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Posted in: 30-month sentence sought for ex-chairman in Olympic bribery trial See in context

I would go to jail for 30 months for hundred billions of yen.

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Posted in: Foreign entries into Japan surge 12-fold in 2022 See in context

Good for Japan. This will revitalize the economy that the stupid lockdowns have caused.

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Posted in: 92-year-old man arrested for killing 91-year-old wife See in context

Another family murder. As I have posted before, we are in perilous times of the last days.

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Posted in: Junior high school principal arrested for soliciting underage girl for sex See in context

A vice principal in Hiroshima was found guilty by the court of sexually harassing a female ALT. Now we have a principal who solicited sex from a minor. Several months ago, another principal was arrested for filming girls at a convenience store. And hundreds of others on record. There are many conclusions you can make from these facts.

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Posted in: Toyota to replace Akio Toyoda as president and CEO See in context

This is merely my hypothesis.

Toyoda cannot deal with the unreasonable demands of the gurobarists to make only electric cars in the midst of a reduction of global energy. He also couldn’t deal with the requirement to install kill switches to electric cars that would enable the gurobarists to restrict movement and control. Similarly, they develop 15-minute cities now implemented in 7 major cities of the world. You can go beyond your 15 minutes radius twice a week and get penalized if you do more than that.

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Posted in: At least 3 dead as heavy snow and record cold hit Japan See in context

Let us reduce our emission of CO2 because the world is warming up! LOL

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Posted in: First U.S. 'Super Mario' theme park to open in California See in context

California?! It won’t be long before Super Mario transition into a particular gender. He can choose from 100 plus choices.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of daughter See in context

More family murders and attempted murders. We are living in perilous times of the last days.

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Posted in: Global carbon dioxide removal totals 2 billion tons per year: report See in context

our planet is designed for high levels of CO2. The earth right now is actually craving for it. Plants and trees die without it. That is real science and not the hoax science they would like people to believe.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

Because they have become the same - the common flu was rebranded as Covid to add to the statistics to continue the fear factor narrative.

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Posted in: Police say 13-year-old girl has admitted killing mother See in context

children killing parents, parents killing children, wife killing husband, and husband killing wife. We are indeed living in perilous times when men are without NATURAL AFFECTION and fierce.

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Posted in: World enters 'new age' of clean energy manufacturing: IEA See in context

The process of manufacturing these wind farms and solar panels produce more waste and harm the environment because it needs minerals to make them which are mined decimating the mountains and forest. And the energy they produce are not sufficient. These wind farms kill birds of all kinds. They have a short life span and old solar panels and wind turbines contribute to the increase of material waste. Green means poverty.

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Posted in: Kishida's weeklong trip focuses on China-Taiwan tensions ahead of G7 summit See in context

no One should trust the US govt because they most of them are minions that advance the agenda of the globalists to usher the world into the new world order, one world global governance. There should be no superpower for this goal to be achieved so America has to cease from being a superpower. That is why the borders are open for illegals to deplete the resources of the US and for drugs and crime to increase. The US military and US citizens have to be decimated by the killer jab. Deplete the military suppplies and drain the finances by sending money and arms to Ukraine. Distort supply chains, increase inflation, attack food supply by going after farms through environmental and other regulations, cull poultries and cattles, set on fire food manufacturing plants, etc. etc.

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Posted in: Daiichi Sankyo seeks approval for Japan's 1st home-grown mRNA vaccine See in context

This lipid nano particle genetic altering bio technology has never been used for vaccination in the past. There is no sufficient study conducted to see its effectiveness and safety. Approval normally takes ten years or more. And the cells are not supposed to produce the protein spikes which continues to reproduce for a prolonged period of time and goes to all organs, tissues, muscles and veins. Corona has mutated into a milder virus so there are more risks to the jab than the virus itself. The virus keeps on mutating constantly so there is no way the jab can keep up to the constant changes of the virus.

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Posted in: Biden and Kishida discuss Japan stepping up security See in context

No one should trust and depend on the US anymore because the US govt is the one destroying America to pave the way for the New World Order. This one world govt agenda will not be possible if we have a world superpower like the US. That is why the Biden regime is allowing millions of illegals into the US, depleting its energy and military supplies, decimating its own armed forces and citizens by the killer shot, and destroying businesses and farms, raising inflation, disrupting supplies, etc. so that it will implode from within. The US is so big for an invasion and most of its citizens are armed so the only way to destroy it is from within.

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Posted in: Japan’s cherry blossom forecast for 2023 is here! Tokyo among cities to see sakura first See in context


the cherry blossoms in Okinawa is only in Yogi park in Naha and in Nago. Cherry Blossoms are not originally from Okinawa so what you have in Okinawa is not the real Japanese cherry blossoms! Okinawa is not part of Hanami culture.

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Posted in: Man guilty of defaming father whose wife, child were killed in accident See in context

Throw the book at him and hand him a severe punishment. I hate slanderers!

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Posted in: Foreign Minister Hayashi highlights rule of law in jab at Russia, China See in context

From 2015-2020, the UN General Assembly adopted 140 resolutions against the state of Israel and only 68 against all other countries combined. That is how the UN respects and upholds International Law.

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Posted in: Japanese delegation to visit Canada to meet with battery, mining companies See in context

So called E-cars advocated by the environmentalists are the number 1 destroyer of the environment. It flattens mountains and strips forests for the mining of lithium, manganese, cobalt and nickel. Then hundred thousands of these so called eco-friendly cars suck energy produced by coal-powered power plants that exacerbates CO2 production. How is it ecological?

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Posted in: Foreign Minister Hayashi highlights rule of law in jab at Russia, China See in context

The UN is the number one violator of international law, that is, the Nuremberg law by strongly demanding people to receive the “you know what” that maims and kills.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 64-year-old mother See in context

These family murders are just one too many. We are living in perilous times when men are fierce and without natural affection.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for defaming mother of late 'Terrace House' star See in context

Throw the book at the slanderers!!!

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Posted in: Bird flu cases rise to record high in Japan See in context

Let us learn how to consume sustainably - we cull poultry and cattle and swine so the prices will go up - the common people should learn how to eat bugs. LOL

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Posted in: Bird flu cases rise to record high in Japan See in context

Bird flu, an excuse to cull poultry to make the prices of food even more exorbitant.

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Posted in: Cleansing of sins See in context

Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sins. The perfect sacrifice put on flesh to shed his precious royal blood to pay for the penalty of men’s sins on a tree 2,000 years ago. Sinners are called to repent and accept him as savior and Lord to be saved.

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Posted in: Heavy snow in Japan has caused 13 deaths, many injuries See in context

I am sorry for the lives lost caused by the heavy snow. Like I said before, more lives are lost due to the cold than heat. So, please do not sell the 0.2 Celsius degree drop in temperature that you target by reducing carbon emissions. That target is negligible and only impoverish the people who will benefit from the prosperity brought about by fossil energy that many demonized. Again, they are only meant to acquire more power and control over people and resources.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context


i used “midori” instead of “green” because when u say something against green energy, your post is cancelled out.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

Unleash Japan’s nuclear power! Midori energy means going back to the dark ages of gathering wood for fire and heat.

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Posted in: Heavy snow blankets parts of Japan; some western cities renew records See in context

And kr@(¥ people say we have global warming. I believe in climate change, that is, climate changes from time to time.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

Japan is smart enough to make effective and efficient use of its mix energy. While the rest of the woke countries who go for (unspoken) energy scour the forest for wood for heating this cold and dark winter. In doing so, they are producing more carbon which they are trying not to do. LOL

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