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Posted in: Telecom giant NTT to check suppliers for human rights abuses See in context

...and then keep on doing business as usual with them.

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. to ground fighter jets after tank dumping case See in context

Not sure how the overall "safety" of the F-16 is in question--the tanks were dropped in an emergency, which is kind of what emergencies are. And if it is "unsafe"? Man, there's 40+ years of unsafe flying to tsk tsk over.

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Posted in: 'Who the hell are you?' Japanese man asks bear while it’s attacking him See in context

Hopefully they get the bear's name

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ex-colleague’s underwear after making spare key to enter her residence See in context

Since Moddy made an honest mistake and deleted it:

"This story is heavily reminiscent of the WaiWai stories that used to run in the Mainichi Daily News so many years ago."

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

If only this absolute fossil had had sense enough not to talk so much.

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Posted in: Bruce Springsteen faces drunken driving charge in New Jersey See in context

His pleas to Mister State Trooper went unheeded, apparently.

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Posted in: What to do about the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

There is a good chance that the problem will more or less go away once the temperatures increase.

When even Kind Old King Manbaby I has moved away from this point of view, you have to seriously reassess your thought processes, such as they are.

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Posted in: Aso calls Tokyo 2020 the 'cursed Olympics' See in context

If it's a "fact," who would be stupid enough to put in a bid?

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Posted in: Japan to U.S. on auto tariff assurances: Put it in writing, please See in context

Yes, because the one thing Donald Trump holds sancrosanct and inviolate is a written agreement. I mean, we have absolutely no reason to think otherwise, correct?

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Floyd is, and always has been, a highly competent technical fighter who is now content to collect huge checks in farcical exhibitions. He is also a complete coward who has carefully cultivated his opponents, avoiding any fight in which the outcome could actually be in doubt, but has no problem at all terrorizing women and children.

The video of this "fight" exposes it for exactly what it is--yet another pathetic display of contempt for the sport itself and of the rubes who play along with the ruse, all while Floyd collects another giant payday. Nasukawa's absolutely ludicrous flopping is apparent for anyone who can stand to look.

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Posted in: Sato becomes first Japanese to win Indy 500 See in context

Congratulations to Takuma on a great win!

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Posted in: 'We love 80's Disco' night at Grand Hyatt Tokyo See in context

Come and relive the magic of the 80’s during this exciting disco evening!

It's almost as if they're unaware that disco died on July 12, 1979.

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Posted in: Trump says companies leaving U.S. will face 'consequences' See in context

Right--they'll get a tax break subsidized by the citizenry at large. And once it expires, they'll move those jobs out of the country anyway. But this is only about the lil' man thinking he looks good, just like everything else in his tiny world.

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Posted in: Cubs beat Dodgers 5-0 to reach 1st World Series since 1945 See in context

With all respect to baseball fans, the World Series moniker should be change to The Canada/USA Series or to The Baseball Superbowl ... the world does not get to compete in the series.

With all respect due, please do get over yourself. You of course realize that "Super Bowl" is a brand name, just like "World Series" was way back at the turn of the century, and not any kind of geographically meaningful adjective? Of course you do. They could call it the Chopped Liver Series, but why would they? Major League Baseball is under no obligation to indulge the pedantic neuroses and insecurities of the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Trump questions legitimacy of election; challenges Clinton to take drug test See in context

A classic narcissist is always talking about himself , either directly in his boasting or indirectly in projecting his many insecurities on his enemies. Every statement this sad little man-baby dribbles out follows this obvious pattern.

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Posted in: Skinny jeans could make you a fashion victim: doctors See in context

Suffice to say that:

A) Skinny jeans of any sort are probably not the best thing to wear when moving.

B) It sounds as if this particular woman was wearing skinny jeans that were perhaps three or four sizes too small, compounding the problem exponentially (thus, her level of obesity is irrelevant, as even the leanest woman can still get in trouble with pants several sizes smaller than what would be normal for her).

