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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

But but, our tourism sector is bringing lots of money...

But but, tourism must first make up for all their loses that were during pandemic before we do anything about our monetary policy...

But but, we must do million more meetings before we change our policies...

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

RedemptionToday  06:12 pm JST

Toyota just had best profit ejaculation in its history! Blew the roof.

Yet their stock went down, interestingly

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Fighto!Today  04:56 pm JST

Will other restaurants, bars and shops around Japan follow suit?

They should. If JGov doesnt care about locals and cares that much about inbound tourism, locals should take matters into their own hands and charge tourists even more.

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

Kazuo Ueda said at a press conference after the meeting that he currently sees no major impact of the yen's recent sharp decline on prices

72 year old Ueda for you

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Posted in: Bank of Japan keeps interest rates unchanged despite pressure over weak yen See in context

BOJ will be watching the ForEx even more closely now. They really like to watch ForEx.

72 year old Ueda

71 year ol Suzuki


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Posted in: Seoul, Tokyo vow 'appropriate action' on weak yen and won See in context

The two "shared serious concerns about the recent significant depreciation

How their "seriously concerned" talks went:

Korean Finance minister: Our currencies are performing badly apparently, that's what my assisstance tells. how is the situation in your country?

70-year old Suzuki, struggling to stay awake: I think ours too. But no-one cares I think. None of our citizens raised any actual concern. No-one complained. They never do. It's always the "kuso gaijins". Let's just play this mummer's farce and act concerned for those journalists.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in February for 23rd month See in context

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's government has repeatedly asked business leaders to increase wages at a pace exceeding inflation.

They can ask however many time they like, wages are only revised once a year - in April.

The impact of the "shunto" spring wage negotiations that saw the highest pay increases in 33 years at major Japanese companies will be reflected in future data, according to the ministry.

Again, that 5.2 percent increase will be effective from April salaries. by the end of 2024 JGov realise it was not enough and they can ASK companies to increase again. Only that to happen in April'25.

This is a vicious cycle. Prices keep increasing 365 days a year. But your salary can increase only once.

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Posted in: Dollar tops 150 yen as BOJ ends negative rates See in context

sakurasukiToday  04:22 pm JST

So BOJ still give no effect to foreign exchange in Japan?

The most useless establishment ever, really. They had one job. Whatever Kuroda and Ueda do at this point only serves to futher damage lives of people in Japan. Only the rich is getting richer.

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Posted in: Requests for gov't help due to financial stress higher again in 2023 See in context

Many companies in Japan have their annual salary revision in April, once a year. (Imagine the calamity of poor corporations if it was multiple times a year.) We will see next month, in person, how our wages have increased same percentage as previous years, bare minimum. Then J'Govt can keep their stupid ultra-loose monetary policy and will try again in April'25 to nicely ask corporations to increase employee salaries. Same sh*t, every year.

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Posted in: Upskirt photos lead Japanese high school to redesign cheerleader uniforms See in context

Why cheerleaders are necessary? Just have another Koshien for girls too so that they can represent their schools as players.

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Posted in: Japan's Nikkei closes at all-time high, breaking bubble era record See in context

fxgaiToday  03:38 pm JST

(I’m not going to be buying myself though, quite happy with my global equities.)

It’s not their (our?) fault.

You are quite the humble guy, arent you haha? good luck

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Posted in: Japan's Nikkei closes at all-time high, breaking bubble era record See in context

cheap yen will continue given the Bank of Japan's easing policies, which in turn will prompt a rise in prices and salaries

Prices are rising. Salaries are not. Simple.

Even recruiters are saying best I can hope for by job hopping is 10~15 percent, and that's a far stretch. While the JPY lost 40% value and prices increased 20~30%.

Corporations keep low balling even now.

As lots of poeple pointed out, the rich are getting richer.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

JROToday  05:35 pm JST

negatives of a weak yen are put on the average consumer through higher prices.

But the Fighto guy comes now and tells us Nikkei 38000 is the best thing that happened to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

TokyoLivingToday  05:32 pm JST

Keep fighting Japan!!..

fight what? against who? With what strength?

fight against haters with its impressively aging population?

or incredibly undervalued Yen?

"Ganbare Nippon" does not help Japan in this case.

