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Posted in: Only 4 teams remain at Euro 2020: Which two are headed to Wembley final? See in context

May the "Fratelli Italia" deafen the boos of the English fans in the final much. Forza Azurri!

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Posted in: Japan seeks to have vaccine passports accepted by over 10 nations See in context

KumagaijinToday  08:44 am JST

However, just because Pakistan or Sri Lanka accepts Japan's vaccination passport, that shouldn't mean Japan automatically accepts theirs because there could be fakes. 

Yeah, the same as let's say, US or UK, right?

I'm not from those countries, but your "claim" sounds mighty hipocritical.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will offer 3 mil vaccine doses to Pacific nations See in context

ermm, I'm all FOR doing good and sharing vaccines, but I havent even received my coupon here in Yokohama. Hope I will soon.

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Posted in: U.S. media say anti-COVID steps at Tokyo Olympics go against press freedoms See in context

ermm, hello, if you feel like your little "freedoms" being violated, then no need to come to see this cursed games. The fewer visitors, the better.

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Posted in: 3 weeks before Olympics, Japan still unsure about spectators See in context

ahh ffs, again this lame "still", "maybe", "yet" action from JP gov. Next topic please.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 673 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,751 See in context

That room, those chairs, those instructions on the chairs...look so depressing.

Cant wait to see what kind of bs they come up with to go on with the olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 714 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,821 See in context

FrapokeToday  05:36 pm JST

Man this feels like Groundhog Day ;-(

"It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life."

very fitting

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Posted in: Tokyo may extend coronavirus restrictions into Olympics period See in context

maaaan, this is getting so dull. This pandemic has been going on for almost 1.5 years and JP government still can't foresee 2 weeks ahead. Of course the numbers will go up. Even a child can tell it now.

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Posted in: Asian coal plant drive threatens climate goals: report See in context

Become carbon neutral by 2050 or 2060... bs

I think we all know those are just statements to satisfy the Paris agreeement goals.

In fact, Asian countries are acting as if they own the planet and not caring at all about carbon emissions. And it is disgusting.

All countries listed above have access to oceans, and at least in Japan's case they have pretty strong winds. I might be wrong. But they could at least, you know, try doing something????

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Posted in: MUFJ board beats back climate resolution as activists falter in Japan See in context

Any time, any day Japanese companies avoid doing something good for the planet.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim 'emaciated'; citizens heartbroken: state TV See in context

You gotta feel sorry for the poor souls born in NK...

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Posted in: Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning or at night after you return home? See in context

Depends on if I had anything really important on Friday, in case it needs some sort of follow up.

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Posted in: Japanese MotoGP canceled due to COVID See in context

oh no. Does this mean F1 Japanese GP be cancelled as well??

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Posted in: Athletes on edge with Tokyo Olympics less than 1 month away See in context

whoa, who would have thought the image of the Olympics would turn south in the eyes of millions one day...

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Posted in: Sydney residents banned from leaving city as coronavirus cluster grows See in context

ObjectiveToday  03:11 pm JST

Imagine being banned from leaving your city? Some dark governments out there.

WHY wouldnt you be able to stay in a huge city like Sydney, where there is absolutely everything you require to survive or even entertain? You'll survive without golfing or camping for 2 weeks, dont worry.

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

Someone needs to do a documentary on what's going on now in Japan politics. Might be a huge hit after a while.

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Posted in: Italy beats Wales; both advance to round of 16 at Euro 2020 See in context

Fratelli Italia! Fantastic 3 matches!

Hope Xerdan and the co. will also proceed to the next round.

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Posted in: Bear shot dead after rampaging through Sapporo See in context

If only they played RDR2, they would would have known to stand still to avoid getting mauled by bears.

Apply with some sarcasm.

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Posted in: Hamilton and Mercedes hoping for return to form at French GP See in context

"These have been the most difficult weeks I have known," admitted Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

What a drama queen. There are teams that go seasons without a single point. Mercedes have still got 2 solid cars (or one? wink wink). Hope they get their behinds kicked once again. Go Seb!

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Posted in: Japan's May exports log sharpest rise in 41 years on pandemic recovery See in context

If only there were no semiconductor deficit that led to the temporary shutdown of several Japanese factories overseas, the numbers would have probably been even higher.

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Posted in: COVID-19 state of emergency may be needed during Tokyo Olympics: study See in context

 could increase by 10,000 cumulatively if the sports event from July 23 is held with spectators

Surely, if held with less-than-half capacity and with spectators strictly wearing masks, can it reach 10,000 daily cases? Just wondering

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza in response to incendiary balloons See in context

 Naftali Bennett, who took over on Sunday after ousting former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The old king is dead, long live the new king...

carried signs reading "Bennett the liar". king the liar???

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Posted in: IOC Vice President Coates arrives in Tokyo to coordinate Olympic preparations See in context

I bet he didnt have to go through a 2 hour process of silly explanation of quarantine measures

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Posted in: Japan to provide greater COVID vaccine support to foreign residents See in context

thanks, I guess?

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Posted in: China slams G7 'manipulation' after Xinjiang, Hong Kong criticism See in context

They should get going with their "less dependency on Chinese supply chain" asap. China is just increasing its influence day by day.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 925 new coronavirus cases; record-high 1,260 in Osaka See in context

2074 tests is just pathetic. They are not even trying.

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Posted in: India tops 200,000 dead as virus surge breaks health system See in context

Horrible business

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 828 new coronavirus cases; 1,231 in Osaka See in context

5,265 tested? This should be under the Crime section.

Where did we get that number? Just curious

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Posted in: Commuter rush seen despite 3rd coronavirus state of emergency See in context

 We just need to pray that the cases will decrease," he said.

Yeah, most of them dont even know what or who they are praying to.

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Posted in: Japan says it will aim for 46% emissions cut by 2030 See in context

Surprising how many Japanese people and even companies have almost zero knowledge of carbon emission levels, let alone any endeavors of carbon neutrality. It's coming from my own experience. Just yesterday I was discussing this with my colleagues and our company had no plans or goals for carbon neutrality. Despite being in the transportation sector.

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