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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

I think it all starts with education. Japanese education doesn't equip young people to make good choices for themselves in life. Instead they are pressured into choices. The reason why japanese women get married is as shallow as "because he asked me" or they feel it's time to do so. The happily married japanese couples I know of are usually cases where both partners are well educated and working.

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Posted in: Managing gaijin teachers See in context

Thanks Dean for sharing your experiences on this forum. Having taught at eikaiwas myself, I find it quite interesting to read about this from the point of view of someone who is running them.

I don't think there really is any ideal business model that suits all schools. So it's more a question of trying to make it clear what works for a particular school and find staff that fit into that mold.

A lot of Japanese run schools seem to consider their teachers as risk fact. Their business strategy is to make their teacher replaceable, and try to document experience about company culture and teaching experience so they won't be dependent on the experience of an individual. I agree that this is demotivating to the foreign teachers. But for those small schools who's recruitment isn't much more sophisticated as running an advertisement on gaijinpot or ohayo sensei, it may well be the most appropriate model for the kind of people they end up employing.

For those who have greater ambitions and want to be bigger than NOVA ever was without repeating their mistakes, a more corporate model may be more appropriate, but I don't think most school owners have such ambitions.

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Posted in: Singer Maki Goto's mother dies after falling from 3rd floor window See in context

That's terrible. Maki's mother was a very generous and kind person. She ran her own izakaya in Edogawa. I met her and Maki's older sister there a few years ago. Really rough on the girls having already lost their father in a mountain climbing accident. I hope they're getting the support they deserve.

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Posted in: How the rock-god tribute scene translates — or doesn’t — into Japanese See in context

Unfortunately, unless the lyrics are absurdly simple and repeat over and over again, the meaning of the words of the rock classics go way over the heads of most Japanese. It's the same reason that French rock gods never make it big in America. So the only people who go to these shows are either joining a fad because they feel they should like this stuff or they are just plain fringe.

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Posted in: Why is groping so prevalent on trains in Japan? Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the psychological reasons on why men grope? See in context

Unfortunately these types have been fed the stereotypes by watching lots of JAV. So believing that touching any woman constitutes a violation they see groping as the easiest way to satisfy their urges.

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Posted in: 'New' voted kanji character of the year See in context

A JLPT Level 3 Kanji? How foreign friendly.

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Posted in: Moore urges Japan to recover caring social security system See in context

I would have liked to read Yuko Ogura comments on Mr. Moore's suggestions for Japan. They might have revealed something about the impact his movie will have on Japan.

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Posted in: PM's pitch See in context

Hatoyama isn't bad but Aki Hoshino reigns supreme.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl killed after moped collides with truck See in context

There does seem to be a culture of running red lights in Japan. I think most people in Japan know that when the light just turned green there's always some guy racing by at a ridiculous speed because his light just turned red. It seemed this time it was a truck driver. Poor kids.

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Posted in: Police widen search for Hiraoka’s killer as grisly details emerge See in context

How about starting by banning those disgusting torture exploitation movies that let disturbed people build up sick fantasy worlds.

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Posted in: Hawker family See in context

From the way that japanese photographer is sticking his camera in their faces on the picture it's pretty obvious how oblivious they are to showing some sensitivity.

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Posted in: Fire-fighting drill See in context

You have to see this in the wintertime with a big pack of snow on the roofs. It's straight out of a fairytale. I feel fortunate to have had the privilege.

Glad to see it was just a drill. I was also worried when I saw the picture.

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One less nut on the street. Hundreds more to go.

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Posted in: All 7 members of girls group Berryz Workshop catch flu See in context

Nobody translates Berryz Kobou as Berryz Workshop it's ridiculous.

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Posted in: Cop caught taking up-skirt videos during anti-pervert campaign See in context

First males are brainwashed by countless manga magazines depicting perverted behaviour and then they have anti-pervert campaigns to try to stop them acting out such behaviour. Something is out of wack here.

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Posted in: Cop's handcuffs stolen while he's investigating adult entertainment business See in context

Hmmm I wonder what the best place would be to sell handcuffs and ropes to make some money on the side.

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Posted in: Shinsuke Shimada snaps during live show See in context

I wish people would just stop pretending Cirque du Soleil is entertaining.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura See in context

wow. she looks stunning.

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Posted in: Deer character unveiled as Kusanagi’s successor for digital TV commercials See in context

Seeing that Kusanagi is frequently refered to as goat face and even dresses up as such in SMAP comedy shorts, the choice of replacing him with a deer is truely baffeling.

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Posted in: Nintendo not planning price cuts for hit machines See in context

Nintendo has sold the Wii at a profit since it came out. As is normal with a new console over time production costs fall, for the Wii this has been estimated at 45%. Yet Nintendo is happy to line its pockets with the extra margin instead of lowering prices. And why should they when they've been unable to meet demand for years. The irony is that the consumers that are suckered into buying this overpriced plastic toy soon find that the quality of Wii titles is atrocious. Which is why most Wii's end up gathering dust in cupboards after a few weeks fooling around.

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Posted in: Avon calling See in context

"There are four levels of yes"

Very nicely put.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms See in context

Probably the moat near the east garden. I doubt they'd rent out boats behind the palace.

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Posted in: BeeTV See in context

Yumi and Yukina may grace my phone, the screen would be too small to show their knees forunately.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume leader 'Mikitty' to wed comedian Tomoharu Shoji in July See in context

She already had a rather succesful solo career before she joined Morning Musume. Kind of sensasionalist to refer to her in the article title as something she only did for a few weeks. Good luck to them both.

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Posted in: Rumors of domestic abuse persist in Fujiwara-Jinnai divorce See in context

Everyone brings their emotional baggage with them from the past. All the more reason to choose your life partner with care. Behaviour that one person finds desirable, another might classify as abuse. Sadly, in the land of the Narita divorce, many couples don't get to know each other very much at all until after the wedding.

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Posted in: Japan urges N Korea to cancel impending launch See in context

North Korea is led by a bunch of gangsters. They are only interested in maintaining their own wealth by international extortion. Listening to the international community would set them down the path of their own demise which is something they will never do. The only country with enough influence to change things there is China and apparently they prefer to keep North Korea as a underdeveloped medieval farming community on their doorstep rather than let it become a westernized country like South Korea.

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Posted in: UK charity urges Madonna to rethink Malawi adoption See in context

Hey my pet seems to be lonely, let's get another one so they can play together.

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Posted in: Kazue Fukiishi looking for man to kick around and drink with See in context

I approve of Kazue Fukiishi. And I volunteer to join her if she needs someone to go around and kick japanese salary men.

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Posted in: More women enjoying a night out alone See in context

With the depressing little grottos single women often end up with in Japan it's not surprising they need to escape to a stress free environment sometimes. Personally I enjoy some company when I go to a restaurant as long as they don't feel obliged to go into an oiishi spasm with every dish.

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Posted in: Two men arrested for pouring water from apartment balcony onto people below See in context

How is it possible that an unemployed idiot like that can afford such a nice appartment at a prime location.

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