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Posted in: U.S. scientists engineer corn to boost protein See in context

Liberal commenting on a science topic. Gee.. who could guess he would take the anti-science position?

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Posted in: Hollywood's long ugly history with sexual harassment See in context

Liberal Hollywood elites acting as one would expect. At least they aren't victimizing young boys this time.

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Posted in: Koike unveils party platform, vowing to freeze sales tax hike, end nuclear power See in context

What an idiot. If we shut down nuclear plants, we will become China with its coal polluted air.

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Posted in: M6.1 earthquake strikes off coast of Japan See in context

Why do people ignore the thousands who die each year from air polution caused by coal, instead fearing nuclear based on the zero who died from that disaster? We need next generation nuclear as being implemented in China.

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Posted in: Firms to build 14MW solar plant in Fukushima See in context

It is depressing how uninformed the expat community is in Japan. Despite many trying, no nation on the planet has successfully made the transition to solar energy. Elon Musk lost his ass with Solar City as did the Chinese when they tried to build a massive solar panel field in the American SW.

Ignoring the eyesore and the environemental damage from clear-cutting large areas and mining for quartz, any society that tried to go 100% solar or wind would immediately turn into a third-world nation.

North Korea, Vietnam or Cuba certainly would have made the transformation if "evil capitalism" were the only factor in suppressing this utopia.

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Posted in: Japan to cut emphasis on nuclear power in next energy plan See in context

Ignoring the benefit of nuclear energy is not only disastrous for the economy, it is suicide for the environment and the attempt to control CO2 gasses.

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