Even so, how utterly fashionable she must have looked, trapped on the floor and immobile.

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Posted in: Japan slowly begins to openly discuss crossdressing men in heterosexual relationships See in context

What Peacetrain and Ah_so keep willfully misunderstanding here is that these men have no need for their conception of the word "normal." They cross-dress because it makes them feel good, they're comfortable with that, and who cares what anyone else thinks? And just because you can't imagine something doesn't mean it can't possibly be true for others.

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Posted in: U.S. condemns N Korea's racist remarks about Obama See in context

Besides, they've expressed understanding of 'freedom of speech'.

Yes, because if said ironworker wanted to opine about how similar Dear Leader is to a monkey, the NK government would be fine with that.

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Posted in: Cruising See in context

Even Tom has forgotten about The Last Samurai, which is probably for the best.

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Posted in: U.S. deploys stealth fighters from Okinawa to S Korea See in context

Yeah exactly, what is the point of having "stealth" fighters if you then announce where they flew out of and where they are going?

Obviously you're not a poker player....

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Posted in: Patrick's Daytona pole position makes NASCAR history See in context

Sarah Fisher was a lot better driver in IndyCar in inferior machinery

The only comical bit here is that anyone actually believes Sarah Fisher was anywhere close to Danica Patrick's skill level. Yes, she's irritating and petulant, and yes, she's never passed up an opportunity to capitalize on her looks, but the truth is that she's always been a better-than-average driver. Now that it appears Tony Stewart's operation has the new car figured out a little bit earlier and better than the rest, she's taken good advantage of it. We'll find out whether she has the racecraft over 500 miles to cash in, but it's an achievement nevertheless.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

It truly would be a shame for all the 35-yr-old losers' fantasies to be trampled by the knowledge that the women being paraded before them solely to collect their cash are actual human beings with their own lives. And for this woman to shave her head as contrition for living her life as she wants to, not because that's wrong, but simply because she's terrified of being kicked off the gravy train--disgusting.

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Posted in: Ichihashi's former mentor sheds new light on 2007 Hawker murder case See in context

But fpsRussia is right, understanding the story behind his crime is very important to protecting yourself and loved ones from other crimes. The point isn't to get outraged and exclaim "what a loser, he had a fight with his girlfriend so he decides to kill someone?" It is to see the point where a weak self centered narcissist finally completely broke and went beyond a tragic point of no return.

Nothing Motoyama has revealed here qualifies as "insight" into why Ichihashi committed murder, so we're no closer to "understanding" his crime. So you're saying that by identifying the breaking point of a spoiled, self-centered narcissist who had the best of everything handed to him (apparently having a fight with his girlfriend, i.e., the first time things didn't go as he'd have liked), we can somehow "protect" ourselves in the future? His crime was selfish and cruel in the extreme, and a woman that had nothing to do with his pathetic girlfriend troubles is dead because of it, and lives of her relatives are shattered as well. So the lesson is to never deny the spoiled rich anything, or else justifiable murder will result? Ridiculous.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

The event is to be held at Planet Hollywood, not Bally's (thus the PH logos in the background).

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Posted in: Light up a Mevius See in context

People are free to make the choice to smoke, even knowing what they know...That said, the government should simply give up its disingenuous efforts to pretend it doesn't want people to buy its product. Or perhaps turn the theme of its "antismoking" efforts to more of a "You Don't Have to Smoke Them, Just Buy a Lot of Them."

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Posted in: U.S. chicken chain sales soar amid gay marriage flap See in context

Personally, I know a few gays that still eat there and have no problem with the company and don't blame the entire company, they know the CEO has the right to say what he wants, are they happy, one of them said, she doesn't care, that's his opinion

It's pretty clear that there's no shortage of people who just aren't interested in thinking too deeply about it (stopping at the idea that it's somehow only about free speech). If so, so be it. It's more of a "you can't say you were never told" sort of thing. You know what your money is going toward, and if you're OK or indifferent to that, fine.

So what is this fight to you? Do you have a horse in the race?