Keep trusting LDP, your fight will be one for ages.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

JJEToday  04:58 pm JST

Germany is basically in recession. The other big economies of Europe are too. They all share a common factor. The boomerang effect of sanctions which has seen energy and commodities prices soar, thereby undercutting domestic industry

I think you are a year too late. Sanctions were the big topics of 2022. And this article talks about 2023 performance.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

But but, Nikkei is above 38000, thoug?? Toyota is making record earnings....

But but BOJ promised we were in the right direction??

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Posted in: Ito removed from Japan squad at Asian Cup over sexual assault claims he denies See in context

They lost the game against Iran anyways. So much for being favorites and after so much commotion winning against Germany. Good luck next time, heh

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Posted in: Formula One rejects Andretti's bid to join See in context

concerns over the team's level of competitiveness

whoa, How about Haas, Williams and Alfa Romeo (Stake, Sauber)?

The sport has become borefest, only one team clearly dominating in each season in the past decade, except 2021. And these clowns talk about competition.

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Posted in: Japanese rail company lets teens ride for free on entrance exam days See in context

RotenToday  09:29 am JST

A nice gesture. I would be glad for seniors to be given free passes on Respect for the Aged day and for 18 year olds to be given passes on Coming of Age day.

Would that not require hell of a lot of time to check IDs and verify? Commuters would be late for work

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. 'shall respond' after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 U.S. troops in Jordan See in context

Look at 2 nuclear armed big boys (Iran and US) bullying Jordan and its sovereign territory.

Why dont they take it either to Persian soil or US soil?

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Posted in: Man stabs himself at Hachiko Square in Tokyo’s Shibuya district See in context

what a bizarre thing to happen on Monday afternoon

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Posted in: Pakistan launches retaliatory airstrikes on Iran, killing at least 7 See in context

Iran is playing with lots of fires at the same time.

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Posted in: U.S., British militaries launch massive retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  11:13 am JST

Is this the start of a new war with Iran?

Iran has been using the Houthis to wage war on the west.

For some reason, everyone seems to agree on the fact that Iran is backing all these terrorists, yet nobody is seeking retribution with Iran directly and instead punishing innocents who happen to be living in regions with Iran-backed terrorists. Bombing the sh***t out of Palestine, Lebanon, now Yemen. Yet not a single bullet fired towards Iran. Just because Iran has nuclear weapons? Sure that makes sense, let's bomb the countries that cannot come back at us.

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Posted in: Japan's veteran soccer star Endo retires at 43 See in context

Yasuhito Endo's name kinda rhymes, thus was easy to remember for me as a teenager in late 2000s. Never played outside Japan but every football fan knew him as the main man of JP squad in WC2010 along with Keisuke Honda.

Just yesterday a video of JP vs Paraguay match of WC2010 came up on my Facebook feed. Good times.

Good luck in coacing career, Endo senshu.

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Posted in: Jetstar cancels 2 domestic flights due to crew shortage See in context

Airline industry is getting hit hard by labor shortage.

I know an airline that had been struggling to secure Ground handling Agent staff for their flights to/from Osaka KIX.

Even in Narita, most assistants at ticket counters, attending luggages, doing check-ins, boardings are foreigners. I guess Japanese people are either not really attracted to the wages they are offering, or simply not enough Japanese.

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Posted in: Kishida asks firms to achieve larger pay hikes in 2024 than this year See in context

what a joke of a leader

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Posted in: Scores of underage Rohingya girls forced into abusive marriages in Malaysia See in context

This is absolutely heartbreaking. All the atrocities going on in Gaza, in Ukraine, elsewhere with these poor girls. This puts things into perspective. All my problems at work and home are inconsequesntial compared to these.

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Posted in: Japanese economy shrinks 0.5% in third quarter See in context

Whatever happens, BOJ will not change its stance.

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Posted in: Japan household spending falls 2.8% in September as wages slide See in context

RakurakuToday  08:47 am JST

Why is the BOJ is si stubborned

Because BOJ are c..ts

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Posted in: Weak yen forces Japan to shrink historic military spending plan See in context

Oh they thought harm would only come to the people and Jgov would get past unscathed?

How considerate.

They did nothing. Absolutely jacksh*t nothing. And now they act surprised that it didnt go as planned.

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