Posted in: Iceland whale meat shipment to Japan sparks protests See in context

Just tracked the ship, still in Iceland on the western coast.

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Posted in: Nazi letter to Soviet wartime agent found in Japan See in context

ka_chanMAY. 20, 2015

WRONG! Japan had spies in Hawaii before the bombing of Peral Harbor!

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