I just think it's clearly wrong to support inequality for some people and to try to legislate it. The moment you think it's OK for one group to be treated unfairly, you're next, regardless of whether you think this one is your fight.

People that think homosexuality is perverted, gross, and immoral are not bigots.

That's exactly what they are, so that argument begins and ends right there.

Why be so intolerant of other peoples free speech and freedom of religion?

Tolerate my intolerance of you, or else you're intolerant. Pure nonsense. Why be so intolerant of some people's sexuality that has absolutely nothing to do with your life? Oh, that's right--because it's "gross and disgusting."

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Posted in: U.S. chicken chain sales soar amid gay marriage flap See in context


Then you need to speak to your local representative, try to make the appropriate changes to give civil unions THE EXACT rights as in marriage. That would same sex and heterosexual put them on the same level, without changing the word.

If they were the same, there'd be no need to pointlessly change the term, because they'd both be marriage.

You will never have the the Gay community be fully embraced, that's just the fact. No matter what you say, cry, have a temper tantrum, getting in peoples face and trying to force people to think or believe a certain, will not help , not in the least.

The idea is not to be 100% embraced (whatever that would be), just to have 100% of the same rights. Fighting for that is anything but "throwing a tantrum."

Again, it happens sad as it is, but if you think that these crimes will cease, probably it won't. Do whatever you have to in order to protect yourself.

I see. Let's just take the prohibition of murder off the law books, then. After all, as much as we don't want people to murder each other, we'll never be rid of it, so people should just protect themselves as they see fit.

you are living in Oz, if you think that you can change peoples perceptions,

Again, your message seems to be "give up." How utterly sad.

Again, another Straw man argument. Some guys mocking Jesus walking in a Church, cross dressing and disturbing a service and there are so many examples where Gays would get in your face and force you to accept them or to understand them, that is just as bad. I don't hear you complain or accusing them of hate speech.

Do you honestly think this ever happens, anywhere, or that it happens with some kind of frequency, so much so that it's considered a standard practice to somehow convince churchgoers of something? I guess they're just exercising their freedom of speech. It might be misguided and a dumb way to try to "convince" people of something, to say nothing of the fact that those peoples' acceptance isn't even necessary, but that has nothing to do with the overall fight to make sure everyone has the same rights. Did somebody (randomly capitalize) Straw man argument?

most of your organized religions are against homosexuality and want nothing to do with it

Right, and as we've already established, homosexuals could care less about religions accepting their lifestyle; they simply want to have the same rights as everyone. The religious types and the homosexuals never have to come into contact at all. Curious, then, that it's religious groups that lobby to deny homosexuals their equality. Perhaps they should simply live and let live.

To call CFA a bigoted Org. without hard substantial facts, then you making assumptions.

Chick-fil-a gives money to bigoted organizations and proudly admits that fact. No assumptions being made at all.

Trying to equate slavery with Gay rights

They're both clearly morally wrong, and both practices have apologists who tie themselves in rhetorical knots trying to justify them.

Sorry, but as of right now for the US and the dire state that it's in, the economy is all that matters now, nothing else. Gay issues and other issues can wait or are you telling me that 8.3% unemployment is acceptable and that is not a high priority, some people can't put food on the table, but we have to worry about Gay rights issue at the forefront?

Unfortunately, in the real world, no one is ever afforded the opportunity to simply put every other issue on hold while one and only one is worked on. Sure, the economy is important to a vastly larger group of people. And guess what? Some of those people who can't put food on the table are even homosexuals. That doesn't mean it's OK to ignore it completely until someone arbitrarily decides the time is finally right to even start thinking about it.

when it gets to the point that the country is being over-taxed, then it is a huge problem for the country.

And how exactly would granting homosexuals the right to marry increase the tax burden?

I don't have a problem with anyone, gay people can be as they want, love as they want, but you cannot force people to accept gays if they don't want, everyone has the right to feel the way they want to feel. I like slim women, does that make me a hater of heavy women? Am I not allowed to have a preference?

