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Posted in: 'Fast and Furious' may signal America's speeding decline See in context

Uhm.. actually, it's about cars.

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Posted in: Man stabs 5 people to death in 2 houses on Awaji See in context

I found the suspect's social media accounts. He's an anti-Semite loon who thinks the Japanese government is conspiring with the US and Israel to control people with electromagnetic waves. The victims might be family members. A day or so ago, he posted google maps satellite images of the same house on a terraced farm.

Second BoyNextDoor's call for greater access to/faith in psychiatric help for people like this.

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Posted in: Charlotte Kate Fox goes from 'Massan' to 'Chicago' See in context

I've caught a few episodes. Can't see how they get any whiskey made with all that crying going on.

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Posted in: 'Fast and Furious 7' retitled 'Furious 7' See in context

I like the parts when the cars go really fast.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM pushes flag change after election win See in context

How about a sheep and a beer? Nah, still too much like Australia.

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Posted in: Pop idols’ management demands Y8 million in damages after two members caught dating fans See in context

How about the J-cops move in with one of their famous "phalanx of cops with empty cardboard boxes", collect all of the manager's documents related to exploitation of minors and labor abuse, and charge the crumb-bums who run this Idol crapola?

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Posted in: Japan insists no mystery behind skulls at Chicago consulate See in context

the box had been properly stored.

What does that even mean?

Well.. none of the skulls escaped, did they?

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Posted in: Australia abolishes divisive carbon tax See in context

Electing a government is just like entering data in a computer: Garbage in, garbage out.

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Posted in: Tokyo rolls out red carpet for 'Godzilla' See in context

I thought this movie might have been good: had Godzilla actually appeared in the first two thirds of it; and had the "leading" man appeared to have been interested in being in it instead of walking through in a bored coma like he did. Ken Watanabe and Bryan Cranston, of course, were good.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd to release first album in 20 years See in context

I agree with Johnny Rotten's t-shirt.

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Posted in: Abe handed letter from Sea Shepherd founder in Australia See in context

This will have the opposite of the intended effect. Hasn't anyone notice the theme of this generation of Northeast Asian leaders? "You can't push me around! You can't tell me what to do!" A state department guy once described it to me (politically incorrectly) as "Asian Big Man syndrome" (his words). If what that guy told me is true, Abe will probably double whatever he was planning.

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Posted in: Palestinians say Israeli extremists killed teen See in context

One problem with the Jewish state is they have and will accept the worlds Jews.

Except the ones from Ethiopia.

God I've been hearing about the Jewish-Palestinian problem non-stop for the past 40 years.

Not as long as Israel's ruling Likud Party and Hamas are in the outrage and revenge business. They perpetuate the cycle.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

I'd vote for him. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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Posted in: An ode to Japan’s musical trucks and the wondrous things they sell See in context

Really? You forgot the Soba trucks? Well, there are lots of things to eat here in Japan. And I've tried every noodle that I can. But for good old fashioned eating, there's a dish that can't be beaten, when you try it from a kitchen where they are a Soba man.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfsX97YCo58 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrurV841J24

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Posted in: American man arrested over theft of car with children in back seat See in context

Hey, he's got fingerprints. And you have to give a finger print when you enter the country. Beyond that, Interpol and the FBI would run his prints if asked. This guy's identity can't be that hard to determine.

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Posted in: Abe to meet pope at Vatican on June 6 See in context

Maybe the Pope will get it through to Abe that Fukushima is a disaster, and pretending to plant rice in the prefecture as if everything were safe is unconscionable.

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Posted in: Ousted Thai leaders' fate unclear as U.S. blocks aid See in context

Using the courts and the military to do what they couldn't in elections. The elites can't stand that the parts of Thailand that used to provide them with servants learned to read and vote.

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Posted in: Man on bike throws cup of urine at woman in 5th such incident since April See in context

Yet another stifled, repressed guy lashing out in a creepy anti-social manner.

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Posted in: Body found in Tokyo luggage storage room identified as missing Osaka nurse See in context

So, the Brazilian woman possibly did something prior to the death of Okada that would make her want to get out of the country, undetected. There is likely at least one other crime attached to this.

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Posted in: Japan may review study on WWII sex slavery See in context

Europe does it right, holocaust denial is a crime in many countries. Japan should have done the same thing, then these revisionist whackjobs would be dealt with properly.

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Posted in: 2 bodies found beneath floor in Kyoto residence; possible link to mass suicide 8 years ago See in context

One day the Japanese cops will master such advanced investigative techniques as "looking under things".

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Posted in: Headline of S Korean magazine angers Japanese readers See in context

Why would anyone give a crap about what's in any edition of this magazine or any magazine like it?

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Posted in: Yoko Ono, Watson add voices to anti-dolphin hunt See in context

Was this story even covered by the Japanese media? I searched Yoko's kanji and Kana but it doesn't seem like it got a lot of coverage. And it looks like the open letter to the people of Taiji was written in English.

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Posted in: Tokyo police take 13 underage girls into custody for 'JK walking' See in context

Is this better than cracking down on the dirty old men perverts who frequent these places?

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has done a good job since his election a year ago? See in context

Except for that whole "appearing to be impotent as a vastly larger and aggressive nation takes his islands" thing. Almost takes one's mind off of the "big giant open sore spewing radiation all over the frigging place" thing. Of course, none of this will even get discussed because of the state secrets act, so, good votin' Japan!

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Posted in: Suga defends Abe's 'Gordon Gekko speech' on Wall Street See in context

Living in the past.

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Posted in: Man demands divorce after his wife throws out his anime collection See in context

I'm surprised this guy even knew what to do with a woman to create a child. Shame on Maki's parents for siding with the man-child. No wonder Japanese men are so afraid of foreigners.

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Posted in: KISS adds extra concerts for Tokyo See in context

I'll bet you anything Paul Stanley yells "Alright!" and "People!"

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Posted in: S Korean president in Beijing for summit with Xi See in context

Hmmm.. doesn't South Korea's new president usually visit Japan after visiting the US? Isn't the usual order of priorities, 1) US, 2) Japan, 3) China? Gee, you don't suppose all that Yasukuni and whitewashing history might be diminishing Japan, do ya?

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Posted in: Wolf urine, lion's roar keep deer away from roads, train tracks in Hokkaido See in context

FINALLY, a way to use up that 12 pack of wolf's urine that's been cluttering up the garage!

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