Once more, homosexuals aren't lobbying to have everyone like them or accept them, which is obviously pointless. They're lobbying to have the same rights as everyone. Doesn't matter whether you're a hater of heavy women, because even if you were, it's unlikely that you would then form a group that lobbies the government to deny heavy women the right to marry, correct? You could live your entire life without caring what heavy women do or how they lead their lives. It wouldn't affect you one bit.

I NEVER said that Gays are second-class

By supporting the idea that homosexuals should not have the same rights as everyone else, you're saying it tacitly. You don't have to explicitly state it.

so straight people have also the right to feel the way they want to feel as long as they don't physically abuse anyone.

Absolutely. They can feel any way they want. What they can't do is try to have the laws changed to deny homosexuals the same rights they enjoy.

Yep, the chicken is really good

I think everyone on both sides is now comically overstating the quality of the chicken served there. Those who support CFA are pretending like it's an absolute revelation, and have seemingly sworn to make it their sole purveyor of chicken from now on. Those who oppose CFA act like they now have some kind of dilemma, because after all, there simply are no other places to get fast-food chicken, and whatever will they do? I've had a Chick-fil-a less than two miles away and haven't visited it for years. I'm pretty sure I'll find a way to carry on.

You have absolutely NO, ZERO proof of that. Don't make false accusations or don't be prejudice!

I really don't know how this is supposedly not an established fact--we know, for a fact, that Chick-fil-a has given money to the Family Research Council, and Dan Cathy proudly admits it.

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Posted in: U.S. chicken chain sales soar amid gay marriage flap See in context


Time to make the donuts, yet again. Sigh...

Trying to be a smart**?

I suppose it is possible that you simply can't see the "uleavings" part. It would fit in with your pattern of being unable or unwilling to see.

Because it is just a word and they have and should have same and fair equal treatment under the law. The wording is not important. Civil union should suffice just as well.

Civil unions and marriages are not the same, and the rights afforded a couple in each are different, to say nothing of the fact that some states don't even have civil unions. Civil unions therefore do not suffice, despite what you think is best for homosexuals. And as the two concepts are not the same, the wording is important, obviously.

and no one told you to shut up.

Me? We're not talking about me. When you tell homosexuals that their equality simply isn't important, you're both demeaning them as well as telling them to shut up and wait.

I have never met ANY gays that had a problem anywhere with the minor exception of wanting the word "marriage" written on their civil unions certificate.

I'm glad YOU haven't, but there are places where homosexuals are regularly harrassed, beaten, raped, murdered, and treated as less than human. They have quite a larger slate of problems. And your experience is hardly a large enough sample size.

You keep droning the same drum beat over and over about equality.

I wish I didn't have to, but some people just need to hear things a few times before it sinks in.

It seems like you are sounding bigoted towards religion or people that believe in it.

Gee, because the religious types have certainly been level-headed in the matter. Believe away--just don't try to impose your belief in a the magical sky man on anyone else. You see, that's the part they have such a hard time with. No one needs to convince them. However, letting them (and the organizations we've been talking about most definitely identify as Christian) lobby for unequal treatment of the people they don't like is unacceptable and needs to be opposed.

You are just making an assumption and you are pre-judging these franchises.

To think it's all clouded in mystery, that we somehow are unsure that any money at all goes from your local Chick-fil-a--at least you're good for a laugh. Yes, Dan Cathy somehow finds money in the street and it has nothing at all to do the corporation of which he's CEO. The whole point of the franchising is that the operators pay the franchiser for the use of their corporate IP. The entire reason why Chick-fil-a is so large today is because of all the cash from the franchisees. But you're not convinced--after all, it could all just be a huge coincidence. And no one ever made any claim that every owner and employee of a CFA franchise is a bigot--just that dollars spent there end up going to bigoted organizations.

You try where you can, but as with bigotry takes time, accepting Gays will take time too. You call it bigotry, others will call homosexuality immoral. Again, it depends on your point of view.

What a muddled mess of thinking this is. "you try where you can"? Except you then go on to say it's not important. Yes, it does depend on your point of view, indeed--which in no way implies both are right. Slave owners were once completely certain they were right (and hey, they even had some convenient biblical backup).

Gays are not being strung up

First, this simply isn't true--in some places, homosexuals are in fact being physically assaulted and killed simply for being who they are, whether you choose to close your eyes to it or not.

this is NOT an issue at this very moment that needs to be addressed immediately. It can wait.

Not at all patronizing in the slightest. But wait, someone once said "you try where you can..."

The economy, however, cannot!

For a moment, it's almost like you're suggesting that buying fast food chicken is a better answer to the more pressing issue of the economy. Yes, economics are an issue--and? It's really easy to rank what problems are most pressing when they're not yours, I guess.

just like my tax dollars are paying for teachers and police officers etc

You have a problem with this? Paying for police and fire protection is something you'd rather your tax dollars NOT go toward? Impossible to please everyone, I suppose. To say nothing of the fact that taxes are mandatory, and what private companies people support with their money (and what those profits are then used for) is not.

No one is trying to sell Gays anything...then they resort to calling people bigots or intolerant or homophobes

I'm not sure even you understand what you're saying at this point. I'm just repeating the simple fact that supporting unequal rights for some people and being OK with some people as second-class is bigotry. You just don't want to own up to it, it would seem, with all this willful blindness.

instead of education and understanding and accepting each persons personal feelings

So as long as homosexuals "accept" and "understand" that they're second-class, there's no problem, right? When you say that religious people (who are operating completely on faith) are free to hold the opinion that homosexuality is immoral because God and the bible say so, how exactly would you suggest the LGBT community go about "educating" them patiently?

Believe me, the company is in no way shape or form hurting right now.

I guess that's why I said "time will tell." You know, actual time has to pass, or at least more than one week. The brand is actually at a lower ebb than ever, which should be more troubling to its executive officers. Ask a marketing professional. As for the huge one-day turnout--well, so long as they can keep those three-hour lines going, they'll be fine, right?

No company franchise should ever suffer because of one persons personal beliefs.

Correct--just for what that person uses the company's profits to fund.


For that reason, this attack on the CEO's freedom of speech is nothing other than.... "hate" because he is a Christian that actually believes what his religion says he believes.

You're a little late to the party, wolfpack--we've already established that no one is impinging on his right to say whatever he wants, just that he uses his corporations' profits to fund organizations that lobby for unequal treatment for some people. But if what you're saying is true and he honestly believes what his religion says he does, I suppose he'll be familiar with the phrases "love one another" and "turn the other cheek." And don't forget supporting slavery and women as the property of men--in the bible, donchaknow.

Did he publicly state that CFA is a hate group?

I guess some basic reasoning powers on the part of the listener are implied. Giving money to hate groups is as it sounds. If he announced he was giving money to the KKK, would you even ask this kind of question? I know you're a fan of "it depends on your point of view" and all.

Can you factually prove this?

Sure--Chick-fil-a openly supports the Family Research Council, which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that monitors hate groups such as the Aryan Nation and the KKK. Chick-fil-a also openly supports Exodus International, and organization that claims to "cure" homosexuality by way of religion.

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Posted in: U.S. chicken chain sales soar amid gay marriage flap See in context

Yes, the pro-gay marriage groups should stop forcing their beliefs on others.

Yes, they really should stop fighting to be treated equally--makes all kinds of sense.

As Voltaire said (paraphrased), I disagree with what you write but I will gladly give my life to defend your right to say it. The president here did not prevent anyone from speaking their mind or writing it, and should not have his voice stiffed.

Once again, no one objects to anything he said (although by your logic, protesters exercising their same rights are 'forcing their beliefs on others"). The objection is to supplying money to groups that support unequal treatment of the people they disagree with. No one wants to deny anyone's right to object--they can do that all they want. They simply want equal treatment